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How to Manage a Shy Employee at Work: 14 Fantastic Ways


It is usual that a work environment has many people with varied personalities and temperaments. People are trained to treat these types of employees, value them, and communicate with them. All of them have a unique contribution to make for their team or work. In that way there are shy employees too in an organization who has equal talents and unique ideas to share. Shy employees are comfortable in their location but when situation arise to speak they are noticed by the team leaders. The truth is that shy employees have the efficiency and power to add success to the team with their input and ideas. Let’s glimpse through a few ideas about how to handle shy employees.

how manage shy employeeShy at work: How to Get your Employees to Open Up?

1. Dedicate time to develop relationship:

Shy employees are ones who step back from volunteering and speak out what prevails in their mind. To manage such shy employees, one to one meetings can be arranged so that their relationship can be developed. The shy employees feel secured and safe within the private environment and they are at ease and ready to open up in such meetings. The meetings can focus on encouraging the shy employees about bringing out their strengths, and finding out if there are areas which they can improve.

2. Understanding the reason:

When meetings are arranged with the shy employees, it is important to know the reason for their shyness. The managers or HR’s can find out if they are shy to speak before higher officials, they fear about criticism, or other reasons. Finding out the main reason for their shyness and helping them out can be another way to handle shy employees. They can be boosted up and given confidence often to drive away shyness and overcome their soreness.

3. Focus on strengths:

It is evident from recent research that nervousness is elicited in the brains of shy people by social scenarios. They are usually hampered when situations such as language, problem solving and memory related to unaccustomed people and information arise. In such cases the creative thinking capabilities of the shy employees are to be made best use of. These employees should be assigned with clear agendas where they need to practice, plan and execute any chore assigned to them. They can be assigned with presentations or leading a meeting where they can be helped out by preparing and practicing for the same.

4. Asynchronous communication:

Emails, texting and IM’s are most preferred forms of communication for shy employees as they are ones which speak in-person voice and they work in a silent manner. These tools are handy in each organization for them to use. A more well thought response can be obtained when approached and asked promptly.

5. Respecting them:

A shy employee usually has a strong and strict boundary. It is a usual that shy employees finds it uncomfortable to present in large groups, or talk to clients regarding any news. It would not be good to force or push such employees into social scenarios which they are not comfortable with. They become upset when such things happen and hence it is good to respect their desires and avert losing a good employee.

6. Offer them ample time:

Shy employees should be provided with ample time to think, plan and execute their task. This will help them gather their ideas and thoughts for an impeccable output. They are able to give great ideas and solutions when they are given good time to think. When meetings are approaching, they can be informed prior so that they can prepare and present their thoughts in an organized manner. There are emergency meetings which cannot be avoidable and shy employees can be given a chance to perform their best. They can be given time after the meeting to recollect feedback obtained.

7. Providing them with good space:

Shy people are ones who are easily stimulated and at the same time tired out when long discussions are made. For such kind of people, open space offices are definitely a challenge. It is good that shy employees have a special place for them which is quiet and pleasing them. It can be considered as a space which retreats them before they get back to work. It can be a good idea if that special place has books filled in them. Another aspect about shy employees is that when its time for team work, they are ones who can contribute the best when they work independently. It is hence advised to permit them to work in an independent manner, so that they aren’t interrupted.

8. Learning the meaning of silence:

Shy employees are who always remain silent. In an organization almost all people including the bosses view silence in a wrong manner. There are many reasons for an employee to remain silent one can be that whatever he is about to say is said and the other meaning for the silence is that he is busy and coming up with a new plan or agenda. It is mandatory to respect their silence and also make sure that they aren’t pressured for any aspect.

9. They are free to virtual communication:

When shy employees are communicated through social media sites and virtual communication, more meaty ideas are obtained. They have ample time and freedom when they communicate through social Medias or other form of communication rather than answering straight away. Shy employees do not initiate a conversation, so do not hesitate to start a conversation with a shy employee. They are able to pen down their thoughts in a realistic way than oral meetings. Shy employees can be connected in this manner.

10. Focusing on shy employees:

It is a fact that shy employees do not speak or self-promote themselves; their work is the biggest tool which brings them out. It is vital to be an advocate for shy employees. They should be provided special attention and given time to present themselves. Outspoken and bright candidates are the ones who are usually hired and recruited during recruitment, it is equally important for hirers to recruit and concentrate on shy employees too. Shy employees should also be recognized and rewarded in their organization for their work. It is important to learn that shy employees are also ones who can make great achievements.

11. Thanking them:

Shy employees should not be underestimated at any time. Shy employees should be thanked at times when they contribute something related to work. A word of thanks can create a positive effect in them and they are boosted to come forward with more ideas in future.

12. Discussing with them:

Shy employees can be arranged with a special discussion and employers can find out if they have any issues within the organization. They can be motivated and given positive energy in their minds and thoughts so they can come out of their shyness. They can be made understood about their importance in the organization and make them feel that they are vital. Their role and position and their part played in the organization should be highlighted. When such high thoughts are sowed in their minds they automatically feel prestigious and come up with many things.

13. Encouraging them for social meetings:

Shy employees can be assisted by their HR’s or managers to enroll in training programs such as toastmaster training so that they are thought with many aspects when put on the spot. By this way they are trained in a practical manner and comfy to speak in public places. There are many employees who have come out successfully after undergoing such training programs.

14. Ask them for feedback:

These employees can be asked for feedback which can be in a verbal or written form. Shy employees usually fill their thoughts in a written feedback which can be accepted and concentrated.

In this manner shy employees can be handled and their strength can be pulled out. Though they are uncomfortable in some ways, their strength can be displayed in other ways. It is evident that shy employees are ones which are reflective have a good decision making and creative thinking skills. They are attentive in all situations and are able to read others facial expressions easily. It is therefore important to consider shy employees and know that they are also part of the organization. Employers in an organization should learn the feelings of shy employees and encourage and support them in all aspects. More focus should be turned towards them and they are to be handled in a soft manner. The above mentioned tips are beneficial and perfect ones to handle shy employees. By this way they feel secured and concentrated where they contribute well towards the company. Shy employees are also ones who add success to the organization.