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How to Connect with Corporate Recruiters: 10 Best Ways


Upsurge of market competition has made it difficult for job seekers to find suitable jobs according to their requirements. The task of hunting for a suitable job becomes even much trickier if job seekers are not aware of different types of recruiting agents available within the industries. So, if you too are hunting for a respectable job in the corporate world, and still not able to grab it, then surely you are not targeting to one, who is prestigiously known as a ‘Corporate Recruiter’.

How Connect Corporate RecruitersYou must be thinking that who a corporate recruiter is and how it differs from others. So, first let’s read about him and different job responsibilities he has to perform.

Who is a Corporate Recruiter? Definition and Role:

Corporate recruiters are also known as talent acquisition experts, corporate headhunters or even HR recruiters. These are professionals who work on in-house basis for a specific company.

Besides providing the companies with desirable talented candidates, these professionals also holds the responsibility of carrying varied duties such as interviewing candidates, screen resumes, extend job offers, keeping employee records and more.

For this reason, they have very sound knowledge of human resource abilities. Therefore, these job recruiters manage entire recruiting activities for a company, and make sure that only the best talent is hired to serve the company’s requirements.

But role of corporate recruiters may vary from other recruiters available within different industries. So, to have clear understanding of this, you can now read to different forms of recruiters and how do they differ from each other.

Difference between Corporate Recruiters, Head Hunters, Staffing Recruiters and Sourcer:

1. Headhunter:

When locating suitable candidates with defined skill set becomes difficult then companies opt to undertake services of job headhunters. They are involved with the company, till the point of locating a suitable candidate.

Once they found a deserving candidate for the company, they then pass all his details to it. The company then carry forwards the entire process of recruitment. They follow a proactive approach for hiring or recruitment services, as they directly reach to candidates, who they found deserving.

For this reason, employees who are doing good work, or are able to build sound reputation within a company are more prone to receive hiring calls from these specialists.

2. Staffing Recruiter:

Staffing recruiters are independent professionals who operate within their own business. They are appointed by the companies to fill job openings with them and are paid only if they are able to successfully provide deserving candidates to the company. They are involved with the company and the candidate, throughout the process of recruiting.

3. Corporate Recruiter:

Corporate recruiters are hiring professionals that are appointed by a company on in-house job basis. They carry the recruiting process for the company in order to fulfill different job openings within various departments.

These recruiters do not compete with other recruiter companies for finding suitable candidates. They mainly work on target basis and are paid a fixed amount of remuneration from the company for which they are working.

Corporate recruiters are sometimes also asked to carry variable job duties such as designing the candidate’s compensation policy, keeping record of employee’s leaves, and more.

4. Sourcer:

A sourcer is a professional who holds the duty of hunting a specific name, title or contact information of an individual. Such professionals employ traditional methods of recruiting, internet, and even cold calling, in order to secure adequate information about a suitable candidate.

They are even sometimes asked to present a list of professionals who meets a company’s criteria. They have very less connection with the candidate and have sole role of delineating a list of deserving candidates for the company.

These are different types of recruiting agents available within numerous industries that help job seekers as well as companies to find suitable candidates for their job openings.

So, if you are still sure that you have to undertake services of a corporate recruiter to get hired to your dream job, and are looking out for some effective and innovative ways, which can help you to connect with him, then here they are.

Below are the top-notch ways or steps that you may follow in order to strongly connect with corporate recruiter and get hired to your dream job, once you have done with the process of a job interview.

Ways to Connect with Corporate Recruiters:

1. Send an Email:

This is one of the simplest and acceptable ways of following up with the recruiter, after the interview.

Between receiving and calling back to back phone calls, sourcing through countless resumes, handling interviews, and finishing up administrative tasks, recruiters might not have much bandwidth for phone talks.

So, it is wise that you send an email. Your email must be simple, impressive and should remind the recruiter of something unique or specific that you discussed with him.

2. Show interest and stay succinct:

It is normal to show some enthusiasm towards the job vacancy, but make sure that you don’t portray yourself as a desperate. You need to be succinct and subtle in order to get through the recruiting process. Remind the recruiter of your knowledge and interest in the job, but make sure that you do not present a regurgitation of your resume.

3. Thank you note:

This is another pleasing way of following up with the recruiter. Since, this is a corporate recruiter, so he must have entire knowledge about the staff recruitment process and what hiring managers are thinking about you as a candidate.

So, you can always send a thank you note, probably 24 hours after the interview, in order to begin the follow up process on a friendly note. Your note must be conversational, friendly, brief, and should portray your keen interest in the job opening.

4. Don’t cross personal space boundaries:

Even if you had a very interesting meeting with the recruiter, still make sure that you do not invade the personal space. Make sure that you do not become too familiar with the recruiter.

Sending emails on personal mail id or following up on personal social media accounts can ruin up the entire situation.

Remember, no recruiter likes candidates who try invading their personal space without their acceptance.

5. Connect through social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and more:

Social networking is a great tool to follow up after the job interview, and stay connected with the recruiter. You can go for online chats through their professional social networking accounts in order to know the status of the hiring process.

You can even share valuable information with the recruiter through social networking sites in order to get highlighted at top of his recruiting list.

6. Go Offline and connect through events and meet ups:

If you are trying getting hired to a position that really requires lots of knowledge and expertise, then this is very interesting way to follow up and increase your chance of getting hired.

You can look for events and developing occasions that the recruiter will be attending, and you can land on the same destination. This will not only bring you to his notice again and again, but will also create an impact that you are also very much keen in gaining knowledge about various developmental aspects related with their company.

7. Outline an impressive video message:

Another very unique and impressive way of connecting with the corporate recruiter is sending a video message to him.

Face to face communication is a great way to connect with professional recruiters, and a video message is a finest way to begin such a meeting.

You can state your interest in the job and why you are a suitable candidate for this in your video message.

If presented in precise manner, then video messages can create a drastic impact on the recruiters.

8. Stay in touch by acting as a source:

Even if you don’t turn out to be a suitable candidate for a certain position, still you can act as a source to the recruiter. You can help recruiter in finding other candidates for his company. This way you can not only stay in direct contact with the recruiter, but can also create an impressive image for yourself. Might be, it may help you in getting your dream job, in the future!

9. Highlight your expertise and skills in bullets:

If you really want to grab the recruiter’s attention and do not want to waste much of the time, then you must highlight your skills and knowledge in bullet form in the email. You can even highlight your experience, the industry you belong and career achievements that you have successfully accomplished.

10. Send updated and current information about yourself:

Lastly, make sure that you deliver only update and latest information about your career to the recruiter. In case you are not doing a job, due to certain reason, then you can mention that in your resume.

It is very much essential that you present latest information about your professional career so as to avoid falling into any trouble.

Getting a suitable job in present scenario has become very much a daunting task. But if you really want to get hired to a prestigious opening, then it is essential that you build strong connections with the corporate recruiter.

This is because these professionals are not only in-house recruiters, but they can even provide you with detailed and genuine information about a company, if you are able to impress them before others do.