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How to Be More Charming – 36 Best Tips to be Liked By All


Everyone wishes to be appreciated at some point of time in their lives by the people around them. It may be from their peers, loved ones, family members, etc but at times they may not find the true appreciation and respect they seek as people may ignore or not give them the importance they are looking for.

One problem would be the personality they carry and present to the others which may not be charming enough. But what does a charming personality really mean and how to be liked by all? Following mentioned are few traits and qualities of a charming person.

How to Be More Charming

Charming Personality:

The word ‘charming’ means having a power to please or attracting someone else to you and ‘personality’ means the qualities that the person’s character possesses. Hence, if an individual has the ability or the charm to bring someone close to them or keep them interested in things they wish to share, then they can be said to have a charming personality. But what makes a person charming? What are the qualities a charming person possesses? How can a person be more charming?

Traits and Qualities of a Charming Person:

1. Sincere Behavior:

For a person to call themselves charming in the eyes of others, they need to be trustworthy. They need to gain trust in the other person’s eyes and it can be achieved only when the person actually deserves the trust.

The best way to do is just be you and be real about the ongoing facts around. People feel good when the person is honest and they tend to engage more around such a charming individual.

2. Speaks Confidently:

A person who is confident is charming; it is as simple as that. Such people gain a sense of confidence and discipline in their tone while they speak to another person.

3. Attentive:

Charming people often get the person in front of them to agree on saying “Yes” to something even if there isn’t any question asked. They aren’t bullies and are even one hundred percent concentrated and attentive on things which are being spoken.

4. Patient:

It is important to know that speaking all the time does bring charm and praise but staying silent at times even if it is awkward can help gain positivity, this is how charming people are. They only speak when it is appropriate and when it is needed and stay patient and wait for their turn.

5. Positive attitude:

No matter what the situation is, charming people always stay and have a positive attitude. They do not react towards negative feedback and allow criticisms to affect their life.

6. Inquisitive in nature:

It is important for a charming person to be inquisitive and be interested in what other people are doing and what they want to say. Being inquisitive also shows that the individual is concerned about the person in front of them once they start asking them questions.

7. A people person:

A people person means that the individual loves to speak to the other people face to face in real life and have an enthusiastic conversation. They do not prefer conversing with them only through gadgets. Hence, a charming person is a people person.

8. They don’t pass any Judgment:

Charming people do not instantly look forward for identifying the true character of the person in front or criticize them for the mistakes they have made. They know that general people do not like such an individual who has a firm and rigid behavior.

9. Not looking for unnecessary attention:

A person desperately looking out for attention can actually irritate or anger the opposite person to a great extent. Charming people stay away from such behavior and they adopt a more friendly behavior and are considerate to what people wish to share with them.

10. Do not take everything very seriously:

Charming people always have an attitude to laugh and smile over any kind of mistakes which have been pointed out to them or engage in the humor happening around. These people increase their level of openness with that charming individual.

11. No Procrastination:

Procrastination means not performing or doing something which could have been accomplished today, instead moving and moving it to another day. A person with a charming personality stays away from such a negative quality and takes immediate action to perform any decisions.

12. Open Mind:

Charming people have an open mind. They invite ideas and help their network grow rather than acting stubborn and shun off any new ideas coming their way. Such positive people are appreciated by others.

13. Praising others:

It is important to even give out compliments to others in the same way as accepting compliments from others. Genuine praise comes from charming people and they acknowledge a good action performed by someone else.

14. They make a solid first impression:

In the first few moments itself while meeting new people, others can judge that individual and come to a decision of that person’s personality. Charming people always focus on making a solid first impression and make the person genuinely appreciate them. They show the right body language, have a definite posture, firm handshake and have a smile on their face.

15. Kindness:

Charming individuals always want to show an act of kindness to the other people around them. Such people believe in performing a good deed to someone without having an expectation of getting something back in return.

16. Stay calm even in tough situations:

Even though the current situation may be a positive or a negative one, charming people continue to maintain their calm and cool. They know that it is the best and most efficient way to react in such situations.

17. Remembering the person’s name:

A person would love to know that someone who they know or have met remembers their name and it is their own distinctive identity. When the individual itself recollects and remembers the name, then they charm people while they converse with them.

18. Don’t cry about failures:

Charming people believe that it is best to learn from the mistakes and failures they have made rather than thinking about it every time. The opposite person will appreciate and admire that the person is only looking forward for growth in their life and not letting their failures mentally affect their life.

19. High Consideration for the opposite person:

The person with a charming personality will always be considerate to the person sitting in front of them. They consider that person as the most important person in the world and hence they will value the time and give them the proper attention.

20. Right person to open up to:

Charming people know the perfect person they will open up to and they know the right time to do it. They do not mention or share any of their personal life problems with others and always go for a person who is honest to share their opinions and help the individual grow in life.

How to Develop a Charming Personality?

1. Do not constantly rely on complaints:

Always know that any excuse such as a complaint isn’t required for a person to begin a conversation. This shows them as a negative person in someone else’s eyes. So always give a positive comment rather than complaining.

2. Make the opposite person feel as an expert:

Ask the opinion of the front person in a firm and affirmative manner so that they can sound as an expert in that field. This also helps them in knowing that the person is willing to learn.

3. Introducing others in a thoughtful way:

The individual should introduce the person they appreciate in a positive and thoughtful manner to someone else especially if it is a meet for the first time.

4. Stay interested in the person even if they get interrupted:

People tend to get interrupted for a number of reasons if they are sharing some part of their life with someone. So when they are free once again, pick the conversation up once again where it was left off.

5. Stay cool during an awkward silence:

It is important to stay calm and cool during the entire conversation and not try and fill up any kind of silence.

6. Do not ignore the person with whom you began the conversation:

For any kind of situation, never ignore or ditch the first person with whom you initiated speaking. Always make an effort to keep conversing with them or introduce them to someone you have recently met.

7. Always accept a positive compliment:

Whatever compliment may have been passed by to you, always accept and appreciate it. This brings a positive feeling within the moods of all the concerned people around.

8. Keep silence whenever needed:

There isn’t any need to interrupt the person speaking at that moment. It is even important to stay quiet and rest the tongue when someone else is speaking. This relaxes the facial muscles which reduces the urge to further interrupt.

9. Do not get distracted by the mobile phone:

Speaking to someone and at the same time being distracted with the cell phone shows a very bad impression. Even if the person isn’t looking or typing on it, it tends to get distracting. So best would be to keep it in the bag or a pocket.

10. Speak about the ideas, not about people:

If the person is currently struggling to find a particular topic to speak about then divert to an idea or things rather than focusing on people. This reduces the level of social interactions as well as any unnecessary gossiping.

11. Pay attention to your responses:

It is important to respond appropriately even though the person may not be paying attention to what has recently been spoken. Respond thoughtfully so that it doesn’t sound rude.

12. Provide a general compliment whenever necessary:

The person should give out a general compliment for someone else whenever they are presented with such a chance. It may be a co-worker, friend or colleague. It helps in telling that the person is awesome and they are liked by everyone.

13. Keep asking questions:

Asking relevant questions whenever the chance is presented is the best way to get to know the person sitting in front much better. This shows that the individual is interested in speaking to the opposite person.

14. Give the right amount of eye contact:

There are a number of eye contact techniques which may be weird and creep out the person sitting in front. So the person should bring out a fine balance between finding right type of eye contact. So eyes shouldn’t be unnecessarily widened nor should they be blinked constantly. Maintain the right eye contact and try and understand the conversation to a broader extent.

15. In a group, be attentive to every individual:

It is important to maintain the same level of eye contact on each and every individual present in a group. Show them the same level of attention and importance by addressing the right individual with the correct body language when there are many people present in front. It improves the confidence level within the individual.

16. Always say ‘Please’ and “Thank You”:

No matter who the conversation is with, whether the boss, a partner, a friend, a family member or even a common man always use these two golden words. It shows the true quality of being polite and makes everyone realize that you are genuinely a nice person. Also remember that while saying it, do not say it in a rude way as people will not appreciate it.

Remember that everyone isn’t born with a charming personality; we have to keep on building and growing it as we progress in our lives. If we really want a charming personality, we need to make the right decisions in our life and take the opportunities whenever we are presented with it. The charming personality once acquired doesn’t come to standstill. We have to continue to try and find ways to keep on improving it and ensure that we acquire the character that we truly expect in our lives.