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Careers with Animals – 12 Best Jobs For Animal Lovers


Loving animals is one of the things we all love to do, but there are people who want to do something that gives them a chance to do more for animals than just adopting one at home. There is a career that focuses animals only, but people often think veterinarian is the only job that gives them a chance to do something for animals. But that’s not true. Almost every department that deals with humans has jobs for animals also, like a doctor, physiatrist, trainer, and much more. In this article, we are going to discuss few jobs for animal lovers or the jobs that deals with the animals so that youngsters who want to work with animals can choose their career accordingly.

Careers with Animals

Animals Careers List:

Just like humans, animals too need care, love, and protection because they are living being just like us. There are people who want to do so much for the animals, especially youngsters, but they often face the dilemma of how they do help. The answer is choosing a career where you can work and help, and if you are an animal lover then it is like cherry on the top. There are various jobs that involve working with animals. Here is the list of the jobs that work with animals.

1. Veterinarian: 

The Veterinarian is a famous name when it comes to the jobs that work with animals because this is the most popular job and demanding also. Veterinarians are animal’s doctors who examines, treats, diagnose, and perform surgery and other medical necessities on animals when they need medical attention. The Veterinarian has many responsibilities as well as duties and they often are busy treating animals, they also are popular one among the various jobs that work with animals because of the public service. In common terms, the veterinarian is a general physician of animals who do all the necessary treatment for the animals. There can be a specialized veterinarian who got specialization on particular species. This is the perfect job where you work with animals to improve their health and cure sickness.

2. Veterinary technologist and technicians:

While veterinarian is a doctor who treats animals, veterinary technologist and technicians are also important in a veterinarian’s office. Veterinary technologist and technicians are the ones who take care of the animals, give first aid, prepare for surgery, and give anesthesia and another important task. They are very important for a veterinarian because they are the hands, which work for a veterinarian and do all the necessary pre-treatment and post-treatment task. This is the job where you work with animals and take care of them when they need help. This is the best career option if you want to work with animals.

3. Veterinary assistant:

Veterinary assistants are just like any other assistants, who makes all the arrangements, handling, etc. Veterinary assistants generally work under a veterinarian practitioner and perform the tasks like cleaning instruments, medical equipment, preparing the operation theater, take care of medicines, feeding, and grooming. Veterinary assistants play a vital role in a veterinarian office just life veterinary technician and technologist, maybe not the similar task but surely important task. If you want the job that works with the animals then this job can be the best option. Veterinary assistants can assist specialized veterinarian also, where they treat animals according to their specialization.

There are many options available, you can choose your specialization as a veterinary assistant and can work according to your interest because many people have preferences when it comes to the love for animals.

4. Laboratory animal’s caretaker:

We all sympathize with the animals that go through various experiments in the laboratory because they endure pain and problems just because human choose them for the experiment. Laboratory animal caretakers are those who take care of the laboratory animals. They feed, care, provide first aid, examine injuries, and do all the necessary stuff for the laboratory animals. They are the one who are responsible for the health of the laboratory animals. This can be the perfect job for those who want to work with the animals because laboratory animals are those who are caged away for the benefit of others and also there are so many animals that go through medical experiments and need care. Laboratory animal’s caretaker is like an assistant, who takes care of the animals used for lab experiments.

5. Wildlife rehabilitation:

Wildlife rehabilitation is the job that takes care of wild animals and after curing their disease, rehabilitates them back in the wildlife. Wildlife rehabilitation works directly with wild animals, check them for any symptoms of the disease, wounds or physical sickness and when they found the animals that need medical care, then they take them into wildlife rehabilitation center and take care of them by providing medical attention. After providing medical attention and recovery, they are send back to their home where they live their life freely. Wildlife rehabilitation is a job that offers direct working with wildlife animals and taking care of them without interrupting their peaceful life in their home. Wildlife rehabilitation is the perfect choice for those who love mother nature and want to work close to it with the animals. Wildlife rehabilitation centers work all over the country and in foreign countries as well.

6. Zoologist and wildlife biologist:

Have you ever wondered about the animal’s behavior, their habits, reaction to the changes and their coping mechanism to the ecosystem changes? Do you want the job that works with animals? If yes, then zoologist and wildlife biologist is the perfect job for you. Zoologist and wildlife biologist study the behavior, nature, genetics, disease, and life process of animals and wildlife animals. They got to work with the animals to study and understand all about their life cycle and structure so that they can find the solution to life-threatening diseases and understand the effect of the environmental changes. Zoologist and wildlife biologist study wildlife and the zoo animals to do the research work. This is an interesting job and got to work with the wildlife and understand them.

7. Wildlife photographer:

Well, wildlife photographer doesn’t work directly with the animals, but they got to enjoy the beauty of nature at its best or worst. Wildlife photographer can work individually or for the organizations nationally or internationally, but they are the one who captures them at their best. Just like any photography job, wildlife photography has been a passion and love for nature where you capture them with your lenses. If you are a great photographer and loves nature, wildlife and animals then this is the profession for you because as much as this profession looks amazing, you cannot do it without passion, talent and love for wildlife.

8. Zookeepers:

Zookeepers are not that famous like a veterinarian or wildlife photographer, but they get to work with the animals. Zookeepers are the people who take care of animals in zoos; they maintain their living area, their food supply, and their environment where they are living. Zookeepers got to work with all sorts of animals kept in a zoo; they feed, clean and monitor various animals. The job of zookeepers can easily attract those who love animals and want to work with them. The job of zookeepers includes very strict schedule and they follow it on the regular basis to take care of the well-being of zoo animals. Also, they get a decent salary to work as zookeepers. The job of zookeepers involves interacting with various animals and taking care of them like bathing, exercising, etc.

9. Trainers:

Training an animal is not the easiest task on the earth, even there is the chance that you get injured, but well-trained trainers can do the job very effectively and efficiently. Animal trainers are those people who train animals for various jobs like for security, obedience, assist people with disabilities, riding, etc. A trainer works hard with animals and teaches them how to do the certain task, sign language, human touch and human voices. Generally, the animals that got to train are horses, dogs, cats and any other animal that can be kept as a pet in the house. The Trainer gets their pay according to the job and work as an individual, with the organization, and with the government agencies to train their dogs and horses. The job of trainers is to train the animal and for that, they need to work with the animals, so if you want to work with animals then this can be the job for you.

10. Groomers:

Most people think that the job of pet groomers is to keep your pet clean and good smelling but a good pet groomer does more than that, he/she takes care of your pet. Pet groomers are an important part of the pet life because they got to work with them and due to their experience can check for symptoms, changes in behavior and skin infections before it got to sever conditions. Pet groomers actually got to know your pet very well because he/she is the one that do the job of cleaning and grooming and that give him/her the opportunity to know and observe your pet. Groomers are those people who got to work with the animals and if you want to work with animals, but don’t want to go to college for a professional degree, then this job can be for you.

11. Animal control worker:

The Animal control workers are those people who work for the welfare of animals from pets to wildlife to street animals. Animal control worker handles all sorts of animals and the mistreatment of the animal, their health, and the violence, whether it is at home, street or in a forest. They look for a pet to wildlife, all sorts of animals that deemed dangerous, lost, or abandoned. If you want to help the unfortunate animals who are a victim of sadist human minds or mother nature then this is the job for you. An Animal control worker gets to work with all sorts of animals and sometimes they even save their life from some cruel conditions.

12. Animal nutritionist:

Just like human beings, animals too need nutritious diets, whether they are pet, wildlife or in the zoo. Animal nutritionists are the people who study animal body system and the nutrition they need to keep healthy. Animal nutritionists are the scientists who work on individual species to know their structure and their need by working on their genetics, and body type. Generally, animal nutritionist works for pets, farming, and zoo animals because their food is coming from human hands and from the human manufacturing units which need special detail about the nutritions animal need in their food. The animal nutritionist doesn’t work with animals directly, but in the laboratory where they do some research, but otherwise they hardly work directly with animals. They play a very important role in their health.


There are so many career options available where you got to work with animals, these professionals may not be the popular one but they are as important as any other occupation. If you want to work with animals then you should know your preference, what exactly you want to do because, like a human, there are all sorts of job whether it is medical, research or social for animals. Animals need human support because with time and new technology, the human is responsible for their problems and still, there is a lot we can do for the creature living with us on this beautiful planet called Earth. We hope the jobs we had discussed and this article can help you.