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Productivity Tools for Students, Entrepreneurs & Employees


Productivity has different meaning for different people. It has been measured on different parameters for understanding the productive capacity of different individuals. All those who wish to increase their productivity can do so by using the different apps and techniques that are available these days. But, let’s first understand the meaning of productivity.

productivity tools and techniques

What is Productivity?

Productivity can be defined as a measure of efficiency, that is, how well, any machine, person, thing can convert its various inputs into useful outputs. Productivity can also be judged as the parameter of efficiency of anything which has the capability of producing things.

Productivity can be expressed as the ratio of input to the output of product produced through its utilization. When all the outputs and the inputs are included in calculating the productivity it is defined as the total productivity of that thing.

Productivity is used to measure, if the inputs are used to maximum capacity to get the most output of it. When all the costs incurred in the utilization of the input is deducted from the output generated it is called the income generated from that process.

Productivity is an important and crucial tool for determining the efficiency of the inputs and to judge whether they are utilized to their maximum level of producing capacity.

Productivity should increase in every aspect as to which it is measured because an increase in the productivity will help to improve the level of growth of that thing or person or a community as a whole.

So, let’s see the productivity tools for various people and how they help to increase their efficiency and make the maximum utilization of the various inputs they have.

Productivity Tools for Students:

Today the education scenario has completely changed and students have a lot of information available to them, but there is a complete shortage of time to process this information and to make complete utilization of it.

Productivity for students can be seen as the maximum they can excel in any chosen field with input of hard work, dedication and knowledge they have. Books, Calenders and all such things can help the student organize his things, but the latest gadget that has topped every students list is his smart phone.

A student has to meet a lot of deadlines while submitting their various projects.

Here are certain tools which can not only help a student to increase his productivity but also to make the maximum utilization of the knowledge and information he has.

1. MindGenius:

Students face great difficulty in managing their day to day workload. With this new and great mind swapping app of MindGenius, students can not only organize their workload, but also manages the whole lot of information that is available to them. This app is very easy to use and can really help to manage the overloaded work of the students. It not only brings clarity in day to day work but also produce work of higher quality.

2. WordCounter:

While a student is busy in writing a whole lot of documents daily, it is not possible for them to count the word limit every time they write something. This absolutely free and easy to use app allows the students to know the exact number of words and symbols that are present in the document. This tool provided by the NinjaEssays is very easy to use as the student has to just paste the text in the word counter and his work will be done.

3. WritingHouse:

A student who has just finished his academic session is just filled with too much knowledge. The last thing that the student can do is write a detailed bibliography. To make things easy, the experts from the Harvard with the citation experts have developed this app where the student just have to choose from amongst the various formats and a lot of his work will be done.

4. Zoho:

This app is very flexible to use and helps the students in presenting the academic presentation in a very convenient manner. It has different formats and can allow the students to work according to their convenience. Another important feature of this app is, it is accessible from the smartphones as well.

5. ScientificResearch:

This app is easily available on apple and Android phones. Google might not be trusted for the information for academic purposes, so this app is really useful for the information needed by the students.

6. Appolearning:

This website provides information that the teachers can use in their classrooms. This app has a division according to the format, discipline, grade and topic needed.

7. Chegg:

A student has to be made available of a lot of information in order to increase his productivity. This app will help the student to save on their money as they can rent books and can really save on their pockets.

The life of a student can be made pleasurable and fun filled if the students make use of the apps listed above to not only make his work manageable and easy but also to make the maximum of the information that is available to him.

Productivity Tools for Entrepreneurs:

When a person is running a business his most valuable tool is time. On a daily basis a business man has to take a lot of calls, check on a lot of emails and the list is never ending. So, it becomes really difficult for a businessman to manage all these things at once.

Here is the list of certain tools which can be used by the businessman to increase his productivity.

1. Asana:

Being busy is good, but sometimes it becomes difficult for a businessman to manage things. Asana is the solution to their problem. It can not only divide the task, but also assemble the things on a daily basis. This will help to lessen the burden of remembering the things and concentrate on the work.

2. Google Docs:

Almost every businessman has a Gmail address and yet they are unaware of its power. This app allows all the team members to update the accounts and other business deals. Thus, it reduces the burden of the businessman and allows all the members to keep a track of the work done.

3. oDesk & Elance:

These freelance marketplaces allow the businessman to hire the freelancers and content writers from all over the world. So, if the companies are on a lookout for freelancers, then this is the perfect place for them.

4. Outsourcing placement services:

If the nature of the work of the company is such that it has to engage a lot of freelancers, then this is the right place to them. This marketplace not only saves the time in recruiting the employees, but also select the specialist for the projects.

5. Google Webmaster Tools:

Most of the businessman is using the Google app, but are not aware of this free and a must have app. If the businessman wants to be found on Google then he has to make use of this app.

6. Google Adwords Keyword Planner:

This app can be used by all those who have a Google account. With this app the company can find out that which word is making the most traffic in the internet scenario and it also helps to find out the ways to get the traffic towards it.

7. WordPress CAM:

Here is the solution to this problem, with WordPress CAM (Content Management System). This system needs some assistance to install, but once installed it will be easier for the companies to publish content without assistance.

8. HitTail:

To decide the topic to blog can be a tiring job. But, this app can help by listing the topic from the Google Web Master tool and along with this it has professional content writers which can further solve the problem.

9. Copyscape:

To know whether the content you outsource is original or copied, this is the right app for you. With the help of this app the originality of the content can be easily judged.

10. iPhone Reminders:

A unique feature of an iPhone is reminding the important dates and events. Once the reminder is due there will be a pop up and you have the option of either keeping on the snooze mode or mark it as completed.

Productivity Tools For Employees:

Productivity of employees is directly related that of the company. Employees are the one who are the backbone of the company and the company shall try to increase the productivity of the employees.

So, here are certain tools which can be used to increase the productivity of the employees and hence the company.

1. Box:

This app is one of the top favorites of the employees. This app helps the companies to save and manage the information so that the employees can have easy access to the information when they require it to be more productive.

2. Dropbox:

It started as consumer file sharing, but has now become the companies first choice and is slowly becoming the top too for increasing the productivity of the employees.

3. Slack:

This app has taken the employees by a storm in 2015 and slowly became a hit as it tried to replace the ‘e mail’. But this app has made the communication more fun and employees more productive.

4. Confluence:

The tag line of Atlassian’s Confluence is “where work becomes teamwork’ is the app where the company stores its information and makes it accessible to the employees to increase their productivity. The company also uploads its presentation on this app.

5. Hipchat:

This app allows the company to have a group chat at a time. This app is advertised as the ‘communication solution optimized for the workplace’.

6. Yammer:

This app is Microsoft’s answer to Hipchat. Once the employees start using it, they will realize that it has become easier to store information and manage the work more easily.

7. Asana:

Asana’s work tracking capability has made it a hit amongst the companies. This app tracks the work from other apps and allows the employees to keep a track of their work. This app allows the employees to meet their agendas on time.

8. Basecamp:

This app combines the features of project management with chat capabilities. This app allows the employees to keep track of to do lists, schedules, upcoming projects and so on. Thus, this app helps the employees to increase their productivity in a better way.

9. Smartsheets:

It was one of the best apps which became hit amongst the employees. This app allows the employees to collaborate their projects, schedules, and various other tasks, thus allowing the employees to track their business processes and even customer information.

10. Trello:

This app provides a visual approach to project management. It allows the employees to easily organize their work either by name, owner or any other way.

11. Evernote:

This app is popular amongst the employee for note taking as it allows the employees to divide their work to be done and which have to be done.

12. Rescue time:

This productivity tool helps the employees to analyze their work and how to increase their efficiency. If the employee wants to avoid any distraction, then they can set the app on focus mode as it blocks the unwanted messages.

13. Coffee Break:

This app allows the employees to take a break from their busy work schedule. This app can be easily downloaded on the status bar and the time and the duration for which the from work has to be taken can be easily set on this app.

Everyone shall try to increase their productivity either with the help of the productivity tools or otherwise. By doing so they can make the best use of the resources and get the maximum results. So, just use these productivity tools and increase your productivity.