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How to Ensure Success in your Career: 10 Powerful Tips


Is it possible to become a hit in a single day?

Does the taste of success come to you easily?

If your aim of attaining success is too difficult for you then maybe you are still on the wrong path. Becoming successful is not that difficult, instead it is easy and can be completely manageable if you channelize your resources and time very well. You need to check the ways of doing things.

May be it is the right time to go through what exactly is your scene with that of career development. There may be tremendous activities to be required to be done in a day and you will need to have the patience to believe that they all are going to happen. People believe you need to be different in order to have success.

However, all that you need is complete dedication and responsibility towards whatever you do. You cannot be lazy, boring or lethargic towards your job. You will need to take charge and march heavily with it. Keep a few of these career success tips in mind before you get on your path of achieving success:-

Due to some unexpected work, I am unable to attend office tomorrow. Therefore I request you to grant me permission to work from home.Job Tips to Ensure Success in your Career:

The following mentioned are few tips to success on how to become successful and to know what are your career goals.

1. Priorities and work goals:

You cannot have a short term plan if your ultimate aim is to be successful and reach the zenith. All that you need to be doing is having your priorities set and that your career goals for work must be completely achievable.

What should be your priorities of the day must be your valid question? You should ideally make a list and of your priorities and also plan your day. The specific tasks of the day must be outlined very well with the most important and required ones on top.

A successful person will always plan. He or she will know that taking these steps will make him a better successful person in his or her career than doing anything else. He or she will know that it is effective utilisation of his time for the first most important thing which will judge his or her credibility.

At such times one cannot say ‘no’ to being organised and prioritise about what you need. Likewise one should be in a position to determine your short-term as well as long-term professional goals. One must also evaluate the progress that is neccesary very frequently.

2. Be focused:

It is very much required of you to ask yourself whether you are completely focused in life. On one hand you say that you want successful career and on the other hand your mind goes on wandering about too many things.

Success calls for complete dedication. Keeping a time table of what you are going to do and not letting your mind sway off to doing anything else is the requirement of the day.

Are you really present at your workplace physically and mentally?

If you allow distractions like excessive partying, weekend off, girlfriends, hanging outs with friends a routine habit, chances are that focus can get a hit. Try to block out all distractions so that you have the time to truly focus on your tasks and career. The first few initial years of your work life are very essential to make you a better person at job. Try to be better with it.

3. Broaden your skills you need:

You think you will be a successful person if you tell your employer your limited number of skills? If that is what you are thinking about then forget it. Nothing remains the same and the world will keep demanding for more. This is the same with job requirements.

Try to update your knowledge and success skills. Make sure you do seek improvement of your know-hows and what you are utterly good at. Try and attend seminars, even conferences and also many occasions. Get a chance to read books, be an eternal learner and learn better from all your resources.

For example, if you’re ultimate aim is to be a journalist, just knowing how to talk on the camera and having some public skills is not going to hone you to be a better journalist. You should even know the digital world. You must know what it is to handle the camera, edit a bit and add some glorious effects to the screen.

You should be in a position to find out what can make or break you when on the field. You must learn software and even understand history and politics. Thus, you must be an eternal learner.

4. Accept challenge:

‘Successful people do not do different things. Instead they do things differently’. This is the right proverb that can be used to adjudge the meritorious activities of any person who wants to achieve success in his or her career. Yes it is true that a journalist is a true one only when he or she learns how to do things efficiently. You need to take up tough challenges if you have to prove to one and all that you can do things differently.

By taking up tough and hard challenges you will reach those hidden spots of your personality where you have never discovered before. It is a good idea to step away from your comfort zone and try and explore new horizons. When you want to see yourself reach the peak, you have to say bye to a 9-5 job.

Hardwork and success plan and that zeal of being different is what will take you ahead. If you settle yourself into a routine and play it safe all the time, you will never ever get ahead in your career.

5. Be ready for hard work and failures:

Hard work is the key to success“, Do you even know of one successful person who became successful by fluke? Have you heard of any person who did not have any struggler’s story or was not an underdog before he became famous and powerful? The truth is that you will hardly find someone like this so crazy.

You will have to grind yourself in the grinder of hard work, let obstacles hit you so hard, criticism is your knife which will turn you into fine piece, career failure is the pins which will prick you so that the ultimate product that comes out is refined and has no spot to it.

It is not easy to be successful. Instead if we put it the other way, if you want to be successful man reach the top, you should have already known what the beneath looks like.

6. Keep an ideal in life and follow him or her:

Nobody is born successful. It is necessary that you take your lessons of being a success from someone who you would have religiously followed. It is a must that you understand that things do not come so easily always and you will have to struggle with every happening. Thus, when things become too difficult for you to achieve, you must know that you have a mentor to run to.

You will know deep down in your heart that there will be a person to guide me. Suppose if you follow Dhirubhai Ambani example, read books written by him. Know how to be successful in career , how he conquered his fear of change and marched ahead. These all examples will make you the best in what you are.

7. Avoid wasting time:

Are you one of the persons who love gossip? Are you someone who cannot stay without at least sipping 13 cups of coffee and for those 15 minutes of gup-shup time with your friends is okay with you? If you are someone who does not understand the value of time, it is high time you will have to even forget what success is. Success does not come easy. Instead it takes efforts to be successful.

Each and every minute of your day will go in planning how to reach the zenith. Wasting time in talking, taking trips around, watching TV during work hours, social media distractions and mobile phones are a big no-no in the section. Why should one waste even a single hour of time when you know for sure that you can utilise it better at researching, talking to a few experts and managing contacts. Instead a good suggestion would be to not even waste time in going out in evenings every day.

Try hard to reach your contacts very well and be friends with them instead. Be very practical when it comes to career planning things. If you ever want that break time for yourself, take it but it should not be very long. Such time management at an early stage in life is what is going to make you a better employee.

8. Know your merits:

Do you think professional success at work comes easy for everyone? To be a successful person, people have had to compromise and give up on many things in life. However, it would be easier to work hard in a sector when you already know what your merits are. If you are completely aware of what your merits are then maybe you will be in a better position to understand your strengths. Know yourself more and thus acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses.

If you think you are the right person for a position or promotion, claim it. If you know you were the one who headed that project which brought turnover of profits to your company, go and make a proposal to your boss.

Do you think opportunities come again and again? No they do not. If you make the mistake of losing one chance that you get, you will have to wait another ten years. Thus, be wise and hit the rod when the iron is hot.

Another advantage of taking up the task of knowing your merits very well is because you will know what you have to work upon. When you get to analyse yourself, some people may tell you how unreasonable you can also become. When you sit down and understand that things did not go so well with you before and that time you quit like a loser, you will understand successful people do not give up.

Suppose if you think your boss is promoting only those who have a specific set of skills or education, you will want to take up a course which may teach you that skill. These are things which will make you learn and understand where you were lacking.

9. Socialize and communicate:

If you want to be a successful person you will have to know how to narrate your story. You will have to know how to talk about your businesses, and your visions which will inspire others to follow and support them. When you talk to people they would want to know why and how you became successful. Your speech would attract supporters, clients, and also customers who share their values and beliefs.

You must be completely enthusiastic and ready to participate in social functions. Be open to making new friends and acquaintances. Meeting new people and dealing with them respectfully and enthusiastically will make you a known person.


Thus all in all, be good, hard working, efficient, not a time waster and also an active listener. It is possible that by meeting new and good people you will surely learn something new and invest that in your motto of being successful.

Work hard and be true to your job. Get up every day with the aim that you will do something different and you will be able to do it. It is possible that you will become a known name in few days if you really stick to achieve- success in your career.