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Top 33 Lowest or Worst Paying Jobs in America


America is known as the land of opportunity. This being said, while it might be easy for you to find jobs in America, it does not necessarily mean you will be swimming in a pool of money by the end of your working life. Even though the population is ever rising, job opportunities? Not so much.

Lowest or Worst Paying Jobs in AmericaThere are a few worst careers or jobs in America where you will find yourself being handed out the short end of the stick.

These are sometimes compared to dead-end jobs where you can put in more working hours than the average American, yet you would be coming home with minimum wage.

Worst Paying Jobs in America:

The following mentioned is a list of lowest paying jobs in America that pays very low wages to its workers.

1. Gaming dealers:

Working in a casino seems like the perfect job for you. Why not? You get to play your favorite games, as well as make some money off of it. But being a gaming dealer isn’t all about games and hard cash.

Did you know you are required to go through a rigorous training school before you can become a gaming dealer? You are also required to stand throughout your entire shift. It is an extremely physically demanding job.

You may have thought it was all play and no work, but this job will get you a salary of $22,410 a year. Doesn’t seem so tempting now, does it? Well, this is one of the low paying jobs.

2. Animal Caretakers or Animal Trainers:

For those who love animals more than themselves, this job is a match made in heaven. An animal caretaker works for taking care of nonfarm animals or domestic animals such as dogs, cats, etc. You might even find yourself working in a zoo, an animal shelter, pet stores kennels or circuses.

The main job of an animal caretaker is to feed them, give them water, groom them, clean them as well as their shelters. The upside of this job you get to work with wonderful, loveable animals all day long.

The downside- you will only earn a low pay or mean salary of $22,370. But some people who are really into the job often find shelter in being able to care for animals, and do not really let the salaries affect them. Are you one of them?

3. Cooks (Fast Food Chains):

While most of these jobs require minimum education, they also require long working hours, especially on holidays. While most of your family and friends might be enjoying a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal, you would find yourself on the other side of the menu, serving them or even helping to prepare the dishes for them.

Many people working in food preparation find themselves working in real-time 40 hours a week jobs. However, if you have plans of working in the Hospitality department in the near future, it is a good idea to start by working in this job.

Food preparation and serving workers find themselves coming home with a $22,260 annual salary, while fast-food cooks only come home with an average of $18,780. Household cooks, on the other hand, earn the most, coming home with $27,840.

4. Hotel/Motel/Resort Desk Clerks:

Your main job as a hotel/motel/resort desk clerk will be to serve patrons. You will be in charge of assigning rooms to guests and ensuring they are overall happy with their stay.

You will also perform actions such as computing bills, being in charge of transactions, balancing accounts and collecting payments.

On average, a desk clerk earns about $21,960 annually. So next time, don’t think twice before tipping your desk clerk. They don’t make much anyways.

5. Dishwashers:

It has been noted that there are about half a million dishwashers in the United States. While training required for this job is minimum to nil, many people in this job see it as a stepping stone to their career in the restaurant business or hospitality business.

Dishwashers in America earn an average of $27,928 yearly.

6. Parking Lot Attendants:

Hollywood movies might give us the impression that parking lot attendants get to drive the fanciest cars, get hefty tips and have a cushy job.

But in reality, it is far from that. There is definitely a difference in driving someone else’s Ferrari to own your own; a dream which often remains just that- a dream. This job doesn’t pay much and can be very demanding.

On average, parking lot attendants earn about $28,000. It is a fine job if you are looking to work part-time to supplement your salary, but as a full-time job, not so much.

7. Personal Care Aids:

Personal care or health care workers mainly work with elderly or disabled people in health care facilities. Even if their work is not deemed as very demanding physically, it can have an emotional toll on the workers.

Personal care aids job ranges from taking care of sick, injured or disabled people, changing their bandages, taking care of them, feeding them, cleaning them and even bathing and dressing patients.

They require to monitor the patients’ health status and report back periodically. Some amount of medical knowledge requires in this field of work.

There have even been cases of occupational hazards, where workers have had to deal with particularly disturbed, violent or mentally unstable patients, and have ended up injuring themselves.

It should be mentioned that even though personal care aids are responsible for administering health care to patients, they have no medical facilities or health care benefits. The mean salary of a personal care aid is $21,830. This is one of the low pay jobs in America.

8. Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners:

Your job as a maid or housekeeping cleaner will vary from making the bed, to cleaning the toilet, kitchen, in fact, the entire house! Once again, many entering this job see it as a stepping stone into the hospitality business.

But this is not an easy job, mind you. It is physically challenging and requires a certain amount of perfectionism. An average housekeeper or maid earns a salary of $21,820.

9. Cashiers:

This is one of the most commonly find job anywhere in the world. A cashier requires in almost every place you go- from a supermarket to a gas station, to clothing stores, etc. While most of the training is given to you on the job, you will require a basic understanding.

Ironically, even though this may seem like a low profile job, most crimes and violence have seen to have been shown on cashiers during robberies or crimes.

By the name cashiers, they do not look like low wage workers but that said, a cashier’s job will only get you an average of $19,000 annually.

10. Hosts and Hostesses:

While you almost always remember to tip your busboy or your waiter, many people ever remember to tip the Host or Hostess.

The job of a Host or Hostess in a restaurant will require you to greet guests, help them in finding a table, and sometimes even do the job of a cashier if required.

It should note that a Host or Hostess earns lesser than your average waiter. The mean salary of a host or hostess is $19,000.

11. Bartender:

This is another one of you’re sought after, all play and no work jobs. The reality behind this job is very different. Some bars require you to attend training on how to mix drinks and how to deal with customers.

Even though you might think your main job is to just make some cocktails, a bartender often has to deal with the weepy, unstable, sometimes even violent customers. Bartenders can easily get into brawls, as most of the customers will be, as you guessed it, drunk out of their minds.

A job as a bartender will get you an average annual salary of $21,630. And no, you are NOT allowed to drink while on the job!

12. Amusement Park and Recreation Attendants:

Who wouldn’t want to work at an amusement park! You are just sitting on rides all day and enjoying all the treats around you, right? Wrong. Turns out, amusement parks and recreation attendants have far more important jobs to do than sit around the rides all day.

The occupational hazards of this job are extremely high. Not only that, but you are also responsible for cleaning up after guests who have gotten sick after some ride.

Your average salary as an amusement park or recreation attendant will be $20,000. This is one of the low-income jobs.

13. Movie theatre ushers, ticket takers:

As a movie theatre usher or ticket taker, you get to watch all the free movies you want. But keep in mind, you will constantly interrupt in between your favorite scenes to clean up the mess someone made, or help the latecomers find their seats. Also, you would have to be okay with watching the same movie over and over again for a week.

But for a movie fanatic, that doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Movie theatre ushers and ticket takers usually earn an average annual salary of $21,000. But hey, free movies for life!

14. Motion picture projectionist: 

A motion picture projectionist requires to operate film projections, as well as inspect the quality of films. Motion picture projectionists can earn a salary of $21,600 annually.

15. Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Workers:

A laundry and dry-cleaning workers main job is to tend to the dry cleaning and washing machines. For this, you will be required to have adequate knowledge of the operations and machinery of the dry cleaning machines of the place you are working at.

You might employe at laundromats or larger institutions that provide laundry and dry cleaning services like hotels and hospitals.

As a laundry and dry cleaning worker, you will come home with an average annual salary of $21,540.

16. Manicurist and Pedicurist:

Working in the beauty industry is a dream for many women. While some women have a natural talent or knack for beauty, others need more training to work in this industry. Dolling up your customers and making them look pretty might seem like an easy and high paying job, but this is not the case sadly.

As a manicurist or pedicurist, you will be working exclusively with nails- all sorts of nail jobs including cutting, cleaning, shaping, filing, nail art, nail extensions, and the works. You may work in a salon or spa or even work independently.

But inclusive of your salary and tips, you will be earning an average of $21,440 annually. It seems like a low price to pay for helping someone look beautiful.

17. Child Care Workers:

To become a childcare worker, two qualities are of utmost importance; patience and love for children. A childcare worker is responsible for looking after children, feeding, bathing, playing with them, keeping them safe, and even helping them with their school work.

A childcare worker may appoint in school, hospitals, nursing homes, or even hire privately. But for the heavy-duty job of taking care of a child, you not paid your worth. As a childcare worker, you would be earning on average a salary of $21,310. It is a low wage job which deserves worth more.

18. Waiters and Waitresses: 

A waiter or waitress asks to wait on tables, look after patrons, take and bring orders to tables, and even take care of guests’ issues and problems. Often, people are rude to waiters and waitresses, but it will be part of your job to just smile, and let it go.

Any wrong conduct on your part will just get you to fire from the job. While this job requires a lot of physical labor, often you will not get time to sit or even have a glass of water during particularly busy days, you also require to work on holidays.

You will rely mostly on tips, and you even require to go the extra mile sometimes for those tips. Most waiters and waitresses paid in order of the shifts they take, earning a mean salary of $20,410 annually.

Lowest Paying Jobs in America: Profession Stress level Work-life balance Mean salary
1 Agricultural workers High Above average $28,704
2 Amusement Park and Recreation Attendants Below average Above average $20,000
3 Animal Caretakers or Animal Trainers Above average Above average $22,370
4 Bakers Above average Below average $28,548
5 Bartender High Below average $21,630
6 Cashiers Above average Above average $19,000
7 Child Care Workers High Below average $21,310
8 Cleaners of vehicles and equipment Above average Above average $27,976
9 Combined food preparation and serving workers, including fast food High Below average $18,780
10 Cooks (Fast Food Chains) High Below average $22,260
11 Dishwashers Below average Below average $22,932
12 Entertainment attendants and related workers Above average Above average $27,196
13 Food preparation workers High Below average $24,076
14 Food servers, non-restaurant Above average Above average $25,168
15 Gaming dealers High Above average $22,410
16 Hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists Above average Below average $28,340
17 Hand packers and packagers High Below average $25,740
18 Hosts and Hostesses High Below average $19,000
19 Hotel, motel, and resort desk clerks High Above average $21,960
20 Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Workers Above average Above average $21,540
21 Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners High Below average $21,820
22 Manicurist and Pedicurist Above average Above average $21,440
23 Motion picture projectionist Above average Above average $21,600
24 Movie theatre ushers, ticket takers Above average Above average $21,000
25 Nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides High Above average $26,832
26 Packaging and filling machine operators and tenders Low Above average $27,508
27 Parking Lot Attendants Low Above average $28,000
28 Personal appearance workers Above average Above average $27,196
29 Personal Care Aids High Above average $21,830
30 Refuse and recyclable material collectors Below average Above average $27,248
31 Sewing machine operators Low Above average $25,896
32 The dining room and cafeteria attendants and bartender helpers Below average Above average $21,630
33 Waiters and waitresses Above average Below average $20,410
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