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13 Things You Must Not Tell Anyone at Work


There are a couple of things at work you should never tell anybody. If you share the wrong ideas or things with the co worker, you could end up having a very bad impression of yourself. Sharing the wrong values always backfires and will leave you exposed. People will surely not think good of you and we are sure you want to avoid that.

Most of us have faced situations where we have blatantly spoken the truth and exposed ourselves. And in order to avoid that, you have to know what you should and shouldn’t say at work. This post will surely help you with it.

things not tell work

Don’t Tell Anyone – Warning Colleagues of Problems at Work:

1. That They Don’t Like Their Job or duties:

The last thing probably any one at your work would want to hear is complaining how much they dislike doing their job. When you do things like this, you come across as a negative person and nobody thinks you are a team player.

Plus it puts you down and gives you a bad impression. Bosses usually are very quick when it comes to catching on to those who say no. They know who they should replace you with and how they should go about it.

2. Never Speak About Someone Else Being Incompetent:

No matter what kind of working environment you are in, there will for sure be incompetent people everywhere and there are chances that people will not be as good as you in some fields. But that does not mean that you have the right to make fun of their incompetence or pull them down.

Telling others that your colleague is not capable will make you look as if you are some kind of insecure person who is making a desperate attempt to improve their image in front of theirs. The callousness will surely come back again to take you down in front of your co workers and your impression will not be nice at all.

3. Your Salary and Earnings:

Your parents probably love to know how much money you have been pulling every month but doing that at work will only breed negativity if nothing else. It is definitely not possible to reveal your salary to someone at work. It could create a bad impression and lead to a feeling of insecurity among others.

As long as people know how much money you have been making, the things that you do will again be looked upon as if it is against the money you are earning. It is surely tempting to just swap the figures of your salary but if you do so, you will surely not see each other in the usual manner.

4. That you are currently looking for a job:

If you are currently hunting for a job, please do not let anyone know about it. When I was small and I told my basketball coach that I was about to leave in two weeks, I found myself in a bad position. I was riding the bench and things just kept getting worse with time.

So what I did was I decided to stay and became that child who does not even want to be there anymore. Not only was I crushed but felt like I was the person responsible for this. I suffered because of my own fault.

5. About your sex life:

Another thing you should never discuss at work is your sex life. What you do in bed is nobody else’s business. Whether your sex life does not have any entity or is miserable, you don’t have to discuss this with others.

Comments like this might get a chuckle from the audience and even make you feel uncomfortable at times. Plus if you want advice on matters like this, discuss it with someone else and not with a group of people. That is surely not a great idea.

6. Your previous experiences at college or youth:

What you have been through in the past can speak a lot about you. Just because you have done something over the top and dumb 20 years back, it doesn’t mean that people will not judge or think bad about you. This behaviour will just put you down.

If some of the experiences include drinking and driving, abusing or beating up people and hurting someone, then be assured that people will think bad of you at work.

There are so many people who don’t get chosen by the people because of what they have said about themselves and since you are creating your own impression, you better make it good.

7. That they want someone else’s job:

If you want someone else’s job, let the idea stay with you. You don’t have to go around telling others about this. Good employees will not have a good impression about you on this. They will not consider you henceforth and pull you away from the team.

Your thoughts are always going to be yours. So keep them to yourself and don’t let others have the slightest idea about it. You should know what is right for you and you should keep it to yourself.

8. Mean and offensive jokes:

Now this is something you should NEVER do at work. Never crack any jokes that are rude, offensive or mean. That would only make a bad impression of you and put you down.

People will think you are a mean person with no understanding. Plus there are chances that others will take you very less seriously after this.

9. What you are doing on Facebook these days:

Others also don’t have to know what you have been doing on Facebook. They don’t have to see whose pictures you are viewing or know how much you drank the other night or which post you shared.

You could be making a very wrong impression of yourself by doing this. Not just that, your impression will be ruined in the process. So make sure you are keeping these miles away from everyone else. Make a good impression by maintaining a positive and vibrant personality in front of everyone.

10. Your political and religious beliefs:

Your political and religious beliefs need not be discussed with anyone because if you disagree with someone’s opinion, it could cause a problem and they could end up having strong perceptions of yourself.

Confronting people who have core values is also something very hard to do and I would not suggest any one of you to get into it.

11. The amount of alcohol you have been drinking:

The amount of alcohol you have been drinking should only stay with you and nobody else. Most probably your family members or some of your friends can be aware of it. People at work will only judge you for things like this so don’t ever tell them or let them know how many shots of tequila you have finished during the weekend.

Also when you are hanging out with your colleagues, don’t drink a lot if that’s a habit. Drink less or just avoid. Also moderate you’re eating habits. All of it is counted.

12. Spreading rumours or gossiping about others:

Most of you are aware of this and practice this often. But speaking of work ethics, things like these are never allowed and only make a bad impression. So when you are at work, please do not entertain others who are spreading rumours and gossiping.

Do not become a part of them, pay attention to what they have to tell or even respond to their comments. The farther you stay away from them, the better it is for you. Spreading rumours and gossiping is just bad so keep away from ideas like this.

13. Asking personal questions:

A final thing you should not do when you are at work is ask personal questions to others. That would just give you a bad impression and make you look as if you are prying or something of that sort.

If you want people to like and appreciate and share their life with you, then win their trust instead of asking them directly. That really never works to be honest!


This brings the post to an end. It is natural to make mistakes and work and in case you have made any of the above mistakes, we hope that you will learn from the article and not repeat them again. Plus if you have liked this post and have some feedback to give, feel free to comment below and let us know.

Apart from that, we always look forward to answering some of your questions. Please mention them as well. On that note, good luck and here’s hoping you will never make the mistake of speaking about these things at work.