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30 Good Reasons to Think ‘Why You Are Still Unemployed’


Unemployment is like raging phenomena in today’s consuming world. With the population constantly increasing and the number of jobs available are very low, unemployment is one of the major problems faced by the employee class. Know some the top unemployment reasons here.

reasons for unemployment

Top Reasons for Unemployment:

The main reasons for unemployment may vary but there are certain issues that are the roots of a person staying unemployed for a long period of time.

And in this age of rigid competition and everyone only interested in a person’s job qualifications even the best of education can at times land a genius nowhere.

So rather than spelling out a list of the to do’s to get employed, here is a list which points out the things that might irk the interviewer and the things that most of the interviewees don’t even consider it as a problem.

1. Laid back attitude:

A person with a laid back attitude and who does not takes his work seriously is often considered to be lazy.

If you walk in an interview with a laid back and smug attitude, there is a high possibility that you will not land up with the job and more over the interviewer will be quick in sending you out of the door in no time.

So make sure that you show enthusiasm about the company and also about the various fields that you are interested in.

2. Your resume has a lot of jargon:

A resume is supposed to be up to the mark and should only consist of details which are accurate and brief.

A long and lengthy resume with a lot of jargon is the first to land up in the garbage bin. Also it is important to proof read the resume and rectify all the unnoticed typo errors and grammatically incorrect sentences.

Remember, your resume is the first piece of information that you send out. It is supposed to be perfect and to the point.

3. You are not really sure about the job:

If you are unsure about the job that you have applied for then it will be seen in your interview.

Lack of interest in the working of the firm and not willing to know more about the proceedings of how the work is done are some of the things that give away your lack of interest.

It not only wastes the interviewer’s time but also yours. The interviewers are pretty smart when it comes to judging the behavioral patterns of people especially those who they are interviewing. So if they see that you are not sure about the job you will be surely laid off.

4. You come up as a confused person:

If you write about certain interests in your Resume which you forward and while interviewing you say some really contradictory things, there is a high possibility of the interviewers to perceive you as a confused person who has no structure towards his thoughts.

Such people are not considered as mature enough to handle various work pressures and by giving this image of yourself you might end up losing the job.

5. You are still in your ‘college’ days:

Nobody would like to hire a kid. We all have had our share of fun during our college days but when it’s time to grow up one should, especially during job interviews.

You will be shown the door if you still have one foot in college and another in the real world. So it is time to bid adieu to carelessness and start preparing for becoming a responsible individual.

6. You have a tattoo:

tattoo effect on jobs A tattoo which is done in a place where it is extremely visible is one of the most prominent signs of unprofessionalism.

The youth may have been okay with the tattoos but the older generations who are usually the interviewers still have to wrap their head around it.

So do not be surprised if you see a smirk on their face as soon as they see your tattoo. And of course you will not even be considered for the job, no matter how great your qualifications.

7. You are over qualified:

It is a good thing to have knowledge about various things, but being over qualified for a job is something which very few interviewers will appreciate.

If you have a decade of experience and you are applying for a fresher’s job, there is a huge possibility of you getting rejected. As the company may be in need for a fresher who they can mould according to their wants and needs.

More over there is a high possibility that you will not stay for a very long time in the same position.

8. You interview poorly:

One of the basic qualities that every company needs in an employee is good communication skills. A person who is willing and eager to know more things has a body language which describes all of these qualities.

Interview is the first and the foremost test that explains your behavioral and psychological traits to the interviewer. If you do not know how to talk or behave in a certain way that is required in the formal world, there is a high possibility of you being showed the door.

9. You don’t take your appearance seriously:

It is very important to look formal and well mannered in an interview. Stubble and disheveled hair will not only make you look like an unorganized person but also make the interviewers perceive that you are not serious about the job.

So it is always better to have a clean and presentable look which will make the interviewers feel good about your appearance. It is also very important to dress in formals while going for an interview.

Formal clothing excludes professionalism and gives a strong perception in the minds of the interviewers.

10. You aren’t networking enough:

In the digital world it is very important to be connecting with the right people at all times. Networking has helped many land dream jobs which was a win-win situation for the employees as well as the company.

If you are not networking enough there might be a possibility of you not being aware of certain prospective job availability.

So it’s time to get networking savvy and make complete use of the internet and its boons.

11. You have been a spoil brat:

Ever since you were born, your parents gave you whatever you needed. You were always dependent on them for everything and now is the time when you have got out of college and need to look for a job.

However, if you go for an interview with an ‘I am my daddy’s favorite’ attitude, you will be perceived as an over grown kid and will eventually lose the job. So it is time to stand up on your own and pave a path to success.

12. You aren’t being truthful:

you lie Every company needs honest and loyal employees who will honestly put in all the effort to give their best for the company.

But lying is one thing that is never tolerated in corporate sectors. If the interviewers even get the brink that you are lying, then you will be out of the door in no time, no matter how qualified you are.

13. You are depressed:

The reasons for depression can be anything, maybe you were laid off by your former company or maybe your girl friend dumped you.

Everyone has their own share of problems in their lives but mature and professional people know how to deal with them without cribbing.

It is very important to not remove personal topics which seem to bother you during interviews as no one is interested in your problems.

You will be perceived as naïve and immature for spilling your problems in front of strangers. Companies want people who know how to keep their personal and professional life separate. .

14. You are angry:

You are angry with the world for all the problems that it has. You are angry with your boss for firing you and you are angry with everything in life.

No-one needs a weeper and even if you end up getting the job, your sadness will get you out of it in no time. Corporates prefer people who are willing to accept and clean up their mess without creating a scene.

It indicates professionalism and quick thinking along with acceptance of faults. So get rid of your anger and watch yourself go up the ladder.

15. You don’t have your papers in order:

One of the most prominent reasons of staying unemployed can be that you have not sorted your papers and kept them in order.

During interviews, many times the interviewer may ask for the qualifications certificate which you have mentioned in your resume. It is considered an important task to sort each and every document accordingly.

This helps in making the file look presentable and gives the interviewee a positive image in the minds of the interviewer.

16. You are expecting too much:

You may be on the receiving end of monthly bonuses or generous gift vouchers in your last job but you do not need to tell this to your interviewer.

On the day of the interview if you keep telling them about the perks and bonuses that you are expecting to receive, you should, might as well wave a good bye to the job.

Freshers or people with a lesser experience should not bombard the interviewers with their expectations and wishes as they may consider it as rude and nonchalant.

17. You are greedy:

No easy money You go to an interview and quote a fixed price for your services. You are just out of college and you think you deserve that much and need that much to fulfill your whims.

Well, its better you should stay at home and watch tele-vision. Never be greedy when it comes to jobs, especially when you are a starter. It will give them the image of a brat and they will show you the door.

It is always better to take whatever they give especially if you are a fresher. With the number of applicants increasing, it is difficult to find the perfect jobs with all the perks.

18. You talk too much:

An interview is usually a question and answer session. Where both of the parties talk as and when needed.

If you thought of it as a speech giving arena and a place where you can yap about all your interests and qualifications then you are certainly wrong and unemployed.

Make sure to speak only when asked and keep the answers short and to the point. People who talk a lot especially in a professional setting are perceived as individuals who cannot be trusted with secrets and who does not think twice before speaking.

This can lead to many bad business decisions and the corporation might incur a loss.

19. You are a chain smoker:

It is very easy for people to notice the symptoms of smoking in a person. It is especially easy for corporate as they are even better at noticing details.

For example, if a person is a chain smoker he will have a smoke induced breath and will have very dark lips, his eyes will be partly red and his fingers may wobble. So if you have smoking in the list of your hobbies you know why you are not employed already.

Chain smoking is considered as an unforgivable habit by most of the corporate. So you might consider quitting it before you go for your next interview.

20. You are the jack of all trades but the master of none:

There is a possibility that you may have the knowledge of every topic that has grabbed eyeballs but you do not really know in depth about any particular topic.

While choosing a profession it is important to be clear about the goals and it is a need to absorb as much knowledge about the particular subject. It is always better to have a master than the jack in every corporation.

21. Your attitude stinks:

People with a bad attitude are not a pleasure to have around. No matter how qualified they are their bad attitude will surely act as a hindrance in the development of the firm.

Corporations always tend to hire people with good vibes which are positive and make for good working relationships. People with positive vibes tend to be more willing and eager to learn new things and it is also a pleasure to work alongside them.

So it is better to get a basic attitude check and find out if that is the reason as to why you are still unemployed.

22. You beat around the bush:

job interviews In the interviews, the interviewer depends upon certain questions which can help them to understand how important is the job to the interviewee and how seriously he has taken the consideration of joining the firm.

If the person beats around the bush and tries to dodge various questions which are perceived important by the interviewers, he is most certainly thought of as a person who will run from his responsibilities and give excuses time and again.

23. You are unprepared:

Going for an interview without knowing a thing about the company is as good as not going for the interview.

It is a waste of your as well as the interviewers time. With many other candidates who are highly prepared as well as very much qualified, you will have no chance in bagging the job that you have been ‘waiting’ for.

24. You missed an important part of the interviewing process:

Choosing a perfect candidate for a job has a number of obstacles. There are various levels of interviews that are conducted for the corporation to find the most eligible employee.

If you miss one level of the interview and ask to be allowed to appear for another level you will be politely but firmly rejected. It is unprofessional to miss any levels of the interviewing process and this will keep you unemployed.

25. You cannot communicate:

If you sit in front of the interviewer and answer in simple yes or no, you are surely not eligible for the job.

It is not a bride selection agency but a professional corporation where communication skills are most important. So learn to speak and know what to speak when to bag the job.

26. You are evasive:

When asked about certain trick questions it is important to be honest rather than just rattling out the million times used answers.

If you are asked about your weaknesses it is better if you are honest and tell the interviewer a couple of them rather than acting like you are flawless. Interviewers are smart enough to not give in on such evasiveness.

27. You have a flimsy handshake:

It is an old saying that a firm handshake speaks a lot about the person’s personality. Interviewers also tend to depend on the handshake as it is the first form of personal endeavor with the prospective employee.

A firm hand shake speaks volumes about a person and depicts his personality.

28. You lack confidence:

Be Confident No interview comes without questions which will put you in a spill. This is a way of observing how confident he is about himself. Lack of confidence is a non tolerant trait in any employee and this will surely keep you unemployed.

29. You applied for a job with no knowledge about it:

One of the things that irk interviewers the most is people who come for interviews who are not even remotely qualified for the job. Lays you off in front of potential bosses as there might be other vacancies in the same company in which you have applied in the future.

30. You do not have a public profile:

In the internet savvy age, the one place where people look for other people is the various networking sites.

Make sure you have a well built up profile in at least the most known networking sites and make sure you do not post uncanny updates to make them run away from you.

With the huge world getting smaller by the day, it is important to make our mark. And to be employed is a step ahead, if not a leap into a world which is ever so busy in making a fortune for itself.