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Cabin Crew Interview – How to Prepare for it?


Cabin crew is also known as flight attendants. They are responsible for ensuring the comfort and ease of the passengers on board. This career is just like customer service in public transportation with a little twist of hospitality. If you are preparing for pursuing a career as a flight attendant then there are some of the key points that you need to keep in mind when attending a cabin crew interview. Some of them are as below:

Cabin Crew Interview Tips

How to Prepare for Cabin Crew Interview?

1. Know about the job first:

The type of job you wish to do should be the first thing to know. So, if you want to enter as a cabin crew then first you must know the subject.

Without knowing about your field, you should not move for an interview for cabin crew. Just know your field, research about it and then go-ahead for an interview.

2. Talk to the ones working in a similar field:

The ones who are already working in this field of hospitality, once should be asked and confirmed about the changes that have come during a few years.

Talking to someone will add to your knowledge and will also give an experience of handling the cabin crew interviews.

3. Fluency is must:

For cracking the cabin interview, one must have good fluency in a language the company demands a person to speak.

So, make sure before you go for an interview, you have proper command in your language. If you find need to improve it then do it, as the crew members are required to talk to various people on board from varied countries.

To be in an equal position with the passengers, the crew members are required to speak fluently.

4. Multitasking is another quality:

You need to be multitasking. If you have such a quality, no company would refuse you from working.

Not just this, the cabin crew not only needs proper knowledge but also quick-witted especially during the stressful scenarios.

If you have such quality, you will be able to win over all the difficult situations at work and in your life.

5. Being friendly, hospitable and helpful at the same time:

The crew members are required to be very friendly, and hospitable. This you can show during an interview also by speaking slowly and in a polite manner.

The crew members need to have this quality amongst many other qualities. Easy to be approached and confidence is required for the crew members.

So, when you go up for the interview, make sure you are prepared for all such things hence win over the situation during the interviews.

6. Ready to extend the help:

The cabin crew is to extend help whenever needed by the passengers. The hospitable nature is the one that is required within the crew members.

So, make sure you showcase your quality of extending helping hand to the passengers and this should also be depicted during the interview panel.

7. Your body language speaks all about you:

The body language should be erect and upright. The lean body type is not the demand for the crew members.

So, when you are going for the interview, just make sure you have an appealing body language that depicts profound confidence, satisfaction, and happiness for the job you want to do.

Only this attitude can help you win over the situation of the interview.

8. Expressions and the gestures you carry:

The expressions should also showcase your confidence and happiness for your job.

The gestures should be under what you say if you agree to something the panel says, then your expressions should also depict the same.

What if you agree to something with your words but your gestures show the negative answer?

You will only be considered confused and the panel may reject you after the interview.

So, make sure you have gestures in wake of what you agree or disagree or you may fail to grab your dream job.

9. The moments of your hands:

The hands should be less wavy. Just keep your hands on your lap or the table. Do not shake your hands more.

Do not touch your face again and again. Some people do possess the habit of touching the nose or lips again and again.

So, this should not be done as it clearly shows your nervousness. Make sure you do not showcase your weakness during the interview or you may lose the opportunity of getting a job.

Not just this, you shouldn’t even fold your arms across your chest as it shows the defensive nature.

So, if you are insecure about anything, do not let it come on your face or your gestures. So, this can help you in cracking the interview successfully.

10. The tone of your voice:

What you speak is fine but how you speak is also an important part that needs to be taken into account while preparing for the cabin interview. After you answer the questions, take a break or just breath.

Do not speak very fast or very slow. Just keep a normal pace with what you speak up. Also while you speak, vary your tone and the pitch.

While you answer the queries, smile, and nod at appropriate times but at the same time do not overdo anything like this.

Apart from this, do not laugh at anything serious. Or do not laugh alone. Just laugh along with the interviewer as it shows you are attentive and listening to what they are saying.

11. Have plenty of sleep and do not forget anything important:

You must have enough sleep and feel fresh before going for the interview. One night before the interview, sleep well, eat well and feel free and happy.

Not just this but also yawning in front of the interviewer never puts up a great impression.

Also, do not consume alcohol the night before the interview. Avoid any spicy or rich garlic food before going for the cabin crew interview.

12. Keep calm during the storm:

Your mind should be calm. Despite being anxious is the law of nature but staying calm can only help you get success in the interview.

Getting nervous and anxious during the interview may lead you to lose your dream job.

If you know nothing of a particular question, just simply answer that you do not know. As positively giving a wrong answer also puts a bad impression.

13. Know your field of interest as well:

The interviewers are there to confuse you about what you want to do. As it is your first interview, they would certainly ask you about your plan so you should be sure of what you want to do.

Also, you should tell them about your field of interest. Let them know everything you know about your field in the interest you carry for the same.

14. What to wear during the interview:

What you wear is the first thing that reflects who you are. So, when you go for an interview, make sure you dress yourself up in a good manner.

manner here means dressing up formally. Do not wear danglers or shorts while you move for an interview.

For boys, they must not dress up funky as it may lead to a bad impression on the panelist. So, make sure you are dressed up formally.

15. Give a professional touch to your resume:

The resume is all that you have done or you might want to do. So, your resume should be professional.

The professional look of resume anyways attracts the panelist during the interview.

So, when you leave for the interview, make sure your resume well prepared just like you are, it will add a cherry on the cake and can help you in winning over the interview process.

16. Do not stay quiet, speak and make the process interactive:

The interview should be interactive. So, when you go for an interview, make sure you do not stay mum during the whole process. Try to give answers and also ask queries for the same.

Clearing all the doubts is a good thing and also it depicts confidence and your interest. The more you will interact, the more will your interview be good and interesting.

Also if the interviewers will tire of taking a lot of interviews, they will find interest in you and be happier asking the queries.

17. An eye to eye connection should be there:

Try and answer by looking into the interviewee’s eyes. This shows how confident you are. When you talk to them by looking into their eyes, you present yourself as confident.

So, try to communicate by looking into their eyes. Do not look at her there or down as it would show a lack of confidence in you.

18. Stay relevant during question answer round:

While you are answering the queries during the interview, make sure you stay relevant and properly answer the questions. Be concise and answer. Do not beat about the bush.

Always stick to the question asked to you. Do not go astray from the question asked to you. Not just this, also provide an example for whatever you answer.

When examples are given, the answer seems more authentic than without stating the examples.

Confidently say ‘yes’ and even if you say ‘no‘ it should depict how confident you are. The cabin crew job is all about the confidence you carry within yourself.

19. Do not lie at any cost:

When you lie, the panelist arises more questions on you and somehow answering many questions, you can belt out the whole truth.

So, before you get caught red handed, it is good not to lie at any cost. Say everything truly and be direct in your answers.

Even if you are shy of telling something, just say it. Do not shy or once you shy from anything, you may lose a chance to grab the best for you.

Dancing around the difficult question is not at all a good approach. If you do not have skill just tell the interviewer and do no try to cover it with silly lame answers.

20. A fast learner and an independent personality:

The cabin crew needs to be a quick and witty person. They need to have an independent personality too. So, these qualities are required by the company.

If you ask the question of what qualities required to become a successful cabin crew member, then you may reply to the qualities like independent nature, outgoing and charming personality, good communication and listening skills, alert and quite observant, strong and fearless too. So, you should define a cabin crew member with such qualities.

21. In the end, be thankful:

After you are done with the interview, just say thanks. Even if you think you would not get a positive response then also say thanks.

Being grateful is one of the best attitudes that one can portray especially when it comes to the interview purpose.

Saying a polite thanks will help you gain a good image as if you wish to again give the interview, you might be remembered for the same thankful nature.

So, not just thanks but also wishing the interviewers when you enter the room, will help you make a good impression.

Tips for Cabin Crew interview dress –

Women –

  1. Wear a suit
  2. A blouse with a jacket and skirt or slacks is best.
  3. Do not wear contrasting colors.
  4. Avoid opaque and printed stockings
  5. Blouses should be of cotton or silk in a neutral color with long sleeves.
  6. If you wear a skirt it should not be too tight or too short.
  7. The colors of choice are blue, black, gray, or brown.
    They should fit comfortably (not too tight), not be wrinkled or too distracting due to loud colors.
  8. A classic 34-inch square scarf that compliments the suit in color or pattern is good. Less color and fewer patterns are better – keep it simple.
  9. If you wear a light-colored suit, wear light-colored stockings.


  1. You should have clean and polished nails- not too long.
  2. The polish should be clear or neutral in color.
  3. Do not have long nails with a wild color or design.


  1. Your hair should be short, pulled back or up.


  1. Select a color that compliments your suit and handbag – Brown, black burgundy or navy.
  2. Pumps with 1 ½ inch heel are standard.
  3. Avoid open-toe shoes, high boots, stiletto heels, and white shoes.
  4. Be sure to have your shoes polished and shinned (rubbing-buffing with a clean cotton towel or soft-bristled brush will put a quick shine on them) and your heels intact.
  5. Wear leather shoes, avoid suede and light fabrics.


  1. Wear a shirt and tie or suit and tie.
  2. Wear dark colors like brown, blue, gray or black.


  1. It should be simple, avoid dark colors, monograms or french cuffs.
  2. Pale blue in cotton, white is preferred.


  1. Traditional silk
  2. Your tie should coordinate with your attire and try to avoid ties with images or designer logos.


  1. Select a color that coordinates with your suit usually dark gray, black, dark brown or dark blue.
  2. Ensure that they are long enough as to not expose your skin when you sit down.


  1. Ensure they are polished and shined
  2. Don’t wear boots – stick to dress shoes that coordinate with your attire.


It is better to be short with no facial hair.


So, above are some of the points that one should keep in mind while moving ahead for the cabin crew interview. It is not just for the cabin crew interview but if you want to have success over any of the interviews, then get the above mentioned qualities.

Once you prepare well for the interview, no one can stop you from getting what you want. So, before you move ahead for the interview, just make sure you are ready not in terms of outer personality but also in terms of inner one that includes your confidence and anxiety.