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Facebook Tips for Job Seekers: Dos and Dont’s to Find a Job


Social media is turning the tables upside down as if they are replacing the conventional methods of seeking for the jobs. Social media, especially the Facebook is replacing all the placement agencies and taking over them.

Nowadays, jobs are searched through the references and references happen to be the friends and our family and tell yourself which social networking has the maximum number of friends? Yes, it’s Facebook. So, here are some of the reasons why to use Facebook for the job hunting:

facebook tips job seekersJob Hunting on Facebook:

1. More Number of referrals:

Facebook helps us in building and sustaining the contacts with our family and friends. Thus we are able to talk long hours without worrying about the balance, provided you have internet pack on the other hand. So, talk and chat endlessly and through them only, you may come to know about the vacancies in the office, hence, you are successful at finding the perfect place for you.

2. Facebook has more users than a country possess:

Oh yes, Facebook has more users than a country can possess, so think of your own, you can get to know an end number of people on this social networking site. This way Facebook gives us a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, build endless connections and also to expose your skills so as to accelerate your career ahead. You get to know the unknown, thus indirectly connecting with the whole world at large.

3. Finding the companies online:

Along with entertaining yourself on the Facebook, one can also search for the prospective companies where you once had whole heart and mind to work as an employee. Even if you wish to work there, you can go to the companies’ page through the search option and can get all the information regarding that. You just require to click the like button on the page and you will start getting the follow up of the company on your timeline.

4. Follow the eminent personalities:

The people whom you admire or the ones, whom you follow, can be looked upon on a daily basis on Facebook. You can follow them on their official page and read all what they share on their timeline. Those things would also help you out in job search as many times it happens that they post on the timeline for the requirement of the employees at the place they work. So, follow those professionals online.

5. Follow the employment pages on Facebook:

There are a number of pages on social networking site that provides employment to the employees. The pages like media jobs daily, or even the government jobs daily are some of the pages where the updates regarding vacancies are given and through them also one can grab job opportunities.

So, this also forms to be the tips for the job hunting on Facebook.

Advice for the Job Seekers on Facebook:

The one’s who make use of the Facebook for seeking the perfect job, they must follow the following tips:

1. Do not post anything you don’t want your boss or the hiring team to see:

You might not remember your last post or the pics you have posted long back, so the only choice left back is either delete all that you think is not appreciable or personalize your profile to yourself.

2. Do not post comments that portray discrimination, racism etc.:

Think for a second that you happen to clear your interview and think that you have great chances of getting selected but still you are not selected. Have you ever thought that if you can go through the company’s profile, then even the hiring manager can also go through your profile, not just on Facebook but also on other social networking sites.

So, it will be helpful for you to not to post comments that show discrimination, or are against your previous company. This will portray a negative impression and does not go in the interest of the hiring company.

3. What groups are you a member of should be taken care of thoroughly:

Your whole profile is scanned by the person to know what kind of person you are. Your activities on Facebook shows your nature to larger extent, your likes, dislikes and even unmasks the real skills that you possess. Like you may have written something really good, that will show that you possess good writing skills, or you may have posted good photographs on your wall, that will show that you are a good photographer and so on.

So this way number of skills you possess are known to the hiring person, but mind it anything wrong can also drown you. So, being safe is the option.

4. Privacy settings:

Make sure you have done the privacy settings like the photographs can only be seen by your friends, the religious views that you possess or post on the timeline should be hidden in case they are against anyone or any religion or it may offend the one who is strolling your profile. So, make sure you have the privacy settings done so as to protect yourself from any danger to arrive regarding the job search.

5. Do not follow anyone blindly:

If there are real official sites of the companies as well as the eminent persons, then, there are also the fake sites that may betray you from your real aim. So, before following any person or any of the page on Facebook, make sure that you go through the profile thoroughly before moving a step ahead or it may land you in a greater trouble.

6. Post ads or the videos on Facebook:

You can make videos of the work you do and post it on Facebook. It will help you give lots of appreciation and fame if your work is exceptional and unique. Facebook is proving to be a good platform for the one’s who are talented enough as they can show their talent by using the smart technology.

7. Verification is essential:

Whether Facebook is a great platform, but still you need to verify everything that you come across on the timeline as many times the things prove to be a fraud. Verify with your friends and relatives who are on the Facebook regarding the pages and the people you follow. As there is no direct face to face contact, so you should make sure everything you do is after taking precautions.

8. Participate in the contests:

The companies at times organize contest on the Facebook to know who has the potential and who should be hired, so try and be active on Facebook and also participate in the contest that are posted because you never know when lady luck smiles on you. If you are making use of the social networking sites, then make the best use of it and get the maximum output from it.

How Facebook can hurt your Job Search:

1. Inconsistent professional information:

Make sure the information you provide is right with appropriate company names. Be consistent with the company names and the other places you have worked at. This is because the hiring managers may target the information you provide in your profile and in case the information goes wrong, your job search will get hurt.

2. Grammatical mistakes in the post:

If you are writing any post, then, make sure there is no grammatical mistake in it or it will put a negative impact on the recruiter. The hiring managers search for the potential employers who can search for the purple sparrow in the sky. So, think about the level of expectations they have from the job seekers. To reach that level, make sure you do not leave even a single stone unturned.

3. Operating Facebook while working:

Companies have a number of means to monitor the activities of employees online. So, if you are applying for the job online, do not post anything against your previous job or you can be taken into account for bad mouthing the company. Not just this, if you are posting the videos or the photos while you are in the office, it could be a red flag for you. So, do not operate the Facebook while working.

4. Google yourself:

You need to watch yourself on google first. If you are active on many social media sites, then google may track you. So, it would be better to know what results google show for you regarding yourself.


So, above are some of the things that should be kept in mind during the job search. It is always advisable to use Facebook keeping in mind all the advantages and disadvantages it offers. If you will be aware of all these you will save yourself from the upcoming storm to consume your potential job.