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How to Find Your Happy Place at Work: 19 Best Tips


In today’s world working hours take more time for any individual than any other activity. With all work related apps especially email now available on phones, the work extends outside the office. Its no great surprise that a large number of people and professionals that work as employees are complaining about their job. It’s difficult to find people who say “I am happy at work because I am doing something meaningful.” It seems that to have become second nature to everyone to complain about their job. Low pay, boredom, long working hours and no appreciation are the four major factors that make employees complain about their jobs.

find happy place at workAsk yourself on a scale of one to ten, how happy are you at workplace? Does this question make you want to think or does it give you a headache? If you find your answer to be scaling above 4, then it’s time to think about solutions. Your boredom, unhappiness or any general frustration at work will not only affect your productivity but is also a loss for your organization. The idea is therefore to get to a happy workplace that works well for the personal life of an employee and also ensure meaningful contributions in their professional life thus making them happy employees.

Tips to Find Your Happy Place at Work:

Here you will learn about the factors that make your workplace miserable and how you can find your happy place at work. We are talking about few changes in your thinking and attitude that could bring a significant difference in your mind set about your job.The following mentioned are few ways to be happy.

1. Choose to be happy at work:

You are the only one who is endowed with the power to control your feelings. No matter how evil or mean people seem on the job, you have the power to decide what you should do and how to do. Don’t let others affect your mind or manipulate your behavior. Once you realize that happiness is just a choice, you will be able to hold onto it as much as you can. You can choose to be happy at work easily if you make up your mind to do so. Think about the aspects of your job that you like. Stay away from useless and time consuming gossips, office politics and negativity. Spend time with your co-workers and colleagues who have optimistic approach about life. These will infuse a positive energy in you and will make you happy from inside.

2. Look for things that make you happy:

Figure out what’s the special thing about your job that made you want to do it? Is it your passion for the industry or the happy work environment or any other factor? Try to remember that special thing about your job that once put a big smile on your face. Whatever the answer is, hold onto that factor as much as you can. Don’t let the negative thoughts overpower your mind. Remember this is the thing you wanted the most and to achieve this you went through a lot. Look for things related to your job that makes you happy and generate a positive approach in your mind.

3. Try to adapt let it go attitude:

You will not be able to put your hundred percent in your work if you are holding on to past issues. Even if you feel irritated or overburdened, should try to let things go. That doesn’t mean that you should forget what happened but rather focus on the good things which you can achieve in future. Holding on to hurt feeling for others or fellow colleagues will only create more negative energy and mar your happiness. So, instead of clinging to the bad experiences focus on the good things that happened with you in order to make yourself feel happy.

4. Block out negativity:

Happiness and negativity are like water and oil, they don’t mix. One of the best ways to find your happiness at work is to avoid the situations that can evoke negative sentiments. If there are co-workers who are always complaining about what’s wrong instead of what’s great about their job, start to maintain a distance. Surround yourself with people who spend more time focusing on the positive aspects of job and life as well. Don’t let negatives people with pessimistic approach towards life overpower your mind. Have a positive approach for everything and see life will be so beautiful.

5. Do something that makes you happy:

Try to figure out what’s that one thing about your job that makes you happy. Just ask your mind what is the thing you love to do always and you will get your answer. Maybe it’s a particular project or assignment that brings a broad smile on your face. Look for at least one thing that connects you to your job, makes you happy and try to do it as much as possible. You will be completely astonished how that simple thing related to your job can transform your feeling and point of view about your job.

6. Make commitments you can keep:

One of the major causes of unhappiness at workplace is failing to keep commitments and deadlines. Most people aren’t disciplined enough and end up thinking up a bunch of excuses on why the deadline was missed. If that time was spent on performing the task with sheer focus and dedication maybe better results would have been achieved. Plan everything and assess your ability to accomplish a requested commitment. If you are busy and overburdened with work, ask the boss for help and resources. Don’t make false promise or volunteer if you really don’t have time to do that. It’s better not to do something instead of failing the commitments, That you made.

7. Work hard but manage ‘Me’ time for yourself:

It doesn’t matter if you are working in the banking sector, media or any other industry, you must take a little time for yourself at some point of the day. Whether you have free time for 10 minutes or 30 minutes, spend that time doing things you like. Stimulating your mind and body with something different can increase your productivity and your interest in your job making it happy working. Utilize free time by thinking about some non-work related things like your favorite book, music or any other activity that makes you happy. To re-energize your mind, you can chat with colleagues, have a cup of coffee, chat with your loved one over phone and listen to music. This break time will help to ease the work pressure and tension related to job.

8. Take charge of your own growth:

One of the main reasons what could make you unhappy at workplace is the feeling of being trapped. May be you haven’t gotten any appreciation from boss despite hard work or a promotion in a long time or you are just sick of doing the same thing every day. Though it’s true that you can’t change your situation overnight, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t strive to have a better future for yourself. Handle new assignments with vigor and continue further education. You should always look for new ways to improve your skills. This approach ensures that you are constantly aware and prepared for new doors that open down the road.

9. Ask for Feedback often:

Many professionals have a constant gripe, that their boss never provides any feedback about their work. How many of us make the effort to go to her directly and ask for her feedback? If you are really confident about your work, you want to hear him praise you. If you are lacking somewhere, try to improve and make serious contributions. Tell your boss that you would really want to hear her assessment of your job. You can even talk to your clients, customers or colleagues and seek their feedback. Remember you are responsible for your own development.

10. Be optimistic:

An optimistic attitude towards life you are more likely to let new opportunities entering your life. Don’t limit your dreams for the future just because you are sad and dissatisfied at this particular time of your life. Be optimistic, make strong efforts and set a goal. By taking these efforts you will be able to move in ther direction of accomplishing your dreams.

11. Get out of your comfort zone and take challenges:

When you push yourself out of the comfort zone and take challenges, you will be very happy to see how nicely you rise to the challenges and enjoy your work. Taking challenges doesn’t necessarily mean that you increase your workload. Take some initiative at workplace like testing new systems, doing a new project, volunteering or anything else that is of your interest. Giving yourself chances to explore new horizons, will make you more focused and will open good opportunities for you.

12. Try to be satisfied and thankful to your job:

Try to be satisfied with your life and job, remember life could be much worse. Have you seen the huge unemployment numbers? Each day comes with new opportunities and chances to make changes for the better. Look for things about your job for which you can be thankful. This will give a good feel and you will be certainly happy with your job.

13. Fix a time to stop working and stick to it:

Try to leave office on time, go home and relax with your loved ones. To be productive and be happy in your work, you should strike the balance between personal life and professional life. When you are out of the office, just don’t think about your work. It may seem hard initially to leave work unfinished, but separating your work time from your personal time is a pivotal key to lead a more rewarding life. Try turning off your phone or not ready email or any messaging application.

According to studies, happy people have more successful life, relationships and better mental health. If you are not healthy and happy from inside, it will be impossible for you to find a happy place at work. below mentioned few steps to lead a happy life and see where they lead you in life and business as well.

Ways to Feel Happy Everyday Even Being at Work:

The following mentioned are few tip on how to be happy at work and how to stay positive at work and enjoy work.

1. Start your day without technology:

While having breakfast, don’t check mails and messages. Enjoy your tea without checking updates and voicemails. Treat yourself with a technology free time, no matters even it is for 20 minutes; try to begin your day on a peaceful note.

2. Enjoy the Sun whenever possible:

The bright sun can really do wonders on your mood. Try to soak up a little Vitamin D during the breaks, have a walk or sit outside to enjoy the nature. If your work pressure doesn’t allow you to take frequent breaks, spend your weekend doing something outdoor.

3. Meditate:

Manage a little time everyday to be quiet with your thoughts; it will help you to improve your emotional state. You can pacify yourself and can concentrate more on your work.

4. Read and write when possible:

Take some time to read books which you like the most. Try to write a little bit every day, whether you write a review about how your day spent or how you want the next to go, it helps you to some extent to keep things out of your head.

5. Manage time for fun:

After an exhausting day at work, you may come up excuses for missing out on events that would have sounded pleasant to you. Try to do something fun each week as looking forward to something is a big motivator.

6. Adequate sleep:

Try to get at least 8 hours of undisrupted sleep each night. Turning off laptops, mobile and even television an hour before going to bed will make this transition easier.

Be it your professional life or personal always keep in mind that Happiness is the key to success. If you are happy from within, you are more likely to find happiness in the workplace.  Lead a healthy life, be positive and do your work with sheer focus, you will find that most desired happy place at work for sure.