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9 Best and High Paying Careers in Psychology & Counseling


Psychology and counseling are one of the popular careers among so many other options available to work and gives you high stability when it comes to money. There are so many youngsters choosing psychology as their career simply because psychology provides a large range of career option as well as the satisfaction of doing something good for others. The field of psychology is very diverse and the career opportunities are growing with very fast pace. The ever growing field of psychology provides so many options that one can get easily confused when it comes to choosing the right career path. The best way to choose the right career path is to listen to your heart and your dreams, but sometimes choosing one out of many options seems difficult.

Careers in Psychology and Counseling

Most Lucrative Careers in Psychology:

Psychology provides endless opportunities for a successful career. Some options are better than others while some are looking interesting first, but hard to go through all the hardship. In this article, we are going to discuss best and high paying careers in Psychology & Counseling so that you can easily decide what way you want to do.

1. Psychiatrist: 

Psychiatrists are a general physician who knows both mind and body. They specialize in the general assessment, diagnosis, mental health, emotional problems and their treatment. A psychiatrist is mental health expert who possess the highest qualification and receive extensive training to know the complexity of the human body and mind which helps in understanding the physical illness and its connection with mental problems. Psychiatrists are one of the most respected and successful professionals due to their complex work field and understanding of the human body.

Psychiatrist earns more than any other psychology professionals due to their hardship and knowledge as well as the years they spent in learning. You can choose this profession if you want name, fame, and money but you should be prepared for the hard work that comes with this profession. The money factor depends on other things as well like area, place, economic condition and the organization you are working with. Books, novels, and movies had made it a glamorous profession which attracts many, so get proper knowledge and information before you start pursuing this career.

2. School counselor:

The school counselor is one of the popular fields of psychology where you got to work with the younger generation and influence them to get the best out of them. The school counselor is a respected field of psychology and gets payed well because the demand of school counselor is increasing with a fast pace. Just like any field of psychology, school counselors also goes through many years of hardship in gaining the license to work as a counselor and in the case of the school counselor, they need extra care because they deal with the mind of a kid which leaves a lifelong effect on a child’s mind.

You can choose a school counselor as a career path if you love dealing with children to want to do something to make a good change in their lives. The school counselor is a high paying career as no one wants to take a chance when it comes to children because they need extra care due to their fragile mind and emotion and their capabilities to achieve. School counselors can be a good path to follow if you like name, fame, money, respect and children.

3. Industrial- organizational psychologist:

Ever changing global needs put lots of stress on companies and the employees who work in there, and the need for good decision making is stronger than ever. Industrial-organizational psychologists are popular because of their high demand and the money in this profession. An industrial-organizational psychologist is another part of psychology which deals with the industries, organization and companies for different reason and purpose. Industrial-organizational psychologist mainly focuses on human behavior, group behavior, and philosophies for providing solutions and to help in making better choices, for example, an industrial-organizational psychologist can easily analyze the human reaction to the particular product and through his response, company can make a better product which has less chance of failure and greater chances of public acceptance.

Industrial-organizational psychologist popularly called I/O psychologist are famous in the business world, that’s why it is one of the well-paid careers in psychology. You should choose this path if you love psychology as well as the business world because business is what you going to deal with. Like any other field of psychology I/O psychologist work hard for years to earn that name, fame and money that comes with the job.

4. Neuropsychologist:

Neuropsychologists are the expert on the brain, its function, and its physical health, cognition and deal with brain problems. Neuropsychologist focus solely on the brain, which includes brain scans, mental health, cognitive test, the behavior of drugs on the nervous system and physical treatment effect on the brain and brain problems. Neuropsychologist generally gets a good amount of money for their work and often works in a different environment like research labs, hospitals, college and universities, health clinics, etc. A career in this field of psychology has a good name and money as well as deal with a complicated human brain, so if you wanted a career where you deal with the complexity of the human brain then this is the better choice for you. A neuropsychologist is a high paying career because of years of hardship and demand of brain experts and there is an estimation of constant increment in demand which promises a good pay in this career path.

5. Family, marriage and mental health counselor:

The busy schedule of our lives brings lots of stress and anxiety which cause many problems at a personal and professional level. The demand of family, marriage and mental health counselors are increasing with high rate due to the problems we face because of workload and stress. We all are facing the challenge of managing the balance between life and expectations as well as reality and these challenges often prove too much to handle alone and we need someone to guide us through the difficult time. Family, marriage and mental health counselors are the guides to help us in sorting out the problem we face in our mind and in our life. Family and marriage counselors are famous for their work and gets a good amount of money because modernization had left unsatisfied married and family life as well as depression which makes the job of mental health counselors more demanding. So, you can choose counseling for family, marriage and mental health as your career path to earn the name, fame, and money.

6. Clinical psychologist:

Clinical psychologists are the experts from the different field of psychology, which mainly deal with the diagnosis, assess treatment of mental disorders and illness. Clinical psychologists often work with a wide range of settings and with different department to provide their expert guidance. A clinical psychologist is different from a neuropsychologist as they focus on different aspects and keep a record of all of the things which play a part in illness and mental disorder. Clinical psychology is a high paying career, but the most important factor in clinical psychology is the experience. The greater the experience, higher the pay package as well as it is a great opportunity to work with secure and good income.

7. Engineering psychology:

Another important field of psychology, which promises great pay, name, fame, and secure job. Psychology provides endless opportunities to work for and engineering psychologist is one of them with high paying. Engineering psychology mainly focuses on improving technology, workplace environment, and machinery by providing a thorough analysis of human need, behavior, and nature. Engineering psychology mainly helps in new innovation and technology by providing the basics on the human need, this way a better technology can come into use and helps in decreasing waste of time and money. Engineering psychology is one of the most rewarded careers simply because of their valuable input which helps a great deal for both organizations and their workers.

The pay of engineering psychologist is great because of their importance in the current market where companies are spending a good fortune to get the best. It is one of the highest paying careers and there are predictions of booming in coming years.

8. Experimental psychologist:

Experimental psychology is another part of psychology that gets high pay and respect due to their work. Experimental psychology mainly focuses on research work independently, in groups or with the organization to study human behavior, reaction and impact of certain conditions. Experimental psychologist mainly works on labs to get the information about human nature, behavior, and habits which they work in detail. Experimental psychology is famous because of their work and the help they provide in understanding certain behavior in certain conditions.

If you love to know more about complicated human beings and have a keen for the experiments then experimental psychology is the field for you with high pay packages. Experience also plays important role in experimental psychology because of the knowledge.

9. Forensic psychologist:

Forensic psychology is considered as the hottest job in the field of psychology simply because of movies and novels, which paint the picture too dramatic, but the reality is far from what we saw in movies and read in fiction novels. There is no doubt that Forensic psychology is a high paying career, but the conditions and the stress psychologist work in may set many off. The condition and the situations psychologist deal with in this profession are not someone wants to face in daily life.

Forensic psychology pays very well and if you love solving a mystery and can work in such situation, then this is the field for you to show your excellence. Forensic psychology is the field name, fame, and money, but with its own rules and if you know how to handle, then go for it, it is a great opportunity to work.

10. Military psychologist:

A military psychologist is a government employee and gets all the benefit from the government job just like in any other profession. Military psychology mainly focuses on the people who are the part of the military forces and work in a very stressful situation which often causes them a great deal of mental stress, anxiety, and many other mental problems. Military psychologist work as a counselor and therapist for the government to solve the problems of the people associated with the military and other armed forces to protect the nation. The pay package, name, and fame are great in this profession as well as getting to work with the government, but the competition is very high in this field as the government only chooses the best for their most trusted and hardworking employees.

If you have a passion and love for government jobs and want to help those who work for the safety of your nation, then this is the right job for you.


Psychology is as deep as the sea and there are endless opportunity to work, but there are certain fields holding more money and name than others. Money always plays an important role when people choose their career and psychology is not far. Psychology is a field which needs years of hardship and works, that’s why it is important to choose wisely. In this article, we had discussed the best and highest paying careers in psychology on the basis of money, name and fame.

We hope this article helps you in choosing the right career path as these are the decisions that goes with for the longer period of time as well as help great deal in shaping your life as a human being. So choose wisely and our best wishes are with you.