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Common Interview Questions and Answers for Bartenders


Wanting to become a bartender? Have researched enough about the position but still don’t know how you should deal with the bartender interview questions during an interview? If you found yourself nodding to these bartending interview questions, then this post is perfect for you! In today’s article we are going to teach you how to handle bartender interviews, how to convince your boss you are the best in the business and some bartender tricks and tips that can help you get this job. So keep reading to find out.

interview questions for bartenders

Best Bartender Interview Questions

The following mentioned are few common bartender test questions and answers and few bartending tips.

1. Why would you like to work here?

Such questions will usually be the first to point out so it is important to know how to answer them. Having a good reason will be specific for a good establishment. And not like it is a good place on Saturday night and not that there will only be the people you are hiring at this point. You should always play to their ego and say that you like the style of the bar and have understood how well you can manage this. Let them know what you think of this service and how wonderful you think it would be for them to win. You must also mention that you are interested in working in an environment that is professional and one that makes you work hard and works better.

2. Do you prefer working in small or big groups?

If a question like this arrives, always remember that you have to answer smartly. You cannot at this point that you like to work in small groups. Always remember that if you want to work as a bartender you will have to be able to work in big groups and spend more time with the people. So when you are answering this question, make sure to say that you love being a part of big groups. Say that you are a versatile person and enjoy socializing. If you like both big and small groups, say that you are open to all kinds and don’t have a problem with any of them. That would help the interviewer understand you better.

3. Say more about yourself:

What the interviewer is expecting is something very simple, sweet and short. You should tell them where you are from, what you have been working towards and what you have done in order to get there. An example can be used to explain this. You can say that you are a student and that you are working towards a new degree and what your favourites are as a student etc. If you don’t have enough experience, you have to respond very quickly and express how you have learned throughout the years. You should be confident of the skills that you already have and offer a free shift or something.

4. Can you work in a stressful work environment?

Since bartenders are expected to work in environments that are stressful, you have to be able to handle these situations. So when a question like this is asked, make sure to answer with a positive person. Enlist your previous experiences and that you have worked in difficult environments before such as the one where you had to flip burgers but you would always start and end on time. That would help people understand that you are capable of dealing with stress easily.

5. What is the right way to make ‘Sex on the beach’ drink?

This question is quite tricky but you can easily handle it the right way. You should first of all know that there is literally no best way to make a Sex On The Beach. The drink has been there for way too long and it has such a cult following that no one will ever know the right recipe anymore. For this particular question, you have to listen to the bartender and what their answer will be. If your bartender makes a sex on the beach that is weak, or does not even know how to make one, these are some serious warnings for you.

6. Will you ever object towards taking a drug test?

This question could seem a little like it has an answer that is straight forward but honestly speaking, it does not. In fact, while we really don’t mean any sort of disrespect to Tom, the guy from the bar, this could seem a bit odd for the interviews of the bartenders. Yes you would like to get drug free employees to your workplace but since you have been running a bar, a drug test will not make much sense for sure.

7. What are the good and bad things about you as a bartender?

This is one tricky interview question you will surely hear when you are working as a bartender. But it could be answered perfectly if you know the right way to go about it. This could be the right time to brag about the things you are already good at. If you are good at making conversation, mention that. Say that you can deal with people easily and that solving problems for you is no big deal. You must also mention that you have a strong work ethic and that you are proud of the things you do. When you speak of your weaknesses, you should also remember to play your strengths. Say that you are full of ideas and you make mistakes but are working towards becoming better. You will learn with time.

8. How will you handle a difficult customer and difficult situations?

You should always have a good story ready about your first job. For example, the first job you had was about flipping burgers and that helped you save up for college. You should say that you would handle customers in a calm manner in difficult situations. You can speak to the customer and make a deal with them in advance according to their tastes. You also told them that as soon as you saw them come in, you could start making that special order with the next set of beef that you place on the groin. He would just order in the same way and step aside and keep waiting for the burger. In that way, you will be able to start on the special order when you are ready and it will not take long for him to explain the order. Neither it will be much of an effort for the cashier.

9. What will you say if the customer says your drink is too strong?

Bartenders do usually agree that both frustration and anger tends to loom large when customers ask them about the alcohol in their drink and say that it is not very strong. The answer here can be a little tricky. If you want to answer it in the right way, you have to honestly state the reaction and speak about the follow up service too. An incorrect answer would either include confronting to the customer and making a scene out of it. Or you could over pour the next drink but that could also be a sort of a bartender theft. Since the reputation of the bar is built on the basis of the strength of the customer and it will service the bartender at the same time, you have to ensure that your answer is such a way that the customer is not being annoyed.

10. If you were an ice cream flavour, what would it be?

Now this isn’t a typical interview question for bartenders you will be asked during bartending interviews. But there is a chance that your interviewer wants to have a little fun with you. So such funny interview questions might arrive and you have to be prepared to answer them. It will help you show off your personality and let them know that you are capable of doing the job. So when you answer this question, make sure you say something that is unique and different. Say that you are Neapolitan flavour. Since there is enough strawberry, vanilla, chocolate around the world, you are different from the rest. There is a whole lot going on in your personality and Neapolitan would be the correct way to describe that.

11. What kind of serving do you usually have?

Customer service happens to be a major part of bartending. The interviewer is keen to learn if you contain the experience it takes to be in the field and to what extent do you need it. When you answer the question, say something like your first job was one of a bartender and restaurant server and that you worked in that position for five years almost. The next position that was offered to you was of a bartender and you worked there for another two years. The position has also allowed you to become skilled and that it has taught you how to work in the restaurant industry.

12. What skills should a bartender possess?

This is where you should explain all those traits that are needed to become a successful bartender in your field. You should also tie them to your own strengths at the same time. The most important characteristic will in that way become your customer service skills. I have always seen several people who come to the bar and can relieve stress. You are that person who likes to meet new people and make new drinks for them. Talking to others brightens your day always. Another important characteristic here would be becoming a more observant person who likes to read and watch person and how you can help those guests who are drunk and need help.

13. How will you cut someone off?

Bartending is not a fun job to do if you want to take it up full time. At times you will have a customer who is so drunk that you will have to step in. You will also have to describe to the interviewer the action you would like to take. While answering, say something like “My first instinct in this case would be appeal to my friends because there are some who would like to listen to people they already know”. And then I would also lag the time that I arrive towards the table for a new round of drink orders, unless of course they need soda or water. If these things do not work out, I will tell the customer that they have taken too much and maybe this should not go on for too long.

14. How can you make a White Russian?

The main job of the bartender is to be able to cater to the needs of the customer. They should be able to serve drinks and know what are the ins and outs of making different kinds of cocktails. So when you answer the question say that you will first fill the cup with ice and then add around one and a half ounces of vodka. Then you will add around three-fourth ounces of coffee liqueur. Finally you will add some milk or cream and use the spoon to make layers. Garnishing will be done with cherries.

If you follow all the suggestions and ideas enlisted in this post, you will surely be able to answer all questions without facing any trouble. Above we had listed some of the most basic questions you can expect to hear during interviews. If you have found them useful and would like to give us some useful advice on it, do drop in a comment below. We are willing to hear from you. On that note, good luck and make sure you have a story prepared before entering an interview.