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The Importance of (Editing and) Proofreading Resume


Once you think you have written a good resume, proofreading resume is of paramount importance as well.

The business world is a competitive one nowadays. In order to make it to the top, you need to put in a lot of hard work as well as effort. If you are unwilling to give it your all, then you will never be successful on the career front.

Proofreading ResumeTo secure a job at a good company, it is imperative that you hand in a good resume so that, right at the onset you will be head and shoulders above the rest.

Why Proofreading Resume is Very Important?

1. Having a proper well written resume is very important:

Anyone who has a business studies background would understand the importance of marketing and advertising. Most often than not, if a product is not marketed and advertised in a proper manner then it fails to be a success.

Keeping this in mind, a resume is much like a marketing and advertising tool. Once your resume is drafted and presented in an interesting manner, then more and more people will be interested in hiring you. If it is not up to the mark and if it has not been proofread, then no one will want to hire you to be a part of their company.

2. Having a well written resume is half the job done:

Many wrongly assume that a resume is nothing but a piece of paper which does not mean much at all. This conception is totally wrong. If a resume is well written then half the job is done for you. Most recruiters who go through resumes are very experienced individuals and can judge potential candidates simply by looking at the resume.

If you have proofread your resume then your effort is bound to shine through. Once you have submitted a good resume, you will immediately make it to the next level where you will be called in for a face to face interview.

3. You can never tell what may have slipped your eye the first time:

No human beings are perfect. Very often it happens that no matter how much time, effort and dedication we put into a task we might end up making a few mistakes here and there. There is nothing wrong in making a few mistakes here and there.

What is important is that you are the type of individual who is willing to make amends for the mistake which you have made. When you proofread your work, you show that you are the kind of person who is willing to take that extra leap in order to ensure that you submit excellent work.

You can never know what mistake may have slipped your eye at the time you typed your resume.

4. The little effort of proofreading goes a long way:

Though proofreading your work may sound like a time consuming exercise, most certainly it is not. If you really put your mind into proof reading your resume, it will actually be completed in the matter of a few mistakes.

Even if this is a job you detest doing, one of the reasons why it is so important is because the resume is responsible for either making or breaking your future.

So even if proofreading resume does take a long time out of your busy schedule, you should think about how important this document is to you and your future. This little effort will surely help you in innumerable ways.

5. Your resume is a reflection of your personality:

All employers are waiting with arms open to hire individuals who always have their head in the game and are good at what they do. Keep in mind that the resume which you submit is a reflection of your personality.

The resume gives the recruiter an understanding of how you are as a person. The experienced eye of a recruiter can tell exactly what kind of worker you are through the resume which you submit to them.

A small border, a proper punctuation mark, all can go on to show you in very positive light. Employees seeking work, should have a good personality for resume in order to impress.

6. To ensure that there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes:

The primary reason why proofreading your resume is very important is to ensure that your work has no grammatical or spelling mistakes. Very often a typing error might even end up coming across as a spelling mistake.

Either way, whether spelling mistake, typing error or grammatical mistake all should be avoided as far as possible. The fewer mistakes you have, the better it is for you. If you do not proofread there could be some glaring mistakes which will immediately put off the person who is reading your work.

Once you have reached the professional world, there is simply no scope for making errors of these kinds as it simply will not be tolerated .

7. Lack of order in your resume shows that it was probably a last minute effort:

Very often people fail to proofread their work, as they have simply no time to do so. If you submit your resume without proofreading it, then the recruiter is surely going to understand this.

He will surely be able to tell that the resume is the product of a last minute effort on your part. Recruiters dislike those who put off work till the very end and submit anything when the due date has arrived.

Be careful about the work which you hand in to the company, after all there is some truth in the common saying that “first impression is the last impression“.

8. A good employment opportunity may slip through your hands:

Some recruiters are very understanding by nature, but there are some who are very strict. The moment such strict recruiters see even the slightest mistakes on the resume, they immediately toss it into the bin.

So rather than having a good employment opportunity slip through your fingers for a fewer mistakes here and there, it is better to just proofread your work while you have the chance to do so.

You need not proofread as soon as you complete the resume, you can do so at a later point in time as well. As mentioned above, a little effort on your part could lead too many big things.

9. It will prevent you from making a fool of yourself:

If you are applying for a job and submitting your resume, it is likely that you are someone who is educated and has been to college. Proofreading is therefore important because it prevents you from making a fool of yourself.

If you want others to respect you in the corporate world, you must make sure that you leave no room for error and space for them to make fun of you.

So ensure that you are impeccable in whatever you do throughout your professional career, especially in the initial years.

10. Once you proofread, you can eliminate all that is unnecessary:

The main reason why proofreading resume is so important is that, it also functions as editing. Though everything may sound very fine when you are typing it out, when you are actually reading your resume you might find that all the ideas aren’t coming across as you had intended it.

Once you proofread your work, then you can eliminate all that sounds unnecessary and redundant. In today’s business world, time is money and no one likes to waste time as it will invariably lead to them losing a lot of money.

On an average, it is said that recruiters do not take more than 10 seconds to go through a resume.

11. You can make sure that everything is written in an orderly fashion:

When you ask people for advice when writing a resume, there are many individuals who will tell you that writing a resume is like writing a essay on yourself and your life but this is something which is false.

A resume is so much more than just this. It is not merely a summation and a recollection of all that you have done in your life. Once you start proofreading resume and know that there are no errors in the document then you can go on to improve on other things, like ensuring that everything is presented in an orderly fashion and that it looks good and visually appealing on paper.

12. It is important because you can ensure that everything is comprehensive:

Employers love to hire those individuals who are able to express themselves in a proper and comprehensive manner. If you are unable to put forth your ideas in a proper manner then no employer will be eager to hire you on-board.

Nowadays, companies rely mostly on technology and computers to get their jobs done, the need very little man power. That is why they hire only the best of best on-board.

When you proofread your work, you can ensure that everything you write is written in a comprehensive manner so that you are instantly able to impress the reader.

13. It allows you to put yourself in the employers’ shoes for a minute:

There are many job seekers who give their resume to others to read so that they can get a feedback from them. Doing this is a healthy exercise and also helps you to get some valuable inputs and insights.

However before you give your work to others to proofread, it is also important that you proofread your resume yourself. This is not merely to ensure that it is written well, but it is also to enable you to put yourself in the shoes of the recruiter for a minute.

When you proofread, you get a chance to see yourself the way your recruiter is going to see you.

14. You can ensure that your resume is of the perfect length:

Proofreading your own resume may seem to many like a terribly boring task. There are many individuals who never proofread their wok, simply because they feel like they needn’t do so.

As mentioned above, it matters how much effort you have put into typing your resume, you never really can tell what mistakes you might have made, whether it is in grammar, spelling or even inconsistency.

However one of the main reasons why it is important to proofread your resume is so to make sure that it is easy on the eye and can be read and glimpsed at quickly. Your resume must be brief but impactful.

15. Proofreading is necessary to deem the complete resume:

Proofreading resume is something which is very important, because without proofreading you cannot say that the resume is complete. Any person who is at the top of their game will tell you that proofreading is the last step which is involved in the preparation of any kind of document. If you submit your resume up without proofreading it, then you have submitted it incomplete.


Becoming a powerful presence in the business world is no simple task. In fact it takes a number of years to start climbing up that ladder of success. These are just a few of the reasons why proofreading your resume is so important.

Once you have submitted it with errors, there is nothing you can do to salvage the situation. If you want others to notice you and give you a big break, it is imperative that you start by doing things yourself. Not doing your bit is never going to get you anywhere.

Success comes to those who work the hardest. Once you do your bit, you can sit back and reap the benefits.