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How to Defeat your Enemies with Kindness: 18 Tips


Enemies will always be enemies. And it won’t be wrong in saying that everyone has one.

It doesn’t matter if you are entirely innocent of the matter or not, you must learn to defeat and vanquish the pesky enemies as it is an essential part of moving forward with your life and getting on with it.

You will begin to understand your enemy with time and if you really want to get rid of them, it is essential and very important to defend yourself first.

Do keep that in mind. And if you want to defeat your enemies, this post will tell you how to defeat your enemies with kindness.

Defeat Enemies with Kindness

How to Defeat Your Enemies: Best Tips

1. Try to understand your enemy:

All of your enemies have not been created the same. Depending on the kind of enemy you have, you have to deal with them accordingly.

There are several kinds of enemies that fall under this category. The first one is nemeses. These people are usually found at school and work when you have been paired with like-minded people.

Next comes are frenemies or friends you don’t really like. Third ones are tough enemies, the ones who make your life difficult and menace.

2. Observe them carefully:

Now that you have understood your enemy and know where they come from, it is time for you to observe their behaviour and understand carefully.

See what do they associate themselves with and what are their interests. What is it that your enemy wants?

Learn what motivates them and what they are struggling with at this point.

Understanding them and their personality if you didn’t know could really help you step up your game and kill them with kindness in the near future.

3. Avoid your enemy as much as possible:

Your next step is to avoid the enemy as much as possible.

This is literally the best way to defeat them and get them out of your system and life completely.

You have to disarm them by not giving them the opportunity to offend or annoy you. If you have been struggling with a bully, remember to use your observational skills and spend time doing other things.

You shouldn’t give them the chance to antagonize you. If you have to see your enemy regularly, like maybe at school or work, you have to focus on your interactions with them.

The best way to avoid them is by avoid listening to what they have to tell. Spout them off at work and school so you don’t have to worry about their opinions.

4. Turn cold towards them:

Another point that works really well is when you become cold towards these people. This could really be a smart, powerful and effective tool when it comes to fighting off enemies.

There are bullies, nemesis and frenemies who always want attention from you. They are in search of an audience to pick on you and put you down.

The cold shoulder is an effective and powerful tool when it comes to fighting enemies. So when your enemy comes near you, pretend like nothing has happened. Don’t make any sounds or give them any reason.

Even if the enemy is standing two feet away and is calling out to you, ignore them completely and speak to a friend as if nothing happened.

5. Learn to defend yourself:

Finally, you should learn how to defend yourself. Yes, there will be times when you have to come face to face with the person who has been trying to make your life miserable.

Don’t back down then. Open up and be vocal about your opinion.

The more you keep quiet and hide, the more people will want to make an ass out of you.

So it is a suggestion by us that you start working on yourself and defend yourself as much as you can because that would really help you.

6. Find out their weakness:

A third thing you must remember to do is find out their weakness. See what pulls them down.

Knowing about their weakness could actually make you a better player. So make sure you are observing them carefully. All of this matters a lot when you are trying to defeat an enemy.

7. Move on:

Yes! You should move on. Don’t be so obsessed with them and worry about their opinions. Do know that it is all a matter of time and that you shouldn’t be feeling so bad and difficult about it all the time.

The faster you move on the better it is for you. It will help you worry less and get on with your life than keep stressing about what that one enemy has to tell.

So take your time and get over that feeling. It isn’t all that healthy anyway.

Other Points and Tips You Should Remember:

1. Try to build your character even more:

First and foremost, if you really want to defeat your enemy without being harsh or rude to them, you have work on your character and try to build it even more.

Always remember that your character is your best and true weapon that will close the evil tongue of your enemies. It is always your character that will protect and cover your reputation so always be mindful of that.

Plus when you work on yourself and see signs of improvement, only then you begin to feel confident about your character.

2. Be a little more open minded:

Second, remember to give people enough space and time so that you can understand and analyze what they are trying to tell.

If you think there is literally no sense in what they are saying, you should go ahead and ask them a question if they think you are a critic or not.

Being open minded is very important for those who really want to defeat their enemies without getting all harsh and vindictive. If you want to get rid of them and emerge successfully, this is what you need to do.

3. Know how to manage your temper and tongue:

Third, you should know how to manage your temper and tongue. Be silent and watch them very carefully.

Always remember that there is great power in silence and you can make your opponent feel unpleasant, stressed, uncomfortable and embarrassed at ease. All you have to do in these cases is use the right technique and that’s it.

Keeping a check on your temper really matters a lot these days. You have to be able to control yourself so that you can deal with your enemies in a better way.

The minute you give into emotions, the more prone you will be to losing. So don’t let that happen at all.

4. Keep your eyes and ears closed:

Another important point you must remember is to keep your ears and eyes closed.

Do you understand what we mean by that?

Don’t listen to any negative and toxic stuff people are saying about. They have probably been started by your enemy that you are so badly trying to get rid of.

If you don’t receive his words, you could fly back and wound that person. And if you receive those, they will fly forward and end up hurting you and that is something we bet you want to avoid.

5. Show your kindness:

Next, you should remember to be kind to them. I have always heard that the best way to get rid of an enemy or someone who detests you is by being kind to them.

And the best way to work that out is by showing some sort of kindness to them. Be nice. Trust me when we say this, it doesn’t hurt.

Plus when you are kind, people will begin to think of you as a good person. So be alert and be nice to everyone including your haters.

6. Always be humble:

And yes! Don’t ever forget to be humble. I have always learned that wisdom and knowledge cannot be controlled and that when you are able to others, it will always be the best side of you.

Plus it is definitely one of the best methods you can try in order to get rid of all the enemies you have in your life.

People who have done this before have only spoken about its benefits.

7. Don’t ever criticize them:

Criticizing is one of the worst things you could ever do while trying to get rid of an enemy or try to defeat then.

It will acknowledge you and make you look like an inferior person. You always have to bear and keep in mind that a word from the tongue is far more hurting than the sword can ever inflict.

The latter will only affect the body but the former will leave your spirit scarred for life. Always know that it is important to be patient and that you should deal with people with more logic and be extremely careful when it comes to dealing with your emotions.

8. Pray to God and trust them:

Finally, you should pray to God and trust him. After all, he is literally all you have in situations like these. But neither does that mean you cannot do the above.

You have to follow the points we have enlisted above and then put the rest in God. Your enemy will be defeated surely and you will be free from them for life.

Just be a little patient and look up to  God in times of trouble.

How to Forgive Your Enemies?

Finally, in this section we are going to teach you about forgiving your enemies and how you can move on from them!

1. Connect with others:

The best answer for ‘how to beat your enemy‘ and ‘how to move on from your situation‘ is by connecting with others.

If you haven’t met your friends in a while or spent time with them, make sure to do it. It will definitely help you feel better.

Connecting with others is one of the best and most wonderful ways to forgive an enemy, especially if it is someone who has really hurt you or caused a lot of trouble.

2. Know where you had gone:

Secondly, do know that it takes two hands to clap and that you must have done something wrong somewhere and that you can definitely find a few places where it was your fault.

Take your time to think about this and keep pushing yourself. In that way, you will be able to move on much faster and be able to get over this painful situation.

In short, it will really help you forgive that person and get over the situation as fast as possible.

3. Keep away all negative feelings:

Finally, remember to keep away all negative feelings. You must know that somewhere you were responsible to make that person angry and hate you.

Just wish that person well and don’t let it stop you from moving on from forgiveness. From insecurities and fear, you should communicate with others and understand where your fault is.

Keeping away negative feelings is a must when you are trying to forgive someone and move on. So do keep that in mind.


This brings the post to an end. Always remember that to defeat your enemies the right way, you have to use the right methods. In this post we have discussed all of them and if you do make a point to follow each and everyone that is mentioned, you are bound to get good results.

On that note, good luck and make sure to leave your comments regarding the post. Give us some feedback as well. We would love to hear from you. If there are a few questions you have in mind, you may let us know them as well. We will try to clarify your doubt.