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Why you Need a Social Resume – How to Create One


Having a social resume is necessary in today’s job world. It is also a very smart way to promote yourself to the audience so that you can get the attention of an employer. So what do we mean by the term of social resume, why it is necessary and what are the best steps you need to use in order to create one. Your answer is written in these paragraphs below. So make sure to read thoroughly!

why need social resumeWhy Social Resume is necessary?

It will help your employers to know you better:

Having a good social resume is very important because people who want to hire you will always want to know what you are like and this could be a great opportunity. Employers and recruiting managers always assess the candidate’s social profiles so that they can evaluate whether the person is fit enough for the culture of the company or not. The things on Facebook including likes, shares, blog posts and clues are all very important.

It will always help you to show off:

Social work resumes are always going to help you show off. With a good job resume, you will be only limited to like one to two pages where you can focus on the content. Plus you will be able to use the space to your LinkedIn profile so that you can elaborate on the key project roles as well as accomplishments and other important bits of info that will not even fit into the resume. It is not going to make or break the job search.

But why not take the time to just set things up for better networking purposes so that you can entice some of the current employers down the line.

It will also help you to stand out:

If you would like to come up with a clean and polished look of all the knowledge and skills that you have gathered so far online, then it could really set you apart. It is also a great idea to get hold of a paper copy of your resume work with yourself when you go for an interview.

How to Create a Social Resume?

Begin with whatever you have in hand:

Now, this is a fun exercise and I promise each of you is going to love trying to this. Go to Google and type your name. Press the search button and most probably there will be a few pages of results that will include several links that belong to other social media accounts, blogs or websites.

Now check out each link and see if they have images too. How do you feel a stranger will assess your personality based on the information and pictures given on these sites? Do you think your look on the internet is clean and very professional or is just full of poor grammar, profanity and spelling errors?

Obviously, people are not expecting you to come up with the best things at all times. But studies say that at least 70% of employees have been rejected from getting a job because of what they have found on social media.

Come up with a username for yourself:

So what happens if nothing comes up when you search your name online? It doesn’t matter if you have a common name or have a twin who has the same name as you or have not been actively online as such, you should take up some steps in order to make your profile worth viewing when the search results come.

Also, you should think of buying the domain for your full name. Maybe you should create a LinkedIn profile. And if you don’t have one already, take some time out and create a profile online so that you can be seen as a person who is qualified.

Come up with the links:

Even though it is impossible to control what people will think about you once they see your profile on Google, do take some steps to see if you can change a few stuff and get a list of some of your best links.

This is exactly where your personal website will come handy. It is definitely worth the time to create a page with a few links to your online profiles such as Klout, LinkedIn and Facebook. Links to your old works that have helped you so far should be good too.

Do not try to censor yourself too much:

When you are in search of a good job or even if you aren’t looking for anything specific right now- always make it a point to stop and think before you post anything on the net. What would potential employers look for if they saw your post? How would they react? If you’re not very sure, it is better that you keep it to yourself.

Ultimately, they will try to figure out if you will be the perfect fit for the company or not. So we would suggest you to not be afraid and share some hobbies and interests that are beyond your personal realm. You don’t have to post links just for the sake of it. Make sure to share your comments and opinions.

Your past experiences:

If you want to get noticed through your social resume, make sure to mention some of your past experiences. That will always make a big difference. By this, we mean mention all the times when you have volunteered for something… say a charity organization or an orphanage. Say in brief what your experience was like and that you enjoy social work. It always creates a good impression and helps the recruiters see what you are all about. So make sure you have made a list of all those things you have done in the past.

Use as many acronyms as you can:

Social workers just love the idea of using acronyms. Most of them like to sit for several hours just writing one case note after the other and if we are being honest, they depend on acronyms most of the time to describe the kind of work they do. You should use the same kind of keywords.

What should you not include?

There are some things you should never include in your social resume. They include profanity, making silly grammatical and spelling errors, talking about alcohol or drugs or how much you love these things. Also, don’t make the mistake of mentioning anything religious. That would be a major turn off. Recruiters will definitely be on the lookout for things like this and in case they find them on your profile, they will immediately say no.

Take better care of your health:

Healthy employees tend to save a lot of company money. If you are a professional sports person, then write about your running experiences every time you run a marathon. Do you want to become a yoga instructor in the future? Talk about the retreat that you are headed to next week. Of course, there is no way you want someone to take over your profile. So be fit and be happy and make sure you are good to go.

These ideas are just the beginning. You can also mention some stories about your college you studied in and also the place where it was located.

Finally :

A social media resume is important for your career. It benefits you in so many ways. Your clients think better of you and automatically it opens new windows, doors and opportunities. So make sure to take these steps seriously and make a good note of it. If you have liked this post and have some comments, ideas and suggestions you would like to give, please feel free to comment below. And in case there are some questions you would like to ask, make sure to post them as well. We will try our level best to answer all of them. On that note, good luck and here’s hoping that you land the job of your dreams and present the best social resume that you possibly can.