When seeking employment in a company you must ensure that you are making your decisions wisely and not just taking up any and every job which happens to come your way.

If you are a career oriented person then you should be extra careful in ensuring that you do not simply settle when it comes to choosing a job.

It is imperative that you wait for the right job to come along. To bag your dream job it is vital that you keep working on your skills.

Given here are some of the main reasons why HSBC is the best place to work if you are thinking of applying there.

hsbc best place work

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Top 16 Reasons to Work at HSBC:

1. The name which the company has:

You must ensure that you apply to only those companies which you know for a fact are reputed and have a distinguished name.

When you think of banking, one of the first companies which come to mind is HSBC. This is a name which people across the globe are familiar with and it is also a name which they trust blindly.

All you need to do is do a Google search on the company and you will find what positive feedback it has received. This itself points at the fact that HSBC is the best place to work.

2. The experience which you will receive:

When working for a company like HSBC the amount of experience you will receive cannot be expressed in mere words.

It is not like any ordinary company where you will be expected to sit at your desk through the day.

It is a job which constantly challenges you and encourages you to bring out the best in yourself.

They nurture their employees and encourage them to act independently by putting into action all that they have learnt in the past.

The things you will learn here in one day will be much more than you will be able to learn in any classroom.

3. The future prospects which will be open for you:

HSBC as a company has 4 distinct groups. They are,

    1. Commercial banking, which is the most popular service
    2. Investment banking facility
    3. Global private banking
    4. Retail banking and wealth management.

Everything in the company is organized in a proper and efficient manner so that the HSBC employees grow from strength to strength.

Once you have a company like HSBC on your resume, them even if you are not interested in continuing in this line in the future you open for yourself an unlimited number of new opportunities to choose from.

Bag a job in this company and rest assured that your future will be as promising as ever.

4. You can work in any of its 6600 offices across the globe:

For those who are unaware, HSBC is a brand which has over 6600 offices across the globe and it functions efficiently in about 80 countries.

Be it in North or South America, Europe, Africa or Asia, you are sure to find an HSBC there. It is not for nothing that it has so many millions of loyal customers the world over.

It is the best place to work, especially because if for any reason you want a transfer to another place, you can be sure that HSBC has an office at that location and they will be happy to have you working from there.

5. You will get a chance to meet so many professionals:

HSBC is the best place to work, simply because you will be under the guidance of people who will guide you along the right path and will be willing to mentor you at every stage.

This is not a company where they will micromanage the employees; they will simply be there for you in the event of you facing some problem or dilemma.

When you work under people who are at the top of their game and have slowly climbed from one step to the next, you too can follow their example as well as learn from the mistakes which they have made.

6. Your work ethic and style will improve a great deal:

It is the best company to work at simply because once you have received your training and guidance, then your work ethic and style will completely get changed.

Everyone in the company is respected and treated as family and it is this feeling of oneness which will make you want to do your best at all times, irrespective of the hurdles which happen to come your way.

No longer will you be that graduate straight out of college or that person you once were, you will now be an inspired person, waiting to take the plunge and make your mark in the business world.

7. The handsome salary which you will receive:

When seeking employment in any company, it is needless to say, but one of the first things that people notice is the salary which they will be receiving.

Along the way there will be many people who will tell you that money is not important and that as long as you are happy that is what matters the most.

In real life money is important to survive and a company which values you will never under pay you for your service to the institution.

HSBC is a company that values its employees and pays them handsome salaries. The HSBC employees salary is fixed and bound to keep you very content.

8. Co-workers are rather helpful:

HSBC is the best place to work, given the fact that the co workers you will find here are simply one of a kind.

They will be willing to help you at all times, especially if you are new at the company and are wondering how to get a particular job done.

As long as you are friendly and try your best, you will find plenty of people who will be willing to extend a hand of friendship towards you.

Even if the employees are good friends, within the four walls of the office they are extremely professional at all points in time and do their job well.

9. Excellent and positive work environment:

The right kind of work environment in the office can really bring out the best in the workers.

If the work environment is not good and the employees feel unhappy for some reason or the other, then the quality of work delivered by them will not be top notch.

HSBC is the best place to work at given the fact that the work environment is very positive and conducive to work.

HSBC is a world and community of its own where employees stand by one another in time of need. There is no cut throat competition and everyone is adequately and fairly rewarded when they do well.

10. The flexible working options which are given to employees:

All companies make tall claims saying that they look into the needs of the employees. HSBC is one company which does not just make promises like this.

They actually deliver on all the promises which they make. They have very flexible working options which the employees can avail of under certain circumstances.

This flexibility implies that the employees can work from home and in addition to that they can even opt for certain work hours which suit them.

Things like this really show HSBC in positive light, as a company which is a class apart from the rest.

11. Employees are encouraged to maintain a healthy work-life balance:

It is the fact that there is so much cut throat competition with various top companies in the market.

All the companies nowadays look for employees who will be willing to work like slaves for them.

HSBC is the best place to work because they are one of the few companies which encourages its employees to have a healthy work life balance.

It would be simply unacceptable to them if any employees experience a burn out and that is why they look into the well being of all the employees who give their best for them.

Taking proper breaks is an absolute must after having a stressful couple of months.

12. A number of benefits are offered to the employees:

In addition to offering all the employees a rather handsome salary, HSBC is a company which offers a number of additional HSBC employee benefits for those who are hired by the company.

The HSBC employee benefits and perks like these are very useful indeed and serve as an incentive to make the employees work harder and be more dedicated.

These HSBC employee benefits include things like HSBC employee pension, health insurance and personal development options.

Things like this will really help you in the event of being ill and needing medical assistance. It is because of these benefits that HSBC is the best place to work.

13. Employees are not discriminated on any basis:

There are plenty of companies out there that employs people from all walks of life, simply to save face.

On looking closer you will find that a lot of the employees are not treated with courtesy. HSBC is the best place to work, given the fact that all employees are treated as equals and are rewarded on the basis of merit.

As an employee, at no point of time will you feel that discrimination has been made on the basis of caste, creed, sex, color, race etc. These narrow differences are not given any importance to in the company.

14. It is a company which believes in sustainability:

One of the main reasons why the company is the best place to work is because it is not a company which is only interested in its profits.

Nowadays every company looks to beat the other and does not even think of ways to give back to the society.

HSBC is one such company which believes in sustainability and at every stage, ensures that what activity they are involved with is not negatively affecting the environment in any way. They even monitor their carbon emissions.

Secondly they have a number of educational programs, which they allow their employees to be a part of if they wish.

15. Help the employees to learn and grow:

HSBC is a company which gives the employees everything which they need in order to become skilled professionals who are able to handle any problem which comes their way.

It is not for nothing that the clients are so happy with the service which they receive whenever they walk in to any HSBC office.

The employees are encouraged to better themselves with the training they receive from their mentors, yet more importantly, they also avail of courses and programs which are offered to those employees who are promising and eager to move ahead.

16. It is a brand which is growing from strength to strength:

Finally, HSBC is indeed the best place to work, simply because it is a company which you need not have to worry about closing down, given the fact that it constantly tries to improve itself with each passing day.

This is a name which has been around for over a hundred years, since its birth and even today it continues to show promise.

The company has gone out of its way at each stage to show how much it regards its employees as well as clients who have placed their trust in this bank.


These are some of the main reasons why anyone across the globe would like to be a part of this well known and successful multinational company which has successfully been able to carve a niche for itself in the area of banking as well as financial services.

If you think that you have what it takes to be a part of this reputed company then you need not shy away from taking the plunge.

People who are applying for the job need not be geniuses; they simply need to be eager and quick learners. There is adequate training to bring new employees up to speed with all that is expected of them.