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Successful Job Interview: 24 Best Tips and Techniques


Does the thought of appearing for an interview scare you? Whether it is your first job interview or the last interview, you are constantly gripped with the fear of rejection or not performing well which has become a natural tendency for many interviewees. Interviews without any doubt have become an integral part of any job process. In today’s competitive world, no amount of degrees can get your job unless and until you crack the interview. Considering this vital importance of interviewing in the current competitive job market, we have jotted down some of the basic important points to be considered before appearing any job interview. For your easy understanding, the techniques and tips for a successful job interview have been summarized as below:

Successful Job Interview Tips Techniques

Successful Job Interview Tips and Tricks:

The following mentioned below are few interview tips and techniques that can help any candidate prepare for an interview.

1. Do your research well in advance before going for interview:

Interview preparation is the key to a successful interview. The interview process is nothing more than a conversation where the candidate is supposed to sell one self. You can sell yourself only when you are confident for what you are selling. So it is rather important to know the products, services, customers of the company well in advance.

2. Dress up in professional attire before interviewing in order to leave that first impression:

Being well dressed is a beautiful form of politeness and the first thing that will be noticed when you walk in for an interview. Moreover being well dressed gets you into the correct posture for an interview and helps in being more confident. Most importantly, in the workplace, the way you dress affects how others perceive you. Dressing for a interview plays a key role during the hiring process.

3. Always be on time for the interview:

The thumb rule, never ever get late for an interview. Being on time is a very important factor that deciphers your seriousness and approach towards life. It gives an idea of your lifestyle and punctuality. Understand that time is money. Being late for the interview might even get you rejected before the actual interview starts.

4. Show your street smartness in an interview:

Being street smart shows your analytical skills. When interviewer starts playing with you, show your smartness and start playing the game. Showing street smartness shows that you are ready to survive in the competitive world and can deal with all the hurdles coming along the path. This is an important job interview tip to follow.

5. Consume glucose or enough liquid before you appear for an interview:

Sugar is the food for brain and glucose is an instant source of energy. The brain needs oxygen for its neurons to work sharply and consuming glucose will actively release the oxygen and immediately electrify your brain cells which will reduce nervousness. Moreover, drinking water helps you calm down. So make sure you drink enough water or if possible, carry a water bottle along with you.

6. Fake it till you make it:

Nothing is more important than confidence. Don’t be afraid because everyone is playing a role and wearing a mask. Knowledge is important but being confident is the basic necessity for a successful interview. So even if you start feeling low at some point or other in the course of the meeting, remember to be confident and just try your best, no matter what.

7. Always be open for a discussion:

This is one of the ways wherein you can convince your interviewer that you are open for various discussion including salary, time-shift, office location, travel etc. Once you get selected, these things can be manipulated to a certain degree after showing your performance. The health discussion also develops the trust factor between both of you and induces a sense of security.

8. Carry a positive approach while going for an interview:

Being positive in any interview is very much important. Interviewers are on the lookout of hiring people who are positive and will easily fit in. Never ever speak ill about your previous company, colleagues or bosses. The positive approach will take you far in the selection process of any interview.

9. Always remember to take care of your body language:

We all know that “Action speaks louder than words”. Same goes when you are in for an interview. Verbal language represents only about 7% of what we are communicating. The remaining 93% is up to your body and tone. So, focusing on how to speak rather than what to tell is a priority during an interview. If your body language fails to impress, you will not bag the job.

10. It is now time to adopt the art of mirroring technique:

Mirroring is the practice of adopting another person’s behaviors’, mannerisms, and ways of speaking and is an important technique which is widely used in the world of psychology as a mean to gain trust. By mirroring the moments, tones and gestures of interviewer you are basically communicating to develop the trust and maintain that much-needed rapport. The art of mirroring takes time so it is important you start practicing the basic guidelines of this art well before you decide to go for it in your next interview.

11. Listening carefully to the interviewer is the key to crack that much awaited job interview:

Listening is just as important as answering questions during the interview and a very important skill which will assist you to read in between the lines because sometimes what is not said is just as important as what is said. Listening helps you understand the expectations of the interviewer and then you can react accordingly. Active listening, therefore, play a very crucial role in a job interview.

12. Answer what is asked:

It is very necessary to answer what is asked so, make sure you answer properly even if you need a few moments silence to collect your thoughts. Never manipulate or waffle. Make sure you understand what is being asked. If you don’t know the answer straight away say that you don’t know rather than waffling.

13. Prepare thoroughly for the most common job interview questions asked in every interview:

There are some very common questions which are asked in almost every interview, irrespective of the job that you have applied for. So, it is very necessary and important that you keep yourself ready with answers for this most commonly asked questions. Some of the most common questions to ask at an interview are listed as below –

  • Can you tell me a little about yourself?
  • What do you know about the company?
  • What are your strengths and weakness?
  • Why do you want this job?
  • Why should we hire you?

14. Give specific examples for everything you explain:

Giving specific answers make the process smooth and simpler for you. Be ready with examples highlighting your success and achievements which make you stand out from the crowd. An example is something that will give credibility to your explanation and make you stand out amongst the crowd.

15. Maintaining eye contact is more important than you think:

Eye contact demonstrates confidence. It is an important non-verbal way of communicating during an interview. Making the right amount eye contact in an interview can make the difference whether you successfully snag the job. Always remember that while making eye contact, avoid the sudden change in eye contact and remember eye contact remains consistent throughout the interview without turning into an awkward glare.

16. Try to build rapport with the recruiter:

It is a very natural human tendency of human beings that they end up hiring people they like. So when you go for an interview your goal should be to transition the interview into more of a conversation so you get the chance to maintain that much-needed rapport. Some of the meaningful topics of relevance to build rapport during an interview include current events of the company or industry, challenges of the position and challenges the company faces and information about your contact.

17. Recognize that you have a tough competition out there:

It is very important to consider your job interview as a competition because this is the place where you will be compared to other candidates who have applied for the same job. So prepare well for the competition like you do before you appear for any other competition.

18. Analyze the job description thoroughly before going for interview:

The job description is the basic outline of the work profile wherein the expectations of the job are communicated. So, analyzing and studying the job description tells you what is expected of you on the job. Once you understand this, it is easier for you to prepare accordingly.

19. Be very careful about what you say:

Constantly complaining is bound to show you in rather negative light. Do not end up saying something you don’t mean to say. In order to appear rather professional it is better that you do not stoop too low and begin discussing all your personal or domestic matters. Remember never to lie or stretch the truth.

20. Interview for as much as you can:

Don’t stay focused and apply only for jobs that match your search criteria. This will limit your job search possibilities and chances to find the right job. Moreover appearing for interviews will get you acquainted with the new trends, positions, and opportunities, your perspectives will shift, and you will see new paths that you were previously unaware of. This will also boost your confidence for appearing for interviews.

21. Know your rights as an interviewee:

The biggest problem that leads to lower levels of self-confidence during a job interview is that the interviewee is unaware of his basic rights as an interviewee. What were once standard questions on an application form or during an interview such as age, marital status, and religious views are now illegal under discrimination legislation as employers can’t judge candidates on the basis of these factors. Right at the onset, establish yourself to be a no nonsense person. If you are easy going and vulnerable then people are bound to take you for a ride and cheat you. So, be alert at all times.

22. Decipher your best etiquette and manners:

In today’s times, it is tough to find people who are well mannered. When you go for an interview, you must show yourself to be someone who is always mindful of your manners. If your manners are bad, no one will respect you. Remember it is vital that you are an absolute delight before the recruiter and do not forget to use the golden words at the right time. Always remember to greet your interviewer before and after leaving. Finally, thank your interviews for their precious time which is a basic interview etiquette.

23. Do not forget to ask questions from your end during interview:

Asking question is an important opportunity to dig out valuable information about the company that might be helpful in your further interview process and is an indication that you are in the conversation, too. The questions you ask also indicate your interest in the company or the job you applied for and also decipher your enthusiasm. It also assures the interviewer that you are knowledgeable and have come prepared for the interview.

24. Always remember to follow up after you are done with the interview:

It is very much important to remind your interviewer either through the mail or call in order to show your seriousness. This way, it is bound to increase your chances of getting considered for the selection process. This is the final chance to market yourself and make sure not to miss it out at the last moment.

The bottom line of this article is to follow these simple tips and techniques and your interview success rate will surely go up dramatically. So pull up your socks and boost your confidence with this essential interview techniques and tips. So try to stay focused and drive off any potential jitters and start preparing for your next interview.

Get Going! Good Luck for all the future interviews!