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How to Find the Best Job Openings: 15 Different Ways


With so many startups coming up, companies introducing newer departments in their structure, the job opportunities have increased immensely when compared to previous times. The real challenge lies to get a job or find job openings which will perfectly fit for you.

One need to explore and research more on the available job career opportunities to find jobs which are best among them. Job search for newer opportunities can have various reasons, one could be a fresher, looking for just a change or intend to explore a newer domain.

Something or the other is out there for everyone but in such a highly competitive market, the whole idea is to stand out in the crowd. Below are the 15 points to find best job openings

find best job openingsTips to Find Best Job Openings in the World:

1. Recreate your resume:

It is the most important aspect to finding the best-suited job opening for the person. Before posting your resume on the job search websites, ensure to use the correct keywords to get the desired job. It is extremely important to highlight your accomplishments, show yourself as a problem solver, share your vision in one line.

The right words will immediately highlight you for the right kind of job available making the search easy. Customize the resume as per the individual job requirement, before that know what is needed for the job and accordingly change the structure. Eliminate whatever is not required to mention only the essential details making it the best resume.

2. Mention references:

Another important point to get the right opportunity is to mention the most reliable references of yours. If the employer finds the resume interesting, a reference check is possible before the interview, the positive feedback will not only reduce the burden of references but a good word from the previous employer will increase the chances of getting hired.

3. Do a complete research:

Online platform is the best place to learn more about the company and the job role. Before applying to a job learn more about it connect to people in the similar job role, understand the process and see if you actually fit in there. Meet people who are already into it in person and learn from their experience.

Attend job fairs where one can meet people from various companies and discuss your potential future with them. Use online and offline approach to reach out maximum number of people.

4. Be a brand:

In this highly competitive market, it is extremely important to stand out the most to get noticed. Hence, the significance of portraying oneself as a brand becomes extremely important. Create profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media, be active on these platforms.

Share your ideas and views on them but keep a track of yourself that the image portrayed there is a positive one. Use Instagram as a marketing tool for yourself and avoid posting images that might not suit your personality.

5. Build and create a network:

Networking is one of the best ways to know the best opportunities available in the market before anyone does. Connect to your classmates with whom you might not have been in touch with for ages, call your professors and talk to them. Build new connections, join various groups of your interest and meet people there, discuss each others vision.

The right opportunity knows no specific door, it can come knocking from anywhere. Hence it is important to keep yourself on your toes. Try making a new contact as much as possible and more importantly be proactive to ensure that they know you.

6. Take help:

Getting the right job opportunity is a tough task which can at times be extremely draining. It is good to take help to find  the best openings around, connect to the job websites, talk to the people working in your field, share your resume with them and let them know what you are looking for. If any good job opportunity arises they will contact you.

Meet people of similar interest or other job seekers, share opportunities relevant to them and ask them to let you know if anything comes up which could be best for you. Call your old friends and ask to keep you updated on the best opportunity around.

7. Be prepared:

Opportunities can come from anywhere, hence it is important to be prepared all the time. Make a checklist of the places you have applied and keep on updating it. Learn more and more about the company and don’t leave it on last minute to go through it.

Even in the process of finding jobs, try learning new skills that can be helpful in finding the opportunity. It can be mentioned on the resume as well, hence increasing the chances of showing the better openings.

8. Write a thank you note after an interview:

After completion of an interview process ensures to send the thank you note to the concerned person through email. Sending a thank you note as a part of your habit is not only a positive gesture but also where a brand building technique where the employer will remember you, hence there is an increase in the chances of being hired.

9. Follow up:

Even after the interview ensure to follow up in few days. Many people do not follow up with the interview processes and tend to slip away from it. The interesting point to note is one might not necessarily get hired for the post applied but if the employers find your skill suitable or better they might take you in for something better opportunity.

Hence, it is important to keep a positive approach in all the dimensions to capture the best of the benefits.

10. Have patience:

Finding the best of jobs is a task which will take time, one cannot expect to get the response or opportunity in a day’s time unless one is extremely lucky. But patience and persistence will pay off, ensure not to lose hope and give up on your searching for a job. For the best opportunity, one need to keep working towards it and wait for the right one to come along.

11. A different process for fresher and experienced:

Another important point here to note is the job openings and search for a fresher and experience will be different from each other. The skill set for a fresher job will be totally different from an expert, hence ensure that the resume uses correct words and phrase for it, apply for the job which matches with your profile.

At times companies lookout for fresher who are with newer ideas and skill sets, there it is important for the experts to keep themselves updated with the current happenings and technologies around.

12. Use the online platform well:

Many people are still scared to use the online platform for their career advancement or to get the right opportunity. Hence, it becomes more important to reach out to the employers who are reachable through the offline methods.

These online platforms provide a direct one to one connection with the companies, sending the resume will help to be on their list of job opportunities.

13. Try unconventional:

Sometimes the field you are working on is saturated with the people hence it is best to also look for alternative paths and industries where you have never worked before. See how you can fit in there profile and how your talents can work in sync with their requirements. It is always a refreshing change for the people who have been working on a single job profile for many years.

For Example, if one has been working into software industry for long can look a job in retail or other industry where the requirement is of similar skill set. This newer challenge will not only boost your motivation level but will provide a varied experience too.

14. Go back to the previous employer:

It is advisable to always maintain a good relationship with your previous employers. Sometimes the best opportunities can come from there, big companies keep on expanding their business and keep on adding various profiles to suit the market hence your additional experience will be a plus for the employer too, since they would be familiar with your attitude and personality hence the chances of you getting hired increases more than the newer opportunities.

The best example is the growth in digital media, few years ago not many companies were working to promote them on digital forums. With evident growth and opportunities in the digital field, various companies have developed a fully fledged digital team.

15. Value addition:

Keep learning every day something new. With so many tools and technologies coming up every day, one has to constantly keep updating on the skills. These additional skills, when added to your resume, highlights well and enhances the chances of getting a great job opening. Excel and master one skill but learn as much as you can. Learning never goes waste and helps to provide newer challenges every day.

Finally :

Finding the right opportunity is not necessarily the easiest path to walk on but it definitely is a rewarding one. Patience and attentiveness around will help to find job openings. Ensure to be flexible and ready to explore new dimensions. If an opportunity is a newer city, try taking it up and go out beyond the comfort zone. In the end, all of it will be rewarding.