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Pros and Cons of Tattoos (and Piercing) in the Workplace


Tattoo is a stylish trend of present society.

Tattoo is a pierced image engraved on any part of the body with or without color.

The adolescence age is mainly much influenced by tattoo and piercing fashion. The young ones take harsh decisions under the influence of fashion and later repent on their step.

People due to amateur behavior get tattoos on different body parts and sometime those tattoos become a reason behind their rejection from a job opportunity.

The job selection is a dream of most young aspiring candidates. The workplaces are having various categories with different criteria.

Every candidate has to abide by the rules of the workplace so as to get recruited.

tattoos and piercing at work

In this article we are going to discuss about the different pros and cons of tattoos and piercing at workplace.

Now let us look at few tattoos advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of Tattoos in the Workplace:

1. Tattoos are positive perspective for creative and fashion Industry:

Tattoos are considered as taboo in some areas of workplace but latter is considered as a plus point for an aspirant.

Main concept behind adopting tattoos in creative industry is that, creativity is must for being part of this industry.

The industry is that, which has a space for internal logistics. The tattoos simply defines that the mentors of creative world has first did experiment with their own property, their body.

The mentors make it mandatory for candidates to be creative and imaginary for their own body.

The creativity done on own body defines the love of a person for uniqueness, a needful tactic for imaginative world.

The presentation of art through body tattoo is not new; it’s very old aspect and in past people got the tattoo of their loved ones and their loving things.

2. Movie and entertainment industry, a welcome platform for tattooed guys:

Movie and entertainment industry is must point for all to follow. People consider film stars a role model for themselves and adopt fashion shown by them.

The fans follow celebs by imitating their fashion techniques. The young generation is crazy to follow the celebs and similarly celebs create different ways to make their image in fans.

The tattoo is all time favorite of all famous personalities.

Media makes it highlight if any of celeb has got a new tattoo on his or her body. The followers also get a replica of that.

Imitating a role model is always appreciable. So, it’s essential to take decision only after thinking twice.

3. Different parts of body covered by tattoo:

People make tattoos in tender age just to follow their famous celebrities.

They enjoy it when somebody appreciates it even call them a real fan of a specific personality.

The young ones also get tattoo on their body parts as their shoulder, arms, biceps, neck, and most probably all parts of the body.

Some people also make tattoo on tender and sensitive parts of their body. They flaunt themselves to be cool.

The cool phenomenon is a hazard for the future of today generation. The young one destroys their future aspects only for getting a tag of cool. The cool turns in to a burn for whole life, if they take a wrong decision in hush.

4. Promote art:

Tattoo is a way of promoting art, even in these days tattoo piercing is a full-fledged profession. Many artists are gaining popularity in this field.

They use their imagination to form a master piece and many celebrities also appreciate their work.

The young generation has a craze to get tattoo from those who made tattoo on their famous personality’s body. They are ready to pay any amount to get same or replica of that tattoo.

This profession is earning popularity in today time and even become a way of earning huge bucks.

The professional tattoo artists are in demand and they are bringing a revolution in present society by their creativity. Some times, this creativity is good but in few cases it’s a blunder.

The promotions done by famous personalities are most of the time fake. The young ones do not have the idea but still they move with the flow and adopt some unrecoverable things on their body on the name of art. This is possible as there is no legal age to get a tattoo.

Cons or Disadvantages of Tattoos in the Workplace:

The following mentioned are few disadvantages of tattoo at workplace.

1. Non acceptance of tattoos in other professions:

Tattoo is a cool factor in media world but in other professions it’s a blunder.

The young eligible aspirants lose their chance to have a good job just because of their silly mistake.

They should think about all the consequences before getting a tattoo. The tattoo becomes a hurdle in the path of success. They face rejection on the basis of ethics to have tattoo.

The orthodox and conservative consider tattoos a way which leads to revolt. They reject capable candidates by seeing tattoo on their body.

The presentable professions mainly denies the applications of those candidates who has any sign on art promotion on their body.

2. Wrong image in front of seniors:

A tattooed peer will be considered as a suspect in any pity allegation. The youth maybe innocent but still he/she will be in a trouble just as they have tattoo.

The tattoo somehow creates a negative image in society mind regarding that particular person.

The people who are interested in going to another country can have a chance of rejection on the ground of transmitted diseases which can be transferred to a person while having a tattoo.

Tattoo makes them incapable in front of their senior without any test. Also there will be tattoo discrimination in the workplace.

The seniors have a mind-set that the people with tattoo are not good at any work and they don’t have capability. It’s not wrong to say here,” First impression is the last impression.” This is one of the downside of tattoos

3. A reason for disrespect:

Tattoo brings disrespect for few at workplaces. Defense takes tattoo as an offence.

The candidates who want to be an army cadet should not have any tattoo on their body. They can be rejected on this basis.

The rejection is a big shame for a candidate and can be a disrespectful act for his near and dear ones.

The people of society consider the person a looser and taunt him for losing his grace in this way. The age matters a lot in every field.

The age in which tattoo was made and the age in which they are doing work, both are different. This is one of the cons of tattoos

Major Consequences:

There are many tattoo disadvantages due to which people face lot many problems. Sometime people become victim of hazardous disease and they lose their job.

Even every employer medically checks his employee that the person should not have any disease which will affect his business.

Tattoo is considered as a big cause behind becoming a victim of transmitted disease. Tattoo can not only transmit diseases to a person but also makes him/her inferior in front of others.

The people take tattooed people as a problem and don’t allow them to be part of their group circle. They ignore them as they have done any crime or they are criminals.

Piercings in the Workplace:

Body Piercing is common thing in every society if it’s being done by a girl. Most of the societies allow girls to pierce their ears even nose.

Some families have tradition to have boys ear pierced too. Most of the people from entertainment industry have this thing in traditions for boys.

The girls specifically have piercing as common trend. The people have different views about piercing also.

Ear and nose piercing is acceptable but other parts of body are not. The people of different societies consider piercing a part of tradition.

The tribal civilizations have different trends to adopt. Tribal people pierce their body on multiple occasions. The workplaces allow piercing but in decent way not in abrupt way.

Pros of having Piercing at Workplace:

The following mentioned are few piercing pros at workplace. They are

1. Piercing acceptance due to traditional values:

Piercing is specifically considered as good enough due to health related issues. Few body parts if pierced then it affects the capability of human being.

The workstations also appreciate the traditional aspects but some misuse it. And this misuse can become objectable in few conditions.

Piercing done in tongue looks odd while talking and delivering any presentation. Many people got their tongue pierced just for fun and due to trend but after sometime they feel ashamed.

They have disgusting feel when people focus on them when they eat or talk. And these people also face insult in interviews.

2. Piercing body parts a trend:

A person who is in modeling or entertainment industry can have piercing just because of influence but as soon as they leave the profession they feel struck in their decision.

As everybody know that glamour world is only accepting young skin and old skin is out.

The people who have done work in young age in modeling industry has to shift to other professions after sometime and there they face rejections and disgrace due to their previous actions.

The young ones face multiple rejections just because they did piercing on their body. The piercing done in sophisticated is acceptable in all sectors but excess makes it a reason for disturbance.

3. Love for piercing a passion or freakiness:

Piercing love is common in young ones especially girls, as earrings and nose pins are part of their beauty.

They enhance their beauty by wearing different styles of nose pins and earrings in day to day life even on various occasions.

The professional front considers it a waste of time and defines that simplicity is best outlook. The professionals have a motto, “Live simple and have high thinking”.

When youngsters enter the age of maturity, they realize their mistake but there is no use of repenting. The piercing is an art so it’s better to adopt art in specific amount.

Cons or Discrimination Against Piercings in the Workplace:

1. Decline in compensation:

In few cases people face deprecation in their salary because their bosses consider their trend freakiness an objection in the way of their growth.

Money is the only thing for which people work and if they have a problem in getting that then how a person can concentrate on his/ her work.

Mainly people consider piercing a bad practice because for them it’s bad to prick the body for fashion and trend. All have to look after the things which people consider.

The elders define, “In Rome, do as Romans do”. It’s pretty essential to look after the things which we do in society as humans are social animal.

The people of today’s generation love experiments but the older generation has another outlook about it. The difference in thoughts creates a blunder.

Major Consequences:

There are many problems which people face due to their piercing craze. Sometime people become victim of hazardous disease and they lose their job.

Even every employer medically checks his employee that the person should not have any disease which will affect his business. And piercing is considered as a big cause behind becoming a victim of transmitted disease.

Piercing can only not transmit diseases to a person but also makes him/her inferior in front of others. The people take extra ordinary pierced people as a problem and don’t allow them to be part of their group circle.

They ignore them as they have done any crime or they are criminals. The people of most of the societies consider excess piercing a worship of evil.

Final Words:

All in all, different people have different views regarding tattoo and piercing. The people who consider themselves sophisticated think that, a slight thing done for fashion and enjoyment is no harm but excess of everything leads to harm.

The people make themselves an extra ordinary example and a thing to show off sometimes just because of their passion for tattoo and piercing. They never consider the loopholes of adopting the things in excess.

Maybe they have done it due to fashion but everything in limit is acceptable in different societies of world.