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18 Powerful Career Tips and Advice for Women


In the olden times it was a taboo for women to work or enter into any kind of profession. But with the passage of time and the society becoming more and more better, people have started understanding the caliber of women – therefore you would find that in India majority of the top positions in various sectors are led by powerful women. They have been successful both in professional and personal lives. Here we are going to discuss few career advice for women that they need to follow.

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Tips to have Successful Career:

1. Set your goals first:

Every profession requires to have a proper goals set even before you start. You should write the goals on a piece of paper – have a clear view as to what you would want to do. Initially you need to have a short term goal – you need to have a proper graph to decide whether you have achieved the same or not. Then plan for your mid-term goal and long term goal. Make sure that you have realistic goals set in place. Get all the required help and resources you need in order to achieve your goals.

2. Confidence in your goal:

The main characteristic of a successful person is confidence and the belief that they can succeed. This is the success mantra and if you can follow this you will never have to look back in life. The confidence has to come from within – you make sure that you get good education and training. Besides this have good relations with your family. All this will boost your confidence level and help you in becoming successful.

3. Perfection:

No one is 100% perfect and if that would be the case – you would just have brilliant people in the world. All of us commit mistakes and every mistake is a stepping stone to getting success. You should be perfect but the term ‘perfectionism’ does not mean that you are not trying for the best but you are doing well and as long as you are satisfied it is always good.

4. Get into the right relations:

It is important that your life partner supports you in all your endeavors. Hence it is important that you get in the right relation. Your partner should understand your goals and at the same make sure you are able to reach out to your goals.

5. Physical and mental health:

It is not only the external factors that affect your success – the internal factor like your health also plays an important role in shaping your career. If you have good resources but you are not keeping well – then it does not make any sense. So make sure you are very well, both mentally and physically.

Excellent Career Advice for Women:

In the present modern world, large numbers of women are representing most of the well-known organizations across the globe. Even when you look at the managerial graph you would find more of women managers as compared to men. Here are few career strategies for women in order to become successful in their careers.

1. Training and education:

This is the first step towards a good career. Education is considered among the best secret weapon for every woman. It has been more than a decade that women have been told and informed that if they are well educated they can always lead in their lives. You should start from being a graduate and study until you are able to reach the highest level of education possible. In the olden times there were constraints of time and money – but in the present modern times – you can easily get financial aid for studies and besides this you can study from home along with your work. Your goal should be to develop all your underlying skills to the best possible extent.

2. Be internet savvy:

Women have been always in the most of the higher education streams. It is not only in the education but also in terms of internet surfing they are ranked on a higher end. There are more than 52% of women who use internet for various purposes. There have been various studies which have been conducted and it has shown that women are more efficient in using the internet – they spend lesser time while surfing because they know what they are looking for – they are very precise at surfing the internet. The crux of the matter is that women can remain in the competition and cutting edge because they have been continuously dominating the internet – because they are taking benefit of all types of online learning opportunities.

3. Taking benefit of the interpersonal skills and communication:

Various studies have been conducted and the studies have shown that there has been significant difference in the way men and women communicate and relate with each interpersonally. The experts do not mention that women are extra – ordinary but when it comes to communication and interpersonal skills in the managerial world, the women have better styles of management. They have more feminine attributes which helps them to build both official and personal relations faster.

4. Identify your career:

When you are deciding to go for higher education – you should have a proper idea about the career you want to pursue. There could be many twists and turn while achieving your career goal. In case you have a proper road map and detailed plans then it will be easy to achieve your career goal. You need to decide and figure out where you would be down the line 10 years. This will help you to design your goals and career.

5. Having a mentor:

Every training or education calls for a mentor. You need to have a mentor at every stage of your career. It is not mandatory that your mentor be a hired professional – it can be your boss, it could be any of your family members or it could be someone from the industry. When you choose the mentor you should be sure that they are able to help you throughout your goals. They should be able to understand and perceive what your goal is to you. They should be able to guide you and at the same time protect you from any kind of issues and problems.

Tips to Accelerate your Career:

When we talk about having a better career there are lot of thoughts and energy put in making your resume a thorough one. You need to make sure that all your skills and work is displayed in the right and positive manner in your resume – since the resume is your first impression while applying for a job. In your journey to succeed there are few simple tips to be kept in mind.

1. Never take things personally:

Every organization has its own way of working. You need to adapt yourself according to the working of the company. In some places you may get more freedom while in some you have limited freedom. You need to make sure that you raise your voice against wrong policies and help the management to correct them. There are times when you do not get a positive feedback on any work done – rather they would criticize you. In such situations you should never take up things on a personal level. If you are confident that what you have done is right then nothing to worry – sooner or later the management will accept it. You always need to present the facts and figures so that the management is clear as to what is your idea for making certain changes. When you take things on a personal level, the working atmosphere becomes very defensive. Instead of taking things personally you need to focus and understand what changes can be done so that the management accepts the changes. This will create better impression and you can also put your point forward.

2. Be open to changes:

There are times in your career when the most unexpected can happen. There can be major policy changes which would not be digestible to you – but this is the testing time for you. You need to keep an open mind and be ready to accept the challenges. Let us say for e.g. if you are asked to take up certain project which is not defined in your KPI – you should be ready to take this as a challenge. You need to understand that this is the time to prove yourself. Never be afraid and embrace the responsibility with an open heart and mind. Think in a positive manner that these additional responsibilities given will give you more and better insight to your career and you shall be ready to face any kind of challenges in the workplace.

3. Continuous refining of your career:

You would have set a goal for your career and in most of the cases the goal is almost achieved. But you should not stop at that – keep on redefining your goals according to the market trends. Make sure that you continuously build your brand – and become famous in such a manner that you are considered as the best amongst your industry colleagues. There should be a time where people will line up and ask for your professional help – this will command you more respect and excellent advancement in the career you are pursuing.

Game Changing Career Tips for Women:

The present world is changing very fast and so are the industries. As compared to the olden times the industries have become more automated and technically sound. This calls for better management by women and besides this they expect that their employees should have the ability of multi-tasking. Following are few game changing career tips for women.

1. Never give up in your life:

The day you give up in your life you have lost everything. Life is a struggle and the more you learn to withstand the competition and problems, the more your chances of success. When it comes to success you need to have immense perseverance – this is a quality which women are blessed with abundantly. Whatever might be the task never give up – be confident that you can do it and you will never fail in your life.

2. Never be afraid to fail:

Failure is the stepping stone to success. Hence you need not be disheartened – but you need to accept the failure at any point of time. You should confront all your failures and always remember that as much as you fail you will succeed like a phoenix. Always take inspiration from your team members, family members and also your mentor.

3. Accept the ups and downs:

When we enter into any profession it has its own advantages and disadvantages. When an individual joins a job for the first time – you need to be ready for all types of challenges. The initial times in the job could be boring and most importantly, it will take time to adjust with your colleagues. There could be unexpected twists and turns – take everything in a positive manner and accept all the ups and downs – this will bring success to you in the long run.

4. Remember your goal:

Never move away from your goal. Always keep in mind what is your goal and where you have to reach during certain time period. In case you are not able to complete the goals on time – check where are the problems which have occurred so that you can rectify your error.

5. Utilize every opportunity:

Always look for opportunities in your company. There are times when you get the chance to show your extra-ordinary skills at the best. These opportunities provide excellent chance for your career growth. Make sure that you seize these moments and take pride that you could work on a project which seemed to be tough for others – but you could handle it in the best manner.


Women are considered to be very strong – both professionally and emotionally – if they can make use of these simple tips in their career – there is no doubt that they shall excel in their career and come out with flying colors.