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How to Deal With your Office Enemies and Adversaries?


Are you embroiled in office rivalry? Yes of course workplaces are hyper-competitive these days. Many co-workers in an office environment do not have the best interests within themselves. Your workplace can sometimes seem as a perfidious to navigate about.

Ones whirling around uninterested in your success or teamwork are predators that are constantly looking for fresh prey where they cover up their work with a bad mouth. Among the office realpolitik, surviving and thriving is what the employee needs to do. In that manner lets glimpse through a few tips about how to deal with office enemies and adversaries.

how to ignore your enemies

How to Ignore Your Enemies?

1. Trying to lie that they are great:

A society bonded together through insincerity. Have you ever thought of scenarios where every individual was honest? Then no teams could function, no marriages could be successful, and more. Another form of uncertainty is a polished insincerity called politeness.

Humans are sure to possess a company for a long haul when they are polite. Philosopher Eric Hoffer who is the author of the book called true believer mentions that there are some benefits by being charitable because when an enemy at the workplace is treated with magnanimity our hatred for those people is blunted.

So praise the one who hates you and this might result and avoid the antagonistic relationship. In this way, you can gain positive feedback and praise from your rivalry.

2. Praise part from mere words:

Body language is yet another string way of communication than what we think. Psychologist Bill Dyment mentions that it is easy to make out a contrived smile from a real one.

When a smile is feigned then the muscles that are hovered around the eyes don’t smile accompanying the mouth and it is tagged as pretended. Hence it is good to avoid mistrust and praise the adversary in this way the distance between sweet words and heart can be minimized.

3. Make them friends:

There are stories of co-workers, employees, and bosses at work who might have stabbed at your back. It is also another way to think that enemies are also human beings; though they may be ones who disagree at work we must realize that they are good people too.

It would be a good idea to grab lunch with them, befriends and even spend time with them after work. In this way, the blows that open up at the office can be avoided.

4. Stop reacting to rumors and words:

Just let them go if they climb up to your boss or come back again to you. Learn to ignore words or let it go away. You can present yourself as a bigger person by just ignoring your enemy’s words or rumors and show them that words really can’t hurt you.

Management will see you as a bigger and matured person when you ignore and just walk away from the issue.

5. Get over yourself:

The complete idea for dealing with an enemy or rivalry in your organization can be summed up this way. It is important to remember that business is business and you as employees pay for doing the job.

The business has nothing to do with the girl, guy or any other relationship that prevails in the organization or about who wins or loses.

So make up your mind, be matured and wear on your big boy pant, let some air into your amplified ego and start working.

6. Identifying enemies:

Ill-wishers are not always identified by us, and hence our first duty is to identify our ill-wishers or enemies in our workplace. Our enemies can be in the form of family members or close friends and hence we believe all the negative things they say and take them to the heart.

The main thing any individual should remember is to differentiate between skeptics and realistic. The first step to identify your enemies is to listen to them what they say and then note your reaction. When you are upset or depressed by what they say then they are your ill-wishers.

7. Rejecting negative thoughts:

The main idea of enemies is that they bring negative thoughts into your mind and pop up doubts about your righteousness. In this way, your goals are affected and hence negative thoughts are to be avoided.

So it is good to be positive and believe in positive thoughts, do not allow enemies to beat you.

8. Ignore them:

Enemies are inevitable, and everybody has at least one enemy in their life. Hence it is good to avoid listening to the enemies.

It is always a good idea to ignore them and get away from them by just smiling at them. They cannot affect you when you ignore their words and them completely.

9. Showing them the mirror:

The best blow that you can offer your enemy is that you can show that you know his intentions. A clear example when you come across an enemy who always badmouths about you as he was jealous of you.

In such cases when you confront the enemy about the aspect that he is jealous can surely paralyze him. In this way, he will think many times next time he tries to speak ill about you.

10. Control his movements instead of counter attacking:

Almost all people counterattack their enemies directly without knowing the result. In this way, you’re just left only with few options. But remember that you must be one who makes your enemy do all the moves you desire to do.

A good example is that when you are out for a party and you know your enemy is arriving, instead of waiting for him to come forward and verbally attack you, you can take steps and move him to the defensive side.

11. Collecting more power:

Availing power has many ways when you have surplus power you make fewer ways for your enemies to approach you. When you have a big group of friends or good people around then you can get to know all the rumors that whirl in the organization about you.

Since you get to know everything your enemy may not backbite you often. Hence collecting more power is one way to deal with your enemy.

12. Look at how others are dealing with your enemies:

When you find an individual irritates you or is your enemy, you can find ways to deal with him by observing how others deal with the same enemy. When your enemy is also an adversary for some other person then you can join hands with your colleague to handle the enemy.

13. See your enemies as blessings:

Ben Franklin tells you to love your enemies because they are the ones who tell you all your faults. With the enemies, you tend to know where your blind spots are.

Since friends are too polite to warn you, enemies are the appropriate ones who point out your weakness in a straight forward way. Hence enemies are the ones who give you feedback about where you need to improve.

14. Having more allies:

Political capital build-up by having more allies in an organization. When you identify as a trustworthy, helpful and honest colleague then there are fewer chances for the enemy to find fault on you or attack you.

They mostly avoid making harm to punctual, sincere and perfect workers in the organization. Hence being a sincere and honest individual at work can avoid adversary approaching you.


The above mentioned tips are perfect ones which help you to deal with office enemies and adversaries. Each hint designed perfectly so they do not attack the enemies directly but in an indirect way, making them realize that they are making issues.

Workplace enemies are unavoidable and it also depends on how you as an employee behave in the organization. Good behavior and attitude in an organization can surely help you deal with the enemies.

Understanding the main intention of enemies and either by avoiding or ignoring them, all problems in a workplace environment can be ceased. Focusing on work and when you are keen on achieving goals can be the best way to walk towards the path of success.

An enthusiastic employee will not find time to dig a pit for others as he needs to follow his success. And hence run through the tips and try to deal with all the enemies whom you find in your workplace.