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How to Change your Management Style: Top 16 Ways


Any individual who is ambitious will always dream to achieve success. No one becomes successful in their career overnight, it takes a great amount of dedication, hard work, sincerity as well as effort.

If you are not willing to give your one hundred percent at all times, then you will not be able to move ahead in life and you will forever remain stagnated. If you are someone who as a manager is not being able to get a lot done or make a lot of improvements in the office then you should make it a point to use these tips and guidelines which will help you improve or change management system or style of yours.

change your management styleEffective Ways to Change Management Style:

The following mentioned are few best tips to change management system.

1. You must try your level best to be as fair as you possibly can:

If you have been a manager for a considerable period of time, but have been someone who only sides with a few of your employees then it is a time that you change this attitude of yours and try you best to treat all your employees and teammates the same way.

Doing this will ensure that everyone works as a team rather than letting any kind of negativity come in between. Divide and rule is a policy which has proved terribly ineffectual in the past and it is most certainly not going to work now.

So as a manager you are expected to use your discretion and fairness to ensure that everything is done for the betterment of the company.

2. Make sure that you always give credit where it is due:

As a manager, it is of paramount importance that you constantly encourage your team members and make sure that at no point in time do they feel deflated or low. If they are mentally not happy then their quality of work is most certainly going to go down as well.

So try your level best to keep your employees happy at all points in time, then only will they feel like giving they level best at all times. Giving positive reinforcement is something which really encourages workers to try even harder as they are happy that at least their efforts are not going unnoticed, Even a word of kindness or pat on the back can go a long way.

3. Ensure that you do not stress yourself out too much:

When you are a manager then naturally you have a lot of things to think about, both private as well as professional and dealing with so many things might prove to be very tough sometimes.

No matter what, you should try your best to keep cool at all times otherwise you will come in for a number of health related problems like heart disease, high blood pressure etc. Keep in mind the common saying that all work and no play makes Jack a dumb boy, so ensure that you take your breaks so that you do not miss out on any aspect of you personal life at all.

4. Do not be afraid of taking risks at any point in time:

If you are someone who is extremely cautious then taking risks will certainly not be easy for you, this having been mentioned as a manager you cannot afford to not take risks at all! Be mentally prepared for the fact that sometimes risks pay off and sometimes they do not. Holding yourself back is one of the worst things you can do.

Sometimes it is advisable to just go ahead and take the plunge. No business would have been able to flourish if its owners were not willing to take a few risks. Though taking risks does not mean that you put everything which you have on the line, impulsively.

5. Remember that failure will only make you better and stronger:

The very fact that you have been selected as a manager, points to the fact that you are someone who is both responsible as well as capable, the executive team of the company thinks that you are someone with a vision who will be able to lead people in the correct manner.

So ensure that you do your responsibilities well and give them no cause for concern or cause to question the decision which they have made. The saying failure is the stepping stone towards success couldn’t be more true and having mentioned this you should be ready for whatever hurdles happen to come your way.

6. Be like a guide to those individuals who work under you:

A manager is someone who is able to inspire the people who work under him to do better. Ensure that you are someone who is a guide to those who have been entrusted to your care.

Rather than focusing on your own personal needs and selfish desires you should make it a point to look into the needs of your team and make sure that they have no complaints and worries which have been plaguing their mind.

If you are someone who conducts yourself well and practices what you preach then you can be assured that no one is going to have a problem with you. Ensure that you give no one a chance to complain about you.

7. Ensure that you are not acting high handed at any time:

Being selected as a manager is a great honor indeed, this having been mentioned, you should ensure that at no point in time are you acting superior or high handed in any way. You should try your level best to bring all the team members together such that they work as one comprehensive unit.

Follow the saying, united we stand and divided we fall and you are sure to achieve great things. Be sure, that nobody likes a manager who acts like he is a king and everyone else is his slave. It is only when you give respect that you will be able to get respect in return.

8. Try your best to work on your leadership skills:

Not everyone has it in them to be a good leader. Some people are born leaders whereas, on the other hand, there are people who have to try their best to work on their leadership skills so that they might be granted promotions at their place of work.

Since you have been chosen to be a manager, then naturally you are someone who is immensely talented as well as capable, but this does not mean that you start thinking that you are a know it all. You should always strive to improve yourself and work on your leadership qualities and skills so that you are able to become better with each passing day.

9. Brushing up on your communication skills is important:

One of the most important skills required in the business world is communication skills. Being born a good orator is something that can help you immensely in the long run. If you are not able to speak in a commanding and compelling voice, as a manger, then maybe it is time that you brush up on your communication skills so that you are able to be a powerful speaker who is able to leave a lasting impression in the minds of those listening. As a manger you will be expected to represent the company at various events so you should always ensure that you are mindful about what you are saying.

10. Be approachable as well as welcoming at all times:

The very fact that you have been selected to be a manger means that you are someone who is a people’s person and are sensitive to the needs of other individuals. So you should try your level best to be as approachable as you possibly can, so that at no point in time do people feel afraid to come to you with their queries, questions or grievances.

You will gain immense popularity as well as regard if you are someone who lends a ear to someone in distress. Having compassion is a quality which is hard to find in this day and age, so you should try your best to be compassionate to the needs of others.

11. Losing your temper is always a bad idea:

As mentioned above, being a manager is a stressful job, yet at no point in time should you think that it is okay to take out your anger an angst upon your team members as this is most certainly not going to go down very well with them.

Just because in the hierarchy of things you are above them, it does not mean that you can treat them in any way which you want. Keep in mind that bad behavior or foul words on your part could really get you in a great deal of trouble.

So take time off if you are going through a lot but do not use your workers as scapegoats as you might end up losing some valuable employees in the bargain.

12. Do not get swayed by those who come and carry tales to you:

In the office, there are always those people who indulge in gossip and try to earn a few brownie points with the seniors and mangers by carrying tales. No matter what is being told to you about anyone, you should not take any sort of action without clarifying about whether or not there is some truth to the matter.

Just turn a blind ear to those people who indulge in such practices so that they get the hint that you are not someone who is interested in participating in something so juvenile, rather you have more important matters to look into.

13. Have some mentors who you can take advice from:

If you have just been appointed as manager and are confused about how to go about things then you can speak to other managers and seek advice from them so that you can improve with time. You should never shy away from asking for help from those who are experienced in the field and will surely have valuable insights to give.

14. Let your conscience be your guide at all points in time:

No matter what you would like to achieve in the course of your tenure as a manager you should ensure that at all points in time you are guided by your conscience alone. In the course of your career you might be tempted to the wrong thing a number of times but you should always try your best to resist this temptation.

15. Constantly get feedback from your employees:

One of the best ways to change your style for the better is by taking feedback from the employees and getting to know categorically, where they think you need improvement. Ensure that this is done anonymously so that no one is afraid of speaking the truth and saying what is really on his or her mind.

16. Keeping up with the changing times is very important:

In conclusion, it should be mentioned that as a manager you cannot think that things are always going to go as planned. You should keep trying to become better by constantly keeping up with the changing times and being open to new ideas.

Conclusion :

After you have gone through this list carefully you will probably realize that you will most certainly have to make some changes in the way in which you manage things in general. A manager is someone who is a blend of a number of different things, he has to be a friend and guide to the workers, a tough taskmaster when he notices that the employees are taking his goodness for granted as well as a communication link between the workers and the seniors and bosses. If you have freshly been appointed as a manager, then naturally, you will find it hard at first, as you gain experience things will get easier for you.