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How to be Fearless at Work? 15 Crucial Lessons


It is needless to mention that nowadays the business world is a cut throat one indeed and it is only those who are bold and fearless that are able to get ahead and achieve success. Being fearless is a quality which is not inborn in all of us, some of us are afraid to take bold steps in case our endeavors happen to end in failure.

This having been said, for your benefit, given here is a list of ways to help in how to be fearless at work so that you are never stagnant or fixated at any place rather you keep persevering on and trying to give your best at all costs.

be fearless at workCrucial Lessons to Find How to be Fearless:

1. Ensure that you are properly qualified for the job:

Before anything else can be said, it is of paramount importance that you have the proper qualifications as well as credentials for the job which you are doing. Unless you have an in-depth knowledge of your subject, you will never be able to be fearless in the work which you do.

However this having been said, having educational qualifications does not mean that you will be great at doing your job, sometimes there are people who have a lot of theoretical knowledge, but are unable to put this knowledge to some practical use. So ensure that you are not someone who is book smart.

2. Keep trying to improve your skills and knowledge:

It is an established fact that those who are fearless are able to get ahead in life. And the ones who are lazy and wait for opportunities to present themselves are those who are left behind in life, because their attitudes itself are so very negative.

So if you want to be fearless at work and have confidence in your own ability, then it is of paramount importance that you constantly try to better yourself and keep yourself up to date with any changes in your field.

It is only when you have a thirst for knowledge and an eagerness to try new things that you will be able to move forward in your life and achieve success.

3. Do not be afraid of failures that may come your way:

There is some truth in the common saying that failure is the stepping stone towards success and this having been said you should never be afraid of failure. If you are someone who is trying out something new and novel which has never been attempted or done before, then initially your endeavors might end in failure, its natural.

This having been said you should never take these failures personally or let them get to you in any way at all. As you better yourself and accept that failure is a part of life then only will your attitude towards work becoming fearless.

4. Do not feel inferior to your other co-workers:

The sense of fearlessness comes when you have faith in yourself as a person as well as confidence in your own ability. You will never be able to act in a fearless way if you are someone who constantly considers yourself as inferior or subordinate to those around you.

Working in a competitive atmosphere in a top company isn’t easy and sometimes you might feel low and inadequate, yet you should have faith in yourself and know that had you not been a capable individual you would not have been even employed in this company. If you have no faith in yourself then no one will have faith in you.

5. Ensure that you follow the dictates of your own heart:

As we are all well aware of the fact that, we have only one life to live so we should try our level best to make the most of it and even achieve as much as we can. This having been said, you should not always be chasing after money and try to increase your material wealth.

A great way how to be fearless at work is by letting your stance show that you are not someone who can be bribed into doing something. You are absolutely fearless because you are never greedy for money rather you will only do things which you love doing and which you feel you will be able to do well.

6. Do not participate in any kind of petty politics:

It is popularly believed that those people who participate in workplace politics are those who are fearless and with leadership qualities, yet on the contrary, those who indulge in petty workplace politics are those individuals who are shy, inadequate and lack the ability to act independently.

So if you want to be fearless at work and even show people that you are someone who is fearless at work then you should ensure that you do not stoop to such a low level and participate in petty politics like this. Rather show that you do not shy away from standing alone.

7. Do not constantly try to butter up your boss:

If you are striving to be someone who is fearless then one of the things which you should shy away from doing, is constantly trying to butter up your boss and get into his good books at any cost. Being on good terms with your boss is certainly not a bad thing, yet this having been said you do not constantly have to agree with what he or she says even if it is not something which you are in agreement with.

At the end of the day you must remember that a good boss is someone who is a skilled professional and will certainly not be petty enough to hate you if you respectfully say something of importance.

8. Do not blindly follow what someone is telling you:

As we all must have noticed at some point in time or the other in our lives there are always people who are willing to give advice to us, whether or not we ask for it.

Considering what others have to say and giving a listen to their perspective as well as point of view is certainly not a bad thing, yet you should always ensure that you do not blindly follow what other people have to tell you without even taking into considerations your own thoughts as well as feelings.

If you show that you are someone who constantly sits on the fence then people will begin to take you for granted as someone who need not be taken seriously.

9. Remember to always take informed decisions:

If you wish to be fearless at work, then you have to ensure that you take informed decisions so that no one can challenge you at a later point in time. Being bold and fearless does not mean you have an attitude problem.

It merely implies that you do not constantly act in fear or under any compulsions. On becoming fearless might not come easy to you at first, yet over time as well as after gaining a little experience you will become fearless at work without even making a conscious effort to be so.

10. Let your conscience be your chief guide at all times:

The only way you can act in a fearless manner is if you are someone who has a clear conscience and never indulge in any activity which could tarnish your image. In this day and age there are people who desire to get ahead at any cost so much so that they do not even bother if they are hurting or stepping on others while getting ahead.

Wanting to get ahead and be successful in life is most certainly not a bad thing, yet you should ensure that in the attempt of getting ahead you do not make use of vile and negative means. Always remember to work in an honest manner.

11. Be very open as well as honest about what you are doing:

Acting fearless implies that you are sure about what you are doing and you need not constantly seek approval from others. You are someone who will never hide details about what you are doing, rather on the contrary you are loud and open about what you want to achieve as well as how you are going about achieving that.

If you act in such a transparent as well as fearless manner, not only will you be showing that you are a worker of good repute but that you also always put the needs of the company before your very own and this is a trait which is rare and truly admirable.

12. Do not be afraid to take risks when you have a good feeling about something:

It is important to keep in mind that those companies which are huge and successful, did not start off as being huge and successful, rather on the contrary, chances are that they started off small. No company would have been able to grow and expand if its owners were not willing to be fearless and take the plunge at some points in time.

This having been said, if you are someone who wishes to be fearless then you should ensure that you are ready to take risks and go with the flow sometimes, yet ensure that you do not act in a crazy way and put everything on the line.

13. Do not let anyone’s negative thoughts and words get to you:

As you become successful in life, there will always be people who will be trying to pull you down and constantly tell you negative things. But you should not make it a point to fight with someone who is giving you criticism and that you never take anything being said to heart.

So ensure that you are not someone who constantly changes your stand, rather ensure that you are someone who is loyal; trustworthy as well as fearless. If you have these traits then any company will be waiting with their arms wide open to hire someone as good and as capable as you.

14. Do not keep thinking that you might lose your job:

One of the main reasons why individuals act in fear is because they believe that if they put forth their real views and even challenge what any senior or boss has to say, then they might run the risk of losing their job.

As long as you are someone who is willing, capable, fearless as well as analytical, any company will be ready to hire you. If your words are not appreciated then maybe you ought to hand in your resignation on your own and not wait to be fired.

15. Ensure that you have the proper body language:

Last but certainly not the least is that in order to show that you are someone who is fearless, you must ensure that you have the proper body language and at no point in time do you act in a manner which is constantly to your nature or not becoming of someone who is in your position.

Finally :

So these are some of the things which you can follow so as to help you how to be fearless at your work. If you show that you are someone who is weak and can be easily taken advantage of then chances are that people are going to take advantage of your goodness and even steamroll over you.

It is of paramount importance that you have your head on your shoulders at all time and takes decisions not only from your heart but also from your mind after careful weighing as well as measuring. If you are determined to get ahead then you should ensure that nothing stands in your way and you constantly give your one hundred percent.