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How to Quantify Your Resume Bullets using Range, Frequency or Scale


Quantifying your resume with numbers is mandatory as it makes your claims to be valid. It usually considers a worse thing when you submit a vague resume.

Every resume just possesses general data where they start up with, which stands to the main reason to reject. Instead, resumes should have quantitative data to back them up.

Suppose you need to mention that you have exceeded your goal, then make sure to mention how much you have exceeded. Hence, in that aspect lets glimpse through how to quantify your resume bullets using range, frequency or scale.

Quantify Your Resume

How to Quantify Your Resume Bullets:

1. Need to quantify your resume:

It is mandatory advice to add numbers to the resume bullets to make your resume quantitative. In this way, the recruiters can make out the impact that you have on your position and make your resume stand out of the rest.

2. Range:

When you’re unaware of the exact figure of projects or things you’ve done, then it is surely a hindrance to making use of numbers in your resume. The number of clients you meet and call you per day or week may not know, but appropriate data should use in the resume to quantify it.

3. Mentioning the range:

It would suggest providing an appropriate estimate which provides us to enter and focus on your result. A clear example of where a resume is quantified mention below.

Before mentioning the range, it mentioned as “in authority for monitoring junior researchers” which will not have much effect on the resume. In the same manner, when the range added to the resume it can mention as “monitor 9-15 junior research graduates” every year where all aimed at the graduate university in physics, mathematics, and astrophysics.

4. Scale in terms of saving money:

All employees must be aware of saving money in an organization. An idea of scale can be a great way to include your actions, in the same manner, focusing on the point is important which is a more impressive way.

There may be some aspects that perform in a company where a few of them are saving time, discussions about deductions with dealers, streamlining procedures, and more. Adding them to your resume bullets is always advisable by mentioning the frequency of the aspects. It is appropriate to include rough numbers than accurate data.

A clear example of scale terms before being added: “inspection process being streamlined by upgrading marketing and sensing device”. After a sense of scale added to the resume, it mentions as “to upgrade marketing devices and defect sensing the project managed, by this way human inspection evacuated online and assisted in saving about $25, 00000 to $ 400000 per year.

5. Adding people to your scale:

Those who are more concerned about people rather than figures can add the number of people they discuss with and work for. In that manner, a few soft skills also added to the numbers they throw in.

A clear example of a resume before adding an aspect of people person is “in authority for leading the promotional union of graduates”. Here is an example which mentions the same with a people figure added: “lead a promotional union of 15 members and also presented a marketing plan to the audience of about 50 to 70 who were students at a weekly university meeting which is open to about 2000 community members”.

6. Mentioning time in numbers:

Time is money and it should mention in a resume in the right way. Every organization looks forward to saving time and work more efficiently. Meeting deadlines both internal as well as external is also an important aspect of an organization.

When an employee saves time, manages time or makes time, it should put on the resume as time-oriented entries. For example “twice-monthly payroll activities assisted, where it was assured that employees were paid on time”. Another example is that “procedures suggest which diminish the order-processing time from 10 minutes to 5 minutes”.

7. While mentioning amounts:

The habit of mentioning how much or how many you have reaped is mostly neglected in almost all resumes. A few examples are “written news releases”, “formulated lesson plans”. These examples are simple and do not contain any specifics.

It is important to pluralize your accomplishments where the above examples can write as “written 30 new releases”, “formulated lesson plans for 3 classes of 30 students each”.

8. Examples to include numbers:

To make your resume stand out of the crowd, do not make the mistake of excluding numbers. Make sure to mention numbers in all the aspects that you include in your resume.

A few examples “recruited 34 members for new student environmental organization”, “developed process that bolstered 30%”, “trained about 6 employees for restaurant operations procedures”.

9. Mentioning enhanced productivity percentages:

People who are bold and push beyond the status ego are the ones hiring managers are looking at eagerly. It’s hence good to mention about the advances that you’ve made in your previous position in terms of percentage.

The decrease in resources, increase in production and the percentage that you have saved by the company by your perfect execution of projects can be mentioned in the resume. Example “a decreased expenditure in department resources by 10% over 6 months”, “enhanced software productivity by 30%”.

10. By mentioning reach:

It is equally important to make your resume highlighted by showing that your contributions and projects have a real-world impact. If there are people who have reaped benefits and benefitted from your project, make a mention and keep them counted.

In this way, it shows that you’re not merely spinning the wheel at work but working for some motive. For example “have exchange portals on Linux platform for a company for 2000 years”. “Formulated and implemented design platform which serves about 43 major universities”.

11. Mentioning numerical ranking:

Another way to quantify your resume is by adding the accomplishments, awards, the national recognition earns and more on your resume. It is really obvious to highlight that you’re in the 154 positions out of 365 in an organization.

Your number may be impressive but doesn’t hold power as in seat number one, you may mention as the percentage. For example “earned the first position out of 60 members of my department for my capacity and maintain quality projects within deadlines” “ranked in the 90th percentile in the national competition for the development of the android app to respond to emergency responders to perform real-time triage.

12. By mentioning project time frames:

To present you as a fast and efficient worker, mentioning the project time frames is mandatory. To show the progress of a project for months or years can be tough to grab the hiring manager’s attention.

Determine your impressive speed and decide on your time frame. For example “promoted from developer to team leader in about 6 months”, and “increased productivity by 55% in 1 year which in turn enhanced the revenue of the company by $80,000”.

13. £, €, ¥, and $ signs:

To capture the attention of the hiring manager, regardless of the currency you use mentioning any of the currencies in the resume can be impressive.

In order to quantify the results, dollars can use for the quantity of new business that has been bringing to the company during the year, new approaches bring to light by you which assist the company in saving or new approach introduced by you for recruiting purpose, event planning, training and lot more which related to our industry.

14. Number statements being places in resumes:

If you possess only one or two number statements in your resume, just add them to the job position, under the experience session.

In the same manner, when a salesperson has more than three or four achievements then he can pick the most appropriate one and add in the achievement section. In this way, the attention of the hiring manager is grabbed and he continues to read.


A resume can be hence quantified in this manner which can be followed as mentioned in the above tips. Numbers make a very big difference in resume irrespective of what work one does. Employees and job seekers need to polish their resume by adding a few numbers to quantify the work.

This can be seen as a few hidden secrets to writing a perfect resume. By adding numbers, you can develop a picture in the hiring manager’s mind. It is not mandatory to mention direct numbers on resumes but a range can be mentioned. In this way, you can highlight your potential and make the recruiter realize that you’re a capable employee.