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13 Awesome Jobs for People Who Love Sports


Are you a sports lover?

Do you love spending time outside?

Do you want to make money out of something you love the most?

If the answer is a yes, then this post is perfect for you! In this article, we are going to tell you some of the top employment opportunities available all over the world today related to the field of sports.

Trust us when we say this but you are going to be very surprised learning about the large number of opportunities available at your disposal.

Not only will this help you make a whole lot of money but also allow you to follow and chase your dreams. So without further delay, let’s look at the best jobs for sports lovers.

jobs for people love sportsBest Jobs for Sports Lovers:

1. Recreation Workers:

The job of a recreation worker is always super fun and interesting. Not only that, you have the golden opportunity to learn more than thirty seven dollars or more. Now who wouldn’t want a job like that? You will be expected to take care of leisure activities and also lead them.

You will also have to deal with camping counsellors and activity specialists and carry out important tasks with them. Planning is supposed to be one of them. Providing instructions for the game and give out specific guidelines is also to be carried out by you. A recreational and bachelors studies is a must for this one.

2. Umpires and Referees:

Another job opportunity you could definitely try your luck in is one of a referee or even an umpire. You could be earning up to thirty two thousand dollars per year through this one. Now that is a great way to make some good money in the field of sports, isnt it? Your work will be valued only during sports events.

It is your job and duty to give enough narration so that people can understand the game in a better way. Plus you have to point out whether the person is out or not or whether the points have been counted. The job requires a lot of attention and responsibility.

3. Coach:

A third opportunity that falls under the field of sports is coaching. This is also a very lucrative opportunity. The maximum you can earn per year is thirty six thousand dollars. Your job in this field is to make sure that all team members are skilled enough and well prepared for the upcoming matches.

Not just that, he is expected to conduct practice sessions on a regular basis. You have to have a degree or major in sports education, physiology or sports meditation in order to excel in this one.

4. Scouts:

If you think scouts is going to be a great employment opportunity for you, then give this career opportunity a shot. Your salary again will be thirty six thousand dollars per year which is enough to live a healthy lifestyle.

In fact, you will be having more than enough. Your task is to look for amateur as well as professional level players and analyze their abilities. They are also expected to conduct interviews and meet athletes on a regular basis. It is best to have a bachelors degree in the field of business, sales or even marketing.

5. Athletic Trainers:

Athletic Trainers have enough opportunity to make a whole lot of money. If you decide to become one, you could expect to make more than forty four thousand dollars per year. Your job is to treat muscle and bone injuries among athletes.

Tapes and bandages are often used to cover those body parts which are susceptible to injury. You must have a degree in the field of physiology if you want to excel in this one.

6. Sports Reporters:

Sports reporters usually earn up to seventy eight thousand dollars per year if they are highly professional. But they do begin with forty eight thousand dollars which is enough to live a well off and luxurious lifestyle. They usually work with newspapers and magazines.

Some of them are also employed in TVs as well as radio stations. For this, it is best to have a degree in sports journalism or a degree in English after which you can do a diploma in journalism.

7. Sports Manager:

A sports manager also has the fine opportunity to make a whole lot of money. This field will not only make you rich but also famous. So if you think you are good at management, give this one a shot. They are expected to handle roasts and budgets as well as deal with media people.

Sports managers are also supposed to have very thick skin since they are often criticized after losing a match. They earn up to 45 thousand dollars per year. Some of them have to be in business for about ten to fifteen years till they reach there.

8. Sports Book Writer:

The job of a sports book writer is very interesting. They take bets on sporting events most of the time. In terms of salary they are quite behind. They do not make more than nineteen thousand dollars.

Their job is also to scan tickets and distribute winnings. If you think you are capable enough to handle this one, then don’t miss out on it. Just make sure you have a some customer skill services and a high school diploma.

9. Sports photographer:

If you enjoy both sports and photography then you could always become a sports photographer. This is also another lucrative opportunity we suggest you to not miss out on. You will be receiving a whole lot of appreciation for jobs like these since the audience often tends to rely on pictures in order to understand sports.

The only problem is that you have to work for long hours and often irregular hours in order to get work done. So if you can handle that, then there’s nothing like it. You will earn thirty thousand dollars per year through this which is good enough.

10. Sports Psychologists:

Sports psychology has become quite popular these days. This is a great opportunity for all those who enjoy both sports and psychology. If you pick this career, you will be earning around sixty six thousand dollars a year. In order to get there it is best to get a degree in psychology first of all after which you can always go for physiology. Certificates will always be provided at a higher level.

Sports psychologists help students to deal with anxiety and stress related to sports. They also help you to establish a healthy relationship between the body and mind. Plus the demand for sports psychologists is also on the increase so you might want to try.

11. Event planner:

A sports or event planner is very important in the field of sports. They are expected to handle and plan all important activities. This includes matches. They earn forty five thousand dollars per year and are always on the demand.

In fact, by the year 2020, it is supposed to go up by 44 percent. In order to get into the field of event management, it is best to get a degree in hospitality management. However you are expected to have enough experience before you get into the industry. So make sure you have all important certificates ready for this one.

12. Physical Therapists:

A physical therapist has enough respect in the field of sports. He is valued and looked up to. They are expected to take care of patients who are injured and ensure long term recovery for all of them. A degree in physical therapy is a must. Only a doctor is allowed to work as a physical therapist.

The annual salary is more than seventy six thousand dollars per year. Also the demand for this is about to increase up to 30% in a couple of years. So if you like both sports and therapy, choose this one.

13. Fitness Director:

Last but not the least, it is the fitness director. These guys are always the best in the business. They earn up to thirty one thousand dollars per year and need to have enough knowledge in the field of physiology and exercise.

A two to four year degree is considered good. Plus they must get a course done in nutrition if they want their work to be recognized more. Fitness directors are expected to teach players how to exercise and eat right. They also create health programmes for athletes.

So this covers our top list of sports jobs. Hope you have found this useful. We are certainly hoping you are going to make the most of this and choose the one that suits you best. Just make sure you are qualified to do the job you would want to pursue in the future. Plus you need to have enough zeal passion in order to pursue it. If all of this has been dealt with, then no one can stop you from dreams!