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How to take Control of your Life and be Happy: Tips


We are often told about the golden rules to a good and happy life. Whether it is philosophy, politics or advertisement, everyone has some idea on how your life should be lived. But to be honest, how much of that is true? Yes! There are ways to improve your life and take better control over a few things but that does not mean you have to complicate things and make life all the more difficult.

If you take a few easy steps, life will definitely improve. On that note, here are some points that should help you to live happy without any worries.

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9 Tips to Stop Worrying and Start Living:

1. Try to learn something new everyday:

A smart way to take control of your life and be happy is by learning something new every day. Learning has good effects on your wellbeing and can take you a long way for sure. It brings you closer to new ideas and lets you explore the world around. Plus learning boosts self confidence and makes you a better person altogether.

There are many ways in which you can learn new things every day. Either you can join a club where you can learn how to swim or read or maybe try to play a new sport. If the culinary world interests you, then join cooking or baking classes. A few other action ideas include learning how to cook something new and out of the box like sushi. Look up the news and try going to a place you havent before. That should be a fun experience.

2. Get Into Shape:

If you want to control your life, it is very important to eat clean and get enough exercise. Being active will automatically make you a healthier person. It will immediately improve your mood and can even pull you out of a depressive state of mind. You don’t have to run marathons every day in order to stay fit.

A few small changes on a regular basis can induce greater changes. You can improve your well being by spending some time outdoors, eating more nourishing foods and getting some good sleep by night. Some action ideas under this section include drinking more water and catching up on sleep.

Make sure you have slept 7 to 8 hours approx. Spend 30 minutes on cardio or dance aerobics every day and try to go for brisk walks early in the morning.

3. Keep your goals in check:

Feeling good about what the future has for you is a great way to stay happy and secure in life. We all look for ways in which people can motivate us and they have to be challenging in such a way that they excite you. If you try to do something that might not be your cup of tea, then automatically it would create enough chaos and confusion. I am sure you don’t want to stress yourself out with something like that.

So come up with goals that are realistic and gives your life enough direction. It should help you feel satisfied about your decision. You should be proud of what you have done. So what you can do in situations like this is share your ideas and life goals with someone you know and trust. Also tell them what you are hoping to achieve along with your strategy.

4. Be kind and generous:

Caring about others and doing things for them is the best way to find happiness and success. Helping people around you is not just a good idea but also gives you a happy feeling. Building stronger connections between people will also help you build a better environment.

It is not always about the money that you earn. It is also about the time and effort that you spend and give. The energy that you put in order to help someone will always be counted. So if you want to go out and help others, make sure you do three kind acts every day. Give someone a compliment or even make them smile.

Go over to help someone who is struggling and call them once in a while to let them know how supportive you are of them. It will surely make them feel good and make them have a good impression of you.

5. Meet more people:

This is also a good and simple way to take control of your life and find happiness. Connecting with people can never be a wrong thing to do. People who have good relationships always tend to be happier and stronger than those who do not. Our relations with people around us can definitely help us feel loved and find some kind of solace and support.

It is very important for us to take actions, strengthen our relationships and even make new connections. In this case, you can do something like spending more time with those in your life who matter more to you. Speak to an old friend, call your parents and let them know how eager you are to hear their voice.

Also speak to three new people every day. You can stop at a shop and chat with a person you haven’t known all that well. You can wave at a neighbour or even speak to someone you haven’t before.

6. Be comfortable and happy with yourself:

It is also important to stay happy and comfortable with yourself if you want to take control of your life and be happy. Always remember that everyone is flawed and that people make mistakes. It is very natural to do something foolish and silly. So don’t feel embarrassed and afraid of something like that.

Dwelling on the wrong things you might have done will ruin your happiness and stop you from being the happiest person that you want to. So learn to accept yourself just the way you are and make sure the enjoyment and happiness in your life has increased. It will surely take you a long way. If you want, you may speak to someone you know and trust and see your mistakes as an opportunity to learn more.

7. Maintain some kind of discipline:

Maintenance of discipline is very important for all those who want to change their lives and improve themselves. If you have decided to study for two hours every day, then make sure you do. No matter how hard it gets, you have to spend those two hours on something that you had planned and promised yourself. Giving up is never a solution to the problem and at the end of the day, you will be the one who will reap those benefits. So be strong and don’t ever quit!

8. Look at life in a positive manner:

Being positive is a good way to find happiness in life. Some of the things that fall under this category include satisfaction, contentment, inspiring others, having some kind of gratitude, joy and pride. They will also help you to broaden your mind, perform better and might also boost your resilience and take better care of your health.

So all you have to do in cases like this is be realistic about the ups and downs of your life and make sure that it focuses on the good parts of any situation in your life. You may do something that you know will make you feel better. Go ahead and listen to some music or watch something that you enjoy.

You may also step outside and speak to an old friend. What you should do in cases like these is just smile and say something that is good and positive. See you will get a different reaction.

9. Do something big:

Another suggestion would be to do something big in life. You can become a part of some charity organization or spend time with a few kids. You can also check out a few new locations and or even join a club of some kind. Try to do something charitable. Spend time with others and try helping your friends and neighbours when the need arises. Giving blood and volunteering is also something you may try! Spending time with others or those who need you is always a great thing. So don’t waste any more time and simply get to it!

Finally :

This brings the post to an end and we are hoping you have found some good help out of this. If you have enjoyed reading this, then please let us know by leaving a comment below. We would love to hear from you. Plus in case there are questions you have in mind, it would be a pleasure to answer them. So make sure you have posted all feedback in the comment box below.