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14 Best and Most Popular Ways to Consume News


News is something which we do not know will happen or is about to happen, but happens. News is the information which changes the status quo of the society. Or we can say that news is the knowledge and information which is based on the facts and figures, thus enhances the knowledge and also makes us aware of what is happening in the society.

In today’s era it has become important for all of us to know what is going around and in the vicinity areas. In order to get updates about the happenings, one has to know the best ways to consume news. The best ways are as follows:

best way to consume news

Best Ways to Consume News:

1. Reading the newspapers:

This is the most convenient way of knowing the news in detail. Reading newspaper for one or two hours daily helps in enhancing the knowledge as well as the current affairs. There are number of newspapers being published and also circulated in the society and that too in all the languages.

No matter in which part of the world you are sitting, you can buy the newspaper and go through it thoroughly. Newspapers are available in local, regional and national level. There are number of newspapers like Hindustan times, the tribune. The Hindu and the list is endless. You can go through the newspaper based on the field of your interest.

2. The mobile applications:

This is the age of internet and in this fast processing age, no one is ready to hold a newspaper as the life has become so fast that everyone is busy running the rat race. So, in order to catch up the news despite of being so occupied, one must get the news applications download in their mobile phones. Now every news channel, newspaper has become digital i.e. you can have an easy access to news, provided you have the application downloaded

3. Social media network:

The social media network has formed the web, thus turned the world into a global village where everyone is connected with other due to the internet and the media available like the most prominent, Facebook. Now news updates are also available on the Facebook. Not just this, every newspaper organization as well as the channel has got their pages on the Facebook and one can have instant news online.

4. Make best use of the Google Reader:

You will have to replace your morning coffee with the google reader. Google reader provides you with the detailed information of single news that too from all different news outlets at the same time. So, it is the time to get change to the requirements by changing the habits by switching to Google Reader from the conventional method of learning.

5. Tweet, tweet and read:

Twitter, the most happening social networking site. There are millions of tweet per day about the news and also the other important events. Go and get an account on Twitter and follow all the news outlets including the print as well as the electronic media.

Believe it you will get fed up of having every single news in every single blink of an eye, but the ping of news won’t stop. So, by being active on the Twitter handle, one can easily consume news on daily basis.

6. Instapaper’s are the another best ways to store the news:

If there is no time for you to go through the daily news but want the news to get stored, then yes, you got it right, it’s Instapaper for you. The application allows you to mark the document for later reading and you can hence read it some other time with full clarity, ease and readable format. It also has a paid version and it allows archiving the pages you wish to read for the next possible day. Or otherwise you can store it offline as well.

7. Youtube – the simplest to view and know:

Youtube provides you everything from pin to an elephant. Go for the live updates on youtube and you will be happy knowing each and everything within seconds and that too without wasting the time as well as energy.

If you are travelling, you can have an access to television through the YouTube. All you need is an internet access and the worry is gone.

8. Reddit is one of the best social news site:

Reddit is something which considers itself as the voice of internet as it provides the news updates from time to time that too without any delay. Reddit is a free, liberal and free thinking bunch which borders anarchism by making use of the LOL cats’ therapy. Get the brilliant international ideas and keep yourself updated to a brim.

9. Who can forget Instagram?

Firstly, Who says the politics, sports, economy and business only can make news. News can be anything which is of human interest and is probably unknown. It can be the natural calamity, something unique and also the entertainment part. When it comes to entertainment part, Instagram forms your best partner.

It tells you everything about your favourite celebrity, where is he or she shooting now, for which film and so on. Instagram gives you the pictures as well as videos like the Facebook and the other social media networks.

10. News Laundry:

This is one of the other website one can have an access to for reading and consuming the news. Just log on to the website and get updates on daily, hourly and the weekly basis. In every news website, there is the option of archive and it gives you all the previous information as well, in case something is missed out.

11. E-newspapers over the paper book newspaper:

Woo, newspapers are there online and that is e-newspapers. The newspapers are the best way which provides you free access without any payment except the amount that is to be incurred on the internet. Get 3G Internet; visit the e-newspaper you wish to read, from Hindi to English to Urdu to French.

In all the languages e-newspapers are obtainable. E-newspapers are useful as one can have reached to even the oldest newspaper. This is the best part and reason of why to reach out to the e-newspapers in order to consume news everyday.

12. CSR (Competitive Success Review):

If not the newspaper, then walk out to buy the CSR. It is the competitive success review magazines which are available easily and are also very pocket friendly. One can go through the CSR and will come to know what all happened during a month with full detail. Go and have it, it will assist you in consuming the current happening with proper in depth information.

13. Fortnightly magazines:

There are number of magazines also which can be taken into consideration. Those magazines include the online as well as handy one. Magazines like Tehelka, frontline are the best one to be considered. The magazines are available online as well offline and you can get every sort of current information from these.

Magazines are fun to read as they have glossy papers and good quality images are used which lure readers and even attract the non-interested eyeballs towards it. So, one can go for the magazines as they are more interesting in the way of quality and also the content in it. Moreover, those are reliable and trustworthy as the other mediums.

14. Radio and FM:

Radio and FM also help in disseminating the information relating to the current happenings. Every day new bulletins are given by the radio jockey experts and those have a wider reach. One need not have a radio set to get an access, but FM is also available on our mobile phones.

The smartphones have made our life easy and quick. We are now just a click away from getting the on the spot and regular information on national, local, international issues.

So, above are some of the ways by which you can consume news from various sources and mediums. Now it’s no longer the print only but also the digital, electronic media is matching the pace with other mediums. So, no one can make an excuse of having no information as all kinds of information are available easily and are also accessible. Please feel free to mention your views on this article. We would love to read it.