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Marissa Mayer CV Lessons That Will Inspire You


Marissa Mayer is recognized as one of the most successful proud businesswomen in the world today. Her powerful position as CEO of Yahoo has gained her recognition for her amazing CV which she has put together. Marissa Mayer CV has been admired by a large number of professionals as well as social media networking sites such as LinkedIn.

Marissa Mayer CV

Image credits: enhancv

About Marissa Mayer CV:

Marissa Mayer has taught some lessons to a large number of professionals in the world through her well-structured CV. By glancing and reading Marissa Mayer CV, people can understand and get an idea of Mayer’s personality and the skills that she possesses. In her one-page CV, she has focused on keeping the content in her CV as simple as possible. Let us now understand how she has designed her CV.

1. Structured Information:

Mayer has focused on mentioning the information in her CV in an effective and careful manner. She has kept the concept of a modern CV in her mind and avoided any kind of long boring paragraphs. She has focused on keeping all the paragraphs short as possible and has divided her information basically in three parts;

  • Some of the headers have only a single sentence within them.
  • More than 50 percent of the entire CV is self-explanatory in nature.
  • And the final 25 percent of the Marissa Mayer CV contains diagrams, pie charts, graph scales, etc.

2. Draw the reader’s attention:

Having well structure and well-defined information will bring a positive feeling amongst the readers also. It will be easier for the reader to glance at the information and quickly absorb it. As the CV even contains graphs in it, this would help in making the reader more attentive. Their present, as well as future engagement, would also increase.

3. Content choice:

The design, as well as the structure of the CV, would be the starting point to make it amazing. But the next key thing to consider would be to have an appropriate choice of content. The better the choice of content is, the higher will be the impact of the CV on the reader. Mayer has further suggested that some parts of the content should also include pie charts. For example, Marissa Mayer CV includes a pie chart explaining how she spends her day-to-day life.

Lessons for Content Marketers from Marissa Mayer CV:

Mayer suggests a clear set of lessons which every content marketer should know. She says that the design, as well as the content of the CV, needs to go hand in hand. The CV should have an engaging design and at the same time, the content in it should fascinate the reader.

  1. They should have an appropriate choice of quotation in the CV which would make it blend well with the design of the CV.
  2. The strength that the person has included in their CV should be present in a way which would catch the eye of the reader. For example, instead of listing all the key strengths pointwise, the person can have a pie chart to describe all their strengths with their different percentages.
  3. The main thing for every content marketer is to get their message across to the other person. Content marketers normally use infographics to get the information and message across to the other person. But Mayer has suggested that infographics should also include a presentable design, elements, and a well-defined structure.
  4. Always consider three very important things before making the CV; the information included in it, the intent of including the information and the audience reading it.
  5. And finally, the content in the CV should have a strong impact and be presented well for the reader.

The Layout of Marissa Mayer CV:

For a person to have their CV resemble the CV of Marissa Mayer, there are a number of tools available on the Internet to design such a modern CV. The tool Marissa used for creating her CV is called ‘Enhancv.’ This has made her, present the content in a better way for readers. She has presented her CV in the following manner.

  1. Her name is written at the top of the page in bold font along with 4 to 5 words to describe her professional role in the workplace. She has also added the humor element in her CV by calling herself a “Proud Geek.”
  2. Her social media profile accounts such as her E-mail ID and her Tumblr account have been mentioned below her name. It is followed by her place of birth.
  3. Marissa has given importance for her CV headshot. It is charming and presentable adding a professional look to it.
  4. She has given a lot of importance to her past work experience as the first key pointer in her CV. Almost 30% of her CV talks about her work experience. She says that past work experiences should be given due importance as it lets the reader know what the person has accomplished in their past and their true potential for the future. She has mentioned every role she has taken charge of Yahoo and Google.
  5. She talks about how she spends an average day in her life. This would include the way she spends time with her family in her free time. It makes the reader understand that even outside the professional world, how busy as a person Mayer is.
  6. Her life philosophy just believes in a single quote which she believes in thoroughly and stands by it every single day.
  7. Next, she mentions some of the achievements she is proud to have accomplished in her life. It talks about the courage, presence of mind, loyalty and what is it feels like to be a proud inspiration for a number of women in the tech industry.
  8. She has included a few of her key strengths she actually thinks has an impact on her life. It includes some of the skills she is actually good at. This doesn’t confuse the reader as they would exactly understand what the candidate is trying to present.
  9. She knows three languages well and has mentioned them along with a rating besides every language. Each language is rated out of five to let the reader know how well she knows that language.
  10. She mentions her education qualifications at the end. Education qualifications are an important inclusion in the CV and hence she has mentioned it at the end which doesn’t let the reader miss out on it.

This Marissa Mayer CV structure helps in making other professionals understand different ways for them to design their CV in the future.

Tips for Amazing CVs:

Despite the design of her CV, Mayer has suggested people exclude some of the points in their own CV. She lets professionals know about it and mentions a number of tips which they should and shouldn’t consider while making their CV. Some of the important points  mentioned below;

Things to do:

1. A stand out CV:

The most important thing that a person needs to do is to make such a unique CV that it stands out from any other ordinary CV. The content and structure of the CV should be eye-catching for the recruiter. Having such a CV will at once impress the recruiter at the time of the interview. So, the CV should be simple but as classy as ever.

2. Easy to read:

It refers to the information as well as the entire layout of the letter. There should be no complicated language used in the letter which may confuse. The structural layout of the letter should be easy for others to read. It should contain a list of all the important skills that the person possesses. All the important headings should have a bold font so that there is more simplicity.

3. Quality Headshot:

The person needs to paste or attach a headshot along with their CV. Using a headshot of high quality will instantly make the CV look amazing and attractive for any person to read. While attaching the headshot, the person should remember to attach a headshot adding the required professional look. Professionalism is needed at every level in the workplace and it begins from the person’s CV itself.

4. Highlighting Accomplishments:

Every individual will have some major as well as minor accomplishments in their lives. The individual needs to highlight all the key accomplishments they have achieved in their career in the CV. Mayer further suggests that it isn’t just important to list the accomplishments where the person has done something in their life. It is also important to list ways of how they have contributed or helped towards achieving certain common objectives.

Things to avoid doing:

1. Avoid bringing in doubts:

There may have been a time in a person’s career where they may have faced certain problems or challenging situations which they couldn’t face or accomplish. Such situations shouldn’t be mentioned in the CV. When such ‘shadows‘ are mentioned, the person reading the CV would start raising doubts in their mind. They would start to think that the candidate is hiding a secret about their life. Instead of mentioning shadows, the person should choose something positive and different to impress the reader.

2. Do not include common phrases:

Most of the CVs contain phrases commonly used by every individual. For having a unique CV and increase the chances of getting the job, the person should exclude any kind of common and indirect phrases. For example, under the heading, Strengths, the person shouldn’t use “hard-working” as a phrase. The phrase should be replaced which make it much more specific. The recruiter knows that every other person who has applied for the job is hardworking and hence a better phrase should be used in its place.

3. Don’t talk about personal time:

The professional work environment has been set up, for one thing, to complete the given task within the assigned time limit and deadline. The employer wouldn’t be interested to know how the person spends their personal time and life outside the workplace. So do not mention it in the first place in the CV. It isn’t important for the person to know what the person does in their free time, how their family is, etc. Never divert away from the main professional aspect of the CV.

4. Exclude any irrelevant details:

The person should always know the level of job they are applying for and accordingly re-structure their CV. For example, if the person is applying for the job of a CEO, they shouldn’t mention the skills they possess in the kitchen such as cooking. It is important to eliminate any of the non-related tasks towards the job. Women should also take care of eliminating any kind of irrelevant details not pertaining to the job. The reader should know that the individual is entirely professional and not taken lightly in the workplace.

5. Avoid giving a detailed history regarding past work experiences:

Modern CVs often begin with listing past work experiences the person has had. All the work experience information is gigantic and so detail that it takes nearly 25% of the whole CV. Such a representation of the work experience doesn’t make it eye-catching at all. So instead of putting the work experience first, the person can begin by listing their accomplishments which makes the CV much easier to read. The reader should understand the impact and contribution that brought to the company by hiring such an individual.

Marissa Mayer CV finally suggests the individuals keep their CV as professional as they can. She strongly suggests in eliminating some of the things she has put in her CV for someone else who wants a simple CV. Through a CV, the reader should be aware and know more about the contribution the person can add to their company. Such an individual can be important in bringing the organization to the next level.