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50 Most Boring Jobs in the World Revealed


When you get up in the morning and get depressed about going to the office day after day, it is the clearest sign that your job is one of the most boring jobs in the world. Though, at some point of the time, everyone feels boredom at work.

Most Boring Jobs

Boredom is often not taken seriously and the ones who get stuck up doing the same mundane work repetitively feels as if one day they will die doing this mind-numbing job. This is the reason unhappiness, irritation, and anger crawl into life and affects the potential of the individual. But even the boring job is pulled off well when one is paid enough incentives for it.

Money and other social perks can trick our mind to drain even the last bit of energy for your whole life happily, as money softens boredom.

Apart from your job, let us reveal to you in which sectors the most boring job prevails. According to a study by an employment specialist company which surveyed 1300 professionals from 14 sectors, following were the statistics:

List of Most Boring Careers:

1. Legal Jobs:

81 % of people in legal jobs find themselves bored doing the same type of work all the time. Legal jobs specifically require a lot of paperwork, many terms and conditions, and varied policies have to be studied to find the loophole and serve the client. Even filling different forms with the essential information of the client is a dull job, and still, any inaccuracies cannot be bared which pressurizes the brain even more and making it a tedious job.

2. Project Management:

78% of individuals involved in the project management are grouchy about the lack of thrill and excitement in their job.

3. Support functions:

71% of the lot, suffers and struggles with boredom. Support requires waiting for a problem to occur in the first place and thereafter dealing with the problems which are usually similar in nature. Dispensing the annals of history for many times in line adds on to the monotony.

4. Finance Control:

Those balance sheet and other income statements are taking a toll out of 68% individuals in the finance control jobs. The figures seem to wither them with unending ennui.

5. Consulting and accounting:

The people have to see more than numbers and help their clients understand each and every report. They are associated with end number of tasks of accounting for a business firm. 67% of these leaders of virtual accounting and bookkeeping services find their job tedium.

6. Financial services and Banking:

People working in this sector have to fill up a form for even the minutest work. Everything needs to be on the books making the task mundane for 67% people.

7. Engineering:

Not only the world finds the engineers boring, but 64% of engineers themselves, find their job quite dull.

8. Sales:

Persuading the same product with the same idea or with a different idea can be very boring. Persuasion is not an easy task and that too over and over again because of which 61% of people in this area find it lackluster. But for sale, it is a vital step for the people involved in the selling sector.

9. Marketing and communication:

Putting a hullabaloo show to are very stressful and 60% of the respondents find their job boring.

10. IT:

The job in this stream generally requires a lot of time and dedication continuously. Therefore, 56% of the people who were the part of the study from this sector deem it very dull to exist.

This statistic clearly depicts that people doing legal jobs are most of the time dissatisfied with the outcome their jobs give them. They are least happy with their jobs while the IT people seem to be less prone towards this dullness. But boredom is just the cobweb made by our mind if you are in a job which you like.

However, some jobs always seem boring and tedious, these are explicitly mentioned below. So if you are looking to change your job, avoid taking these most boring jobs in the world.

List of Most Boring Jobs or Careers in the World:

1. Costume Character Entertainer:

Have you ever wondered how difficult would be for the person who dresses up like Bheem, Mickey Mouse, Doremon and other cartoon characters in malls and in birthday parties to conduct their job? Carrying such a big dress and surviving within layers of foam, jumping and dancing all the time to bring smiles all around is a tough job. Doing this daily is not only boring but tiring too.

2. Security Guard especially the night guards:

Sitting awake whole night like an owl and guarding the building or colony against the trespassers is the most boring job in the world. It is very hard to resist waking up at night especially when the whole world is fast asleep, sleep is even more provoked.

3. Teacher:

How we love our teachers to be so patient in tolerating us? But have you thought how tedious would be for her to teach the same subject years and following the syllabus? Also, adding more hardships to the job is assessing the answer sheets of so many students at regular intervals.

4. CallCenter Executive:

The first reaction listening to the voice of a call center executive’s regular call is disconnecting the call or just cursing them for disturbing again and again. So this job is exceptionally tiresome; speaking, those same plans and lines to all the customer and listening merciless comments and that too without even completing the sentence.

5. Garbage Collector:

Collecting garbage from each household and office daily or in regular intervals is not at all an interesting job. On one hand, it is humiliating and frustrating and on the other, the mistreatment of people makes it soul-crushing job as well.

6. Housekeeping and Cleaning:

Cleanliness is said to be Godliness but thinks about the person who has to clean, wash and reassemble the things daily. It is, in fact, the most annoying job to clear the litter and make the house or the hotel room or the office places back into normal shape. Being a thankless job often creates boredom and even demotivates the person doing it.

7. The baggage Counter guy:

Taking the baggage and giving a token against it and when you return taking the token and returning the baggage. This is the timeline of a person who works at the baggage counter and you must have got an idea about the monotony of the job.

8. Liftman:

Going up and coming down for the whole day. This is the most loved game of kids and all of us in our childhood notoriously moved up and down in the lift whenever we got a chance to sneak into a lonely lift. We liked it since we did it for a short period of time but the liftman has to do it daily as long as he is in the job. How painfully boring?

9. Computer program Coder:

When a coder works on an application or software he goes in some different phase working on a computer for hours and hours. It is a mundane task and the programmer becomes nothing less than a heartless robot. But money does wonders, so each programmer though considers his the most boring job, continues to do it for his whole life.

10. Truck Drivers:

If you think, that you also drive for long hours then how only truckers job comes in this mind-numbing list. The difference is simple they have travel 24/7 to earn their living while we do only for a few minutes. Driving on the same routes and gawking the road continuously while balancing steering can make anyone sleep with eyes open. But hats off to the truck men who keep themselves motivated.

11. Dishwasher:

Who likes to clean the soiled utensils of others? The hands also get weary doing this job but the stigma attached to this job is the low payments which make it frustrating to do it. Utensils keep on piling up making it a never-ending affair and monotonous as well.

12. Nanny:

Taking care of a little one is not only dreary but tiresome as well. Children are full of energy and give their nannies a tough battle to win. However intelligent and patience enduring you maybe, kids know how to snatch peace out of your life and annoy you to a level you break. Dealing with the everlasting tantrums for food and anything useful for them makes it even more unexciting job.

13. Accountant:

When digit four and nine seem similar, you can pre-assume that the person has been banging his head to match the balance sheet for hours. Accounting says, debit what comes in and credit what goes out but nobody tells the other version, which is boredom is what comes in and annoyance is what goes out while you do this job.

14. Data Entry:

People deem that data entry job is the easiest job but for those who do it for hours together it is a ritual which not only is taxing for eyes but for the brain as well. Seeing the texts and figures and writing it on the computer is like counting piece rice grains you eat daily. Rarely creative, data entry drains the brain and even the interest of doing such a work.

15. Factory line worker:

The workers who work in a factory doing the same allocated job for a long time makes the work dull. This is the reason that these workers resort to teas, tobacco and many other alternatives to keep their brain engaged.

16. Parking lot attendant:

While you had all the fun at the mall, the person who looks after the parking lot was busy taking the money and giving tickets to the people and then waiting for the people to come. There are no exciting activities in the parking lot, so those who manage them sitting underground, guarding your vehicles find it hard to control their yawn.

17. Musicians in the restaurant:

You must be thinking that how come musicians who are doing the work they like to be boring? But see the other side of the coin every artist needs appreciating crowd but the musicians who perform in restaurants usually get a very cold response. All the guests of restaurants are busy eating and enjoying with friends and family, treating the musician as a machine playing in the background.

18. Receptionist:

Smiling, greeting, coordinating and handling that same old front office daily is very tedious. The person cannot leave the place and also must be always smiling. Killing all the internal emotions and faking a smile is more tormenting than it looks.

19. Social Media Likers:

When social media has become a platform from which nobody is spared, business managers are using it to generate more footfall to their page. This has given rise to social media likers who not only generate likes but escalate followers and views too.

tiYou may be pondering that checking out Facebook and liking the pages is the job you would do easily any day but think that you have to do that daily and in a continuous fashion.

20. Photo Tagging:

Many people don’t even know that this kind of job exists. The person doing this job segregates and tags different photos uploaded by miscellaneous users. In most of the cases, you are supposed to tag five pictures in a minute by seeing the picture and categorizing it. Sounds Easy? Try categorizing your personal photos for half an hour you will get an answer.

Most Boring Professions:

Working with Pleasure

Working with pressure

Though both of them rhyme well, they completely have 2 different meanings, in simple words are contradicting to each other.

If you work on what interest you, you will not only enjoy your job but perform exceptionally well. On the other hand, if your job doesn’t interest you then very soon you will feel it boring and less challenging.

A majority of people working feel their job as passionless and only continue it, to meet their needs or to pay their bills. The best way to get rid of it is to quit as soon as possible and find a job which you like. By doing this you don’t even need to compromise on your job satisfaction.

Here we are listing some of the other most boring professions in the world right now. Some of these jobs though they offer some good salaries to job seekers, they might not provide any growth or satisfaction at any cost in the long run. Decide by yourself before you decide to take up any of these jobs.

Other Really Boring Jobs You Can Do:

  1. Social Media “Likers.”
  2. Fire Checker.
  3. Scanned Documents Typist.
  4. Questionnaire Coder.
  5. Paint Watcher.
  6. Manual Un-subscriber.
  7. Canal Guard.
  8. Car Park Ticket Dispenser
  9. Waking Night.
  10. Soil Infiltration Tester.
  11. Paper Counter.
  12. Box Maker.
  13. Toll Booth Operator.
  14. Disney World Ride Attendant.
  15. Sausage Flipper.
  16. Sign Holder/ Human Sign.
  17. Step Attendant.
  18. Tour Guide Operator.
  19. Trophy Polisher.
  20. Post Opener.
  21. Envelope Sticker
  22. Envelope Stuffer.
  23. Night Security Guard.
  24. Washing Powder Weigher.
  25. Beetroot Pickling Line Cleaner.
  26. Almond Grader.
  27. Box Packer.
  28. Un-stapler
  29. Stapler.
  30. Fax Operator.
  31. Label Sticker.
  32. Tablet Picker.
  33. Bitumen Tester.
  34. Cheese Slicer.
  35. Pork Scratching Spotter.
  36. Milk Bottle Squeezer.
  37. Printer Paper Feeder.
  38. Bookmark String Threader.
  39. Frozen Pea Tester.
  40. Lift operator


There is a very famous saying, “ the grass is always greener on the other side”, so most of the people find their job boring while see others job oozing with energy and excitement. But if you have to earn, you have to deal with boredom at work and do some efforts to make it a bit interesting.

These include giving yourself a target or reward for completing a hours job and something like that or take a break and re-energize yourself listening to a song or just decorate your desk. But if any of these or similar motivating efforts just end in vain and you feel uneasy working, it is time to change the job.