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How to Show Organizational Skills: 15 Excellent Tips


To survive in the competitive business world, you need to have good organizational skills which are going to set you apart from the rest. If you do not have any skills then you will not be able to bag a job in any top organization.

There are some skills, people born with and some skills are acquired over time. So you should spend your free time, attempting to brush up on your skills so that you are head and shoulders above all the other candidates.

Given here are ways on how to show your organizational skills in your job application, cover letter, resume as well as in the course of your interview.

how show organizational skills

What are Organisational Skills? 

Organization skills are the important job skill that employees need to have which gives them the ability to plan, organize and prioritize to attain their defined success goals.

At the work front, these organizational skills hold a vital role in helping the business achieve success and growth. The organizational skills which the employee possesses help him to plan and work accordingly to the requirements of the business and completing his tasks with in the time period.

Also, this, in turn, aids him in increasing and improving productivity and effectiveness at work.

Types of Organizational Skills Employers Seek:

Organizational skills are usually seen in people who are in leadership designations at work. They usually like employees who have a bend towards such skills or who possess such skills. They have to work accordingly to the company requirements and also take care of the structuring and further development of the company.

Though they should set higher goals but must have a keen understanding and focus on even minute details on a whole.

Physical organization:

  • Overall Administrative
  • Productive
  • Efficient
  • Creative thinking


  • Problem analyzing
  • Strategic planning
  • Decision making
  • Project management


  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Goal setting
  • Delegation

How to Show Organizational Skills in a Job Application:

1. Mention how this skill is hard to find:

When writing your job application and trying to show your strong organizational skills, you must ensure to just know how hard it is to find this skill nowadays.

When you do this, then you are really making your case and showing exactly why they should be interested in you as a candidate. You must ensure to mention that over time you will prove yourself to be an invaluable part of the company as you possess this skill.

State that you are someone who doesn’t merely do your work well but you ensure that you work in an organized manner at all times.

2. State that having this skill helps you constantly on the job:

When putting in your application letter and wanting to show your good organizational skills, then you should mention that you are someone with a considerable amount of experience and having this planning and organizing skills has really made things easier for you in the past.

State that since you are such an organized person you hardly ever make the mistake of losing any papers or misplacing any document. You always have everything very neatly filed and that is why you are able to handle any tasks with ease.

Do not forget to mention that it is owing to having this skill that you are able to finish your work quickly and in an error free manner.

How to Show Excellent Organizational Skills in Cover Letter:

The following mentioned are few tips to show cover letter organizational skills when included.

1. Quote what your previous boss or co workers has said about you:

There is no better way to show this skill of yours than by quoting what your ex boss has said about the manner in which you work.

A quotation like this from someone who has reached the top of his game is really going to carry a lot of weightage and is bound to instantly impress the recruiter.

In addition to this, you can also quote a coworker of yours who has said something about how organized you are in the manner in which you work and how your organized manner of work has been able to inspire all the others in the work place as well.

2. Use this cover letter as a marketing tool:

Most people make the mistake of writing a very dry and boring cover letter. If you do something like this, chances are that you cover letter will not even be read.

It is imperative to make use of this cover letter as a marketing tool to really highlight your list of organizational skills. If you write your cover letter in a vibrant manner making use of proper words and phrases to show case your rare skill, then that will be half the battle won for you.

If you write in a dull manner then there will be nothing separating you from the rest. Show that you are a class apart and would really be of immense use to the company.

3. Do not mention any ambiguous statements:

A cover letter is an official document and you need to treat it with care. Saying something wrong or inappropriate will instantly eliminate you from the running.

When trying to project your organizational ability and skills, it is vital that you speak in to the point manner. There is no point in mentioning ambiguous statements pertaining to your skill as that is not going to mean anything to the interviewer.

Furnish your cover letter with concrete examples of honors which have been bestowed on you and certificates which you have received for having this skill. There is no point in holding yourself back when enlisting all your achievements.

How to Show Organizational Skills on Resume:

The following mentioned are few tips on how to show organizational skills for cv.

1. Present your resume in a neat and methodical manner:

Writing a resume is no easy task at all. The more time you spend on writing a proper resume, the better it will be for you. If your resume is not impressive then do not expect to be called for an interview.

Rather than simply mentioning that you have this skill, it is vital that you even display how organized you are in the manner in which you submit your resume. Let your resume be neat and methodical so that the company knows that you were not simply blowing your trumpet.

So take time to edit and organize your organisational skills resume, then only you will create a good impression in the mind of the recruiter.

2. Do not focus on too many skills at one time:

When you are submitting your resume you must ensure that you think of an angle which you would like to focus on. As it is often said, too many cooks spoil the broth, similarly, too many or multitasking skills being enlisted all at once is bound to ruin things for you.

So it is advisable that if you have decided to focus on your organizational skill, you keep on mentioning it without trying to confuse things. It is always a better idea to have one clear and strong point as opposed to ten weak arguments.

If your resume is rather confused then this will point to the fact that you are not organized in your ways at all.

3. Mention times where this skill has bailed you out of trouble:

As mentioned above ambiguous statements in your cover letter mean nothing. Similar ambiguous statements in your resume mean nothing as well.

Validate what you are saying at each point. It would be very helpful indeed if you mention concrete examples of when having this skill has been an immense boon to you. Give good organizational skills examples of programs which you have managed successfully because of this skill.

If the recruiter is interested then he or she can even do a quick background check on the programs through his own sources. Ensure that at no point in time are you lying or making up false stories.

How to Show Organizational Skills in an Interview:

1. Carry all your documents in an organized manner:

When you appear for an interview, chances are that the recruiter has already been impressed with what he has read about you in your application, resume and cover letter. You must ensure that your actions are in keeping with whatever you have mentioned on the paper.

If you want to show your organization skills at the interview, then it is vital that you bring all your documents in a neat and organized manner just so that you show the interviewers that all which you have said about yourself is true. In addition to this carry a pen, pencil and other stationary to show that you always come prepared.

2. Through your answers, display a clarity of thought:

Having organizational skills, does not merely mean that you are organized in the manner in which you arrange your desk and papers. It goes beyond this physical meaning. Having organizing and planning skills also means that you are able to oversee things and make order out of chaos.

It is important that through your answers you show that you are someone who organizes your thoughts in a coherent manner and that you never speak just for the sake of it. Take your time to answer and never speak out of turn, no matter what.

3. State that it is a skill which you were born with:

There are skills which people are born with and then there are acquired skills. If this is a skill which you are born with then in the course of your interview do not forget to mention this.

State that even though this is a skill which you are born with, yet you constantly try your level best in order to nurture your skill and develop it even further.

When you state this, then you are sure to impress the interviewer as he will think of you as someone who is constantly looking for ways to improve yourself and keep up with the changing times.

4. Show that you have done your homework:

When you appear for an interview, it is imperative that you come prepared. If the interviewer realizes that you have come for the interview without even reading up on the company, then he will get the impression that you are not taking this opportunity seriously.

The more you prepare for the interview the better it will be for you. Companies want to hire only those employees who are always trying to further their knowledge.

So read up on the background of the company and projects which they are presently working on and state how having this skill could really help them out in all their endeavors.

5. Mention other skills which further accentuate this skill:

As mentioned above, confusing your resume with too many skills is not a good idea. Yet when you appear for your interview, you can think of mentioning some others skills you have, which really accentuate or improve organizational skills.

When talking about your skills, state that your leadership skills and even your communication and organizational skills greatly compliments your main skill.

Show that you are someone who is an all rounder and are skillfully able to follow instructions and carry out tasks which have been entrusted to you. Let your preparations for the interview be good so that you can instantly impress the interviewer.

6. Do not present only one aspect of the skill:

When trying to show your organizational skills at the interview, it is important that you do not go on harping on the same point over and over again.

When making preparations for your big interview, ensure that you think about others aspects of the skill which you can mention. If you go on saying the same thing then you run the risk of coming across as boring and repetitive.

So think out of the box and come up with unconventional ways in which this skill can be of use to the company and that is going to really seal the deal for you and help you bag the job.

7. State that being organized is something which comes naturally to you:

Finally, mention that this is a skill which many people need a lot for training to acquire, yet it is something which comes naturally to you. You are someone who does not need to be told to organize yourself; you do it on your own.

State that as an individual you like to take up responsibility on your own and you are always willing to help others when they are buried in work. Conclude your interview by saying you always believe that after organizing yourself and your thoughts, anything can be achieved and tasks automatically become much easier.


You must spend as much time as you can in trying to think of new and innovative ways in order to show your skill. If you are unable to think of new and unique ways to do so, then you can always consider speaking with your career councilor.

A little effort made by you in the initial stages of your career, could really pay off in the time to come. Companies constantly search for those employees who have exceptional organizational skills, so if you are one of the few people who have this useful skill, then you should make the most of it.