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Top 16 LinkedIn Profile Tips for Engineers


In this technological day and age almost 75% of people who make use of the internet are active on at least one social media site or the other. The main reason as to why people have become so addicted to the internet is owing to the fact that they are able to access it even on the go!

LinkedIn, since its conception in the year 2003, has become an absolutely indispensable tool in the professional world. For your benefit, given here is a list of profile tips which can be made use of engineers who have been rattling their brains for ways in which to make their profiles better.

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LinkedIn Tips for Engineers:

1. Ensure that your profile is not left incomplete

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as an engineer, on your LinkedIn profile is leaving it incomplete. When you leave your profile incomplete, then naturally those recruiters who view your profile will immediately not consider you for the job and in addition to this you will be seen as someone who leaves tasks mid way.

If you are in a hurry then ensure that you refrain from making your profile on the given day, but once you have begun ensure that you do not leave it mid way. You actually cannot gauge what kind of exposure you can get through it.

2. Make sure that the profile strength meter says ‘All stars’

If you are an engineer, then chances are that you are very smart, it is needless to say that having a proper LinkedIn profile could really put you on the map and help you to take your career to the next level

. When making your profile and filling in your particulars you must ensure that once you are done, your profile strength meter denotes ‘all stars’. If you do not get all stars then you can rest assured that you have not put in your details in a proper manner and that there is most certainly room for some improvement. In this day and age submitting mediocre work is just not good enough.

3. Do not forget to place your photograph on your profile

Though there are many users who might say that having a photograph or a profile picture is not absolutely vital, yet this is something which could not be further away from the truth.

Chances are that if you do not have a profile picture then recruiters might just skim through your profile, thinking that this may be a fake account of some kind. So what you must remember is that your profile picture does not have to be flashy or grand, rather even if it is a simple headshot it is alright. If your picture could be in some way related to your job, then there is nothing like it!

4. Make it a point to mention your complete credentials

In this day and age where there is so much intense competition between companies, they are only interested in hiring the best of the best. The thing that separates one employee form the next is the kind of credentials or educational qualifications which he or she has.

Though a person’s educational qualifications certainly do not determine the kind of worker he or she will be, yet having proper theoretical knowledge is important. So as an engineer naturally you are well and highly qualified so ensure that you do not shy away from mentioning all the relevant details which could really help you grab eyeballs.

5. Mention the coding languages and technologies which you are familiar with

As a skilled professional you naturally have an in-depth knowledge of your field, yet this having been said many people think that mentioning all that they know on their profile could be seen as them bragging or even blowing their own trumpet.

However this is something which could not be further away from the truth as on social media, the only way that people can get to know you better as a professional is if you share all your information about yourself and if you really showcase all that you are capable of. Use LinkedIn as a powerful marketing and advertising tool.

6. LinkedIn allows you to mention all your awards and certification

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to mention all your certifications as well as awards. The more awards and credentials which you are able to mention the better it will be for you. So as an engineer whatever competitions which you have participated in or placed in you should make it a point to mention them on your profile.

Even if these awards are not directly related to your line of work it is okay to mention it anyway as it shows that you are someone who is multitalented and are good at not merely just one thing.

7. Ensure that you mention all your capabilities in the ‘skills ‘section

Under the subtitle ‘skills’ it is vital that you make it a point to mention all the skills as well as abilities which you have. The more skills which you are able to mention the better it will be for you, however you should make it a point to refrain from using certain words which recruiters can find on any of every profile page, rather on the contrary try and mention those skills which are unique to you and your career as an engineer alone.

In the business world your aim should never be to simply fit in, rather you should constantly try your best to stand out and also make a good impression in the mind of people you meet.

8. Write a well written synopsis of your career

As mentioned above it is vital to mention your educational qualifications as well as the awards and certifications which you have received, yet in addition to all of this it is very important that you have a well written synopsis written on your LinkedIn profile.

As an engineer naturally you have a lot of theoretical knowledge. Yet at the same time when companies are hiring individuals they are not only looking for brainy people with theoretical knowledge, rather they are simultaneously on the lookout for individuals who are able to communicate well and speak in coherent and comprehensive manner.

9. It is vital to mention all your professional interests

There are many people who enter a career because their parents want them to enter; they themselves have no interest in the field. On your LinkedIn profile it is absolutely mandatory that you show that you are not someone who has been forced to enter a line rather on the contrary you are someone who is genuinely interested in engineering and it is truly your calling and passion.

Now you might wonder how you can do this, a great way to show your passion is to talk about your professional interests and mentioning about projects which you have been working on as well as which you have worked on in the past.

10. Connect with colleagues past, present and future

One of the chief reason why people have LinkedIn accounts is so that they have broaden their horizons as well as broaden their network. If you are an engineer who wishes to do the same, then what you can do is get in touch with your colleagues past, present and future.

Interacting them will not only help you feel good, but that the same time you can get to know what they have been up to and projects which they are currently working on. In addition to this do not shy away from seeking advice from them or having discussions.

11. Follow companies which you are interested in

Statistics show that there are over three million company profiles on LinkedIn, so if you are interests in keeping yourself up to date with the top companies then a great way which you can do so is through LinkedIn.

There are many people who log in just to get the latest business related news, updates and information on job openings. To get ahead in the business world it is mandatory that you keep your eyes as well as years open at all points in time.

12. Contact professionals who work at the companies you want to join

In addition to following the company profiles you can also connect with employees of the company and if they are willing to comply then maybe you can go ahead and ask them about how you can apply for a job and whether or not they have any inside information on openings which are available. If they get to know you as someone who is reliable then they might even recommend you for a post.

13. Do not forget to keep updating your profile

One of the key things to remember is that you have to make it a point to keep updating your information. The only thing worse that not having an account, is having an account which is not well maintained.

14. If you are job hunting, connect with recruiters

Given the present economic condition jobs are most certainly not easy to find at all, this having been said, even professionals who are as accomplished as engineers are not being able to get jobs. So if you happen to be an engineer who is searching for a job, then ensure that you connect with some recruiters via the medium of LinkedIn.

There is some truth in the common saying that you got to make your own luck in this work, you should go and try to make things happen for yourself. In the business world it is mandatory that you always have your own best interests at heart if you wish to move ahead.

15. Interact with professional peers on professional groups

Being a part of professional peer groups on LinkedIn is most certainly a good thing and it helps you as an engineer to interact with your peers and even imbibe new ideas and techniques.

Yet this having been said ensure that you are not someone who is a passive listener, on the contrary try you level best to be interactive on the group and show that you are someone who cannot be taken for granted. You might never know who on the group might be taking note of the valid points which you have been able to put forth. So be confident in yourself as well as your own ability if you want to get ahead in life.

16. Try your best to get the maximum use of your profile

Last but certainly not the least is that once you have made your profile that is not the end of things, rather it is just the beginning. As mentioned above it is mandatory to keep updating your information as you achieve more things, but in addition to concentrating on your own profile it is important that you keep yourself up to date with people and organizations which you have a keen interest in.

As an engineer you have to be a man of the world you cannot afford to keep to yourself thinking that something good is going to come your way without you even having to try for it.

Finally :

So these are some of the simple ways in which you as an engineer can make your LinkedIn profile even better so that you are able to attract the right kind of attention towards yourself. What you need to remember is that you need not apply all the tips which have been mentioned above, you should alter them to suit your own purpose and do what you think is best for you. As we are all aware the corporate world is a cut throat one indeed and you have to ensure that you are giving your best at all times as well as under all circumstances.