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Who Should be Involved in The Hiring Process?


You have plenty of job applications on your desktop, but the thing constantly alarming your mind is ‘outlining a strong hiring team for an effective hiring process’.

Sure, hiring a new employee is a major decision for any organization, but even more important than this is to set up a strong and an intelligent hiring team members who can successfully accomplish the hiring process.

hiring process team membersWhile you decide on who should be involved in the hiring process of your company, you first need to understand that this is subject to the desirability and feasibility of your organization.

If your company is small, then a team of two hiring managers will also work, but if it’s a very big entity, then you can involve more intelligent people of your organization in this role.

Make sure that you do not handle the entire responsibility of hiring a new candidate to one person only, as it may lead to biased decision, or lack of ideas and knowledge.

So, read on to know, who all can be involved in the hiring process.

The Hiring Process – Who Needs to Be Involved?

1. Hiring Manager:

If your company is small, with few staff, then you can appoint a single hiring manager. Such hiring manager administers the entire hiring process.

He is also responsible for interviewing, screening, decision making and communication with other staff members for the recruitment process.

The HR manager can accompany him during the hiring process, in order to add more ideas and value to the process as well as to carry the administrative responsibility.

This will help you to appoint the best candidate for the job position without involving too much of the available resources.

2. HR Manager:

Every company owns a human resource manager. This profession is not only limited to managing employees of the organization. He can also be involved in the hiring process in order to create a professional and well organized search process.

HR managers can participate in plenty of ways. You may ask him to provide purely administrative support, or he may also act as a link between the candidate and the hiring manager to deliver sound decision making.

He may also act as a third, neutral party when it comes to negotiate salary.

3. Supervisors:

supervisors at work Now, if you have decided to form a hiring team of more than two members, then the next vital personnel that you may involve in the hiring process is the supervisor.

A supervisor with long supervision and delegation experience can help in selecting a candidate who can bring more gains to the company.

If your company holds a supervisor with additional knowledge and abilities related to the concerned department, then this can help you in outlining a really strong hiring team.

4. Reporting or Direct Manager:

If you are interviewing a person for a mid-level job, then it is wise if you include the manager. A manager knows all about the workings and requirements of the department.

He understands well that what is required for the job, and can help to judge that whether the candidate possess all such required abilities or not.

Since he will be the one who will head the new employee, so, it is fair to at least give him a chance to judge that whether the candidate will be able to meet the company’s requirements or not.

5. Head of Specialized Department:

There are different departments and sections lined in a company. If you are recruiting the candidate for a specialized department, then it is wise if you ask the head of that department to be part of your hiring team.

For instance, Sales Head can be considered in the hiring team if it is an interview for sales personnel. Similarly, Finance Head can be a part of the hiring team if your company is looking for an accounting professional.

Including departments head in to hiring team can help in conducting an interview that is both knowledge and skill based.

6. Employees or Multiple Staff:

Considering employees working in the same profile or project, in the hiring team can help in selecting a candidate with best abilities and potentials.

You can select best employee or employees from the related department in the hiring team. This is because; employees understand the work better than others, as they are part of it. They can also investigate for vital information from the candidate in a friendlier manner.

The candidate can easily connect with the employee, and if you consider employees in such roles, then even they feel more confident, responsible and empowered.

7. Members of the Research and Development team:

developers team The Research and Development Department of a company are an area full of knowledgeable and skilled professionals.

If there is a professional in such department of your company, that holds sound knowledge about the job opening and also possess good experience then do not miss on including such individuals in your hiring team.

If you want to secure a hiring process that can efficiently judge the candidate’s skills and abilities, then you can include experienced and knowledgeable member from your R & D Department.

8. Individuals who have better knowledge about the job position but belong to other departments:

It is not essential that you can only include individuals or professionals from the same department for which there is an opening.

You can consider including professionals from other departments, who have great knowledge about the job position.

So, if there are professionals from another department who possess a better knowledge about the job opening than individuals who belong to the same department, then it is wise to involve them in your hiring process.

9. Team Leader:

If the interview is for an entry level job, you can also involve the team leader of the respective team in the interview and hiring panel.

The team leader holds all knowledge about job responsibilities, working skills, potentials and abilities required to perform the job in the most eminent manner.

He can judge the candidate for the same, and therefore can be really beneficial in carrying the entire hiring process in a productive manner.

10. Project Manager:

If there is a job opening meant to hire employees for a new or an undergoing project, then the best person to be a part of the hiring process, can be the project manager.

The project manager is the most knowledgeable and skilled person for that specific project. He is also well aware of what is required from the candidate and what all job roles the candidate has to play.

He can not only judge the candidate about the job position, but can also brief him about everything that he has to do and need to perform. So, for a project based vacancy, it is better to include the project manager on the hiring team.

11. Board Members for Senior Positions:

board of directors interview If the interview is for a high level job, then you need to include top personnel of your company, in the hiring process. CEO, members of the Board of Directors and other similar senior professionals can be included in the hiring process.

Since, they are the top level employees, you may also have to ask for their availability. They can conduct an effective hiring process and help the organization to recruit professional who can bring large virtual gains to the company.

12. External Recruitment:

In case, you are not able to set a sound hiring team for your hiring process, then you can also consider the option of external recruitment.

There are recruitment companies available, who offer such services to various organizations at competitive rates. These professionals have long term experience and great knowledge in this field. You are required to brief your requirements to them in detail.

If you want, then they can handle the entire hiring process according to your requirements. This is a good choice for mid-size companies that are not able to develop a strong hiring team from internal employees and professionals.

So, these are major personnel or professionals who you may involve in the hiring process in order to select the most suitable candidate for a job opening. The decision of how many members must be there in your hiring team is constrained by qualified interviewers present in your company and structure of your company. It is sensible to select individuals who have relevant information about the company, interview process and job position, whether they are from internal team or external organization.