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15 Best Careers or Jobs for People Who Love Animals


If you love animals and are seriously considering taking up a career that would allow you to learn about and constantly interact with animals then here is a list of some of the jobs for animal lovers. If you truly love animals then no matter how much you have to work, the job will certainly not feel like a burden to you.

Jobs for People Love AnimalsBest Jobs for People Who Love Animals:

There is a lot of demand for people who are experts in these fields and these fields are extremely lucrative. The following mentioned are few tips on jobs working with animals and jobs for animal lovers.

1. Animal Trainer Jobs:

If your two defining characteristics are that you love animals and that you are a stern disciplinarian then you should seriously consider becoming an animal trainer. It is indeed a rewarding and enriching experience when you are able to transform a stubborn or unruly animal into a faithful and obedient one. Animal trainers work round the clock but they have a lot of fun in the bargain as they are doing what they love.

2. Running a petting farm:

Little children who are just learning about various animals that live on the farm love to visit petting zoos with their parents or teachers. In addition to loving animals and having the organizational skills to make sure that each department runs smoothly, you must also have a relatively large plot of land where animals like sheep, horses, ponies, rabbits, and pigs can roam uninhibited.

3. Veterinarian:

There are innumerable individuals that treat their pets like family and when anything happens to their dear pet the entire family is in distress and they immediately rush him or her to the vet! When you are a veterinarian, then you are able to bring joy to the lives of so many individuals and animals by giving proper treatment to them like the dress a wound, give vaccinations as well as deworm any animal that is entrusted to your care.

4. Television presenter:

When you think of a wildlife television presenter, one of the first names that come to mind is the Australian reptile lover, Steve Irwin. So if you have grown up watching him wrestle alligators and crocodiles and you wish to do something like that in your life then you should consider this as a career option. However to be a television presenter being an animal lover is not enough, you have to be a good and eloquent speaker that is able to reach out to the audience.

5. Wildlife Explorer:

If you are one of those individuals that love to be one with nature and awake with the sound of birds chirruping, then being a wildlife explorer is certainly your calling. Wildlife explores live in the lap of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of city life and they observe and note the way in which various animals mate, hunt, mark their territory and even take care of their little ones.

6. Writer:

Once you have spent a significant period of time studying about animals as well as observing them in their natural habitats then you can embark on writing a book or even making a movie with the wealth of knowledge that you have. Writing a book will require you to be able to write lucidly and even place a few pictures to interest readers and making a movie on wildlife will require you to obviously have some interesting footage documented.

7. Wildlife Biologist:

The wildlife biologist has an extremely interesting job as their occupation pertains to the study of animals in their natural habitat as well as if the occasion arises even managing these wild animals because they have in-depth knowledge about the mannerisms of these animals and understanding of how they react when they experience feelings of threat or fear. A wildlife biologist has to have particular qualifications but this career path is certainly a lucrative one.

8. Jockey or a horse trainer:

If you love sports as well as horses then you could consider becoming a jockey or even a horse trainer. When you are young and have a need for speed then becoming a jockey will certainly give you an adrenaline rush. However, once you grow a little older and will be unable to ride due to your age or some injury which you might have suffered then you could always become a horse trainer who trains the horse for riding and racing.

9. Running an animal shelter:

Running an animal shelter is certainly no easy task at all, as you will constantly have to save animals that are being abused, abandoned or even not properly taken care of. However, even after saving them, your job is not complete; you will need to tend to these traumatized animals constantly and even help find new and loving homes for them. Even if your shelter job may not be a cakewalk, you will certainly feel like a superhero, every day, knowing you have made a difference.

10. Dog walker:

One of the easiest going and fun jobs for any dog lover out there is becoming a dog walker. In addition to their being a number of dog walking agencies you could be a part of, there are also innumerable dog walkers who work independently and build up their own client base. Over time, once the dog gets used to you, then your job will be absolutely delightful. Besides walking the dog, you will also be required to clean up his or her droppings.

11. Running a pet salon:

Pet salons do exist and their popularity is increasing day by day as people love their pets as if they are family and want them to look good and be properly groomed. In a pet salon, there are a variety of services which are available for the animals. These services include grooming, bathing, trimming of fur, cutting of nails and even the cleaning of ears. So if you think that this is something you are interested in, then don’t let anything hold you back!

12. Fish and Game Warden:

In addition to being a pet lover if you have a legal bent of mind and are interested in law enforcement then becoming a fish and game warden is something that you might fancy. Fish and game wardens are most often required to live outside the city in those areas where illegal fishing, hunting or poaching of animals take place. If this issue is something you feel strongly about then you will certainly make a great fish and game warden.

13. Wildlife photographer:

Having exceptional photography skills is a gift that not many are born with. So in addition to being an animal lover, if you love traveling, visiting new wildlife destinations and also have good photography skills then being a wildlife photographer will be a fulfilling career option for you. Even if you may not be an exceptional photographer as of now, then you can take a course and master the art of taking the perfect photographs that can be used on postcards or calendars.

14. Pet sitter:

A good way to earn a fair bit of money as well as interact with animals is by becoming a pet sitter. When people go on vacations once in a while or even to work on a daily basis then they have no one to feed, walk and generally look into the needs of their dear pets. In such cases, they constantly require the services of a good and responsible pet sitter who will tend to the needs of their pets in their absence. This is one job you can do in the comfort of your own home as well.

15. Wildlife Tour Guide:

If you are an animal lover as well as well as have good social skills then you could consider becoming a wildlife tour guide. In addition to giving tourist interesting information about a particular location you will also be required to tell them details about the wildlife of the region, if you are lucky to spot a few animals in the course of the tour then it will be your job to identify the animal and give some fun facts about it as well.

So these are some of the top career options for people who love animals. Even if the job which you have selected is not a very famous, lucrative or conventional career path do not shy away from following your heart. Though people may discourage you just remember that with hard work, perseverance and dedication there is nothing you cannot achieve. Even if your endeavor ends in failure, take it as the stepping stone to success.