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How Long to Wait for Callback after Job Interview


People have become more or less impatient with the passage of time in many things since the time; this world has become materialistic world, just a thought otherwise.

But this has actually seen when things are related to an individual’s career, jobs and earning bread has really become difficult to earn in this expensive world.

In earlier times, people were realistic and things were just secondary to them. Since the time money has got its real value and survival is just impossible without it. Now people live on monetary bets.

Life’s major role is being played by money, which is not possible without a job in hand. Following mentioned are few tips to waiting for callback after an interview.

callback after interview

Appearing in an interview and get it cracked are two different things and really makes a difference in a person’s life in today’s pricey world.

Well, you should go to an interview when you are fully ready to face any type of question of the interviewer and answers are like almost ready with you. You should be intelligent enough to answer any kind of tricky question as well if you really want to acquire the job you are going for.

Chances of rejection should be close-ended and a probability of getting shortlisted and immediate reverts after the interview should come in positive way and it will happen when you have appeared very well in the interview.

Certainly most of the things which candidates often do before going for an interview and reasons why they get shortlisted immediately. This could be their general knowledge that helps them here or depending on few of the following grounds.

  • Reading newspaper daily just to get updated on the recent news.
  • Studying well about the company’s profile and it’s working.
  • Going through the company’s website to see and study what is their basic work profile.
  • Having good explanation/ reasons about why you had left your previous organizations etc if any.

This could be the main reason why employer should revert back to you immediately after your interview. No doubts, you anxiously wait for the employer’s call or a call from an HR department to know about your feedback after you are through an interview.

Tips for Waiting for Callback After Job Interview:

Here are some of the suggestions which you should definitely try to follow and calmly be waiting for callback after an interview.

1. Waiting procedure:

Wait is must for every candidate especially if you had appeared for some higher positions or so. It should last for at least minimum 2-3 working days.

2. Sending thank you notes:

You should send at least a thank you note by way of a letter or a simple card to the HR person or to the person who has eventually interviewed you. It costs nothing but just mark a good gesture of yours.

3. Purpose of thanking:

It leaves not only your good impression on them but sending them some thanking message also possess your interest intensity for that position and for their company.

4. No regular follow-ups:

You should not chase them regularly to get to know about an opinion of the interviewer. Knowingly, you are sometimes in a situation where you need to get the job soonest but regular chasing up is not a way. Should wait calmly.

5. Email procedural form:

email newsleetter content share The best way to contact the interviewer is email. Instead of giving phone calls or text messages on phone. It sheds a good notion too.

6. Patience is needed either way:

Well, you should know an art of looking on hearing back from the employer’s side with a lot of patience. You should not keep on following them with every rising sun.

7. Waiting period:

Look, when you actually need a job of your dreams and requirement for money to meet monthly expenditure which is much-needed then wait is possibly required.

You have no choice other than to wait. It could go until a week or may be more time, say 7-10 business/ working days.

8. Possibilities behind overwhelming more time:

Sometimes it could be some gazette holidays occur in between, weekends, vacation or unexpected sick call being taken by the HR person, which often takes more time to respond back to the candidate.

9. Short-listing and related methods:

Screening of candidates, their short-listing out of all and final offer might take little time which needs more of your persistence skills. It is really not going to help you to keep on calling or emailing even.

If they would have liked you, they will not forget to get back to you. Wait, wait and wait for a week at least, is the only option left.

10. Post interview approach or to wait:

Some experts have defined it in either way, likewise, just to ask up front after the interview about the positive or negative feedback or just sit and wait for the callback. It’s not possible rather both ways, since when you are in dire need of job.

11. Interval after interview:

Humor at a job interview A gap period of 3-4 days is needed for every hiring manager or employer; thus, they too, need time to recollect whole thoughts and sharing feedbacks with the panel after interviewing an applicant.

So giving them a callback soon after your interview may not give you good news instantly on the call.

12. Avoid keeping mediators:

If you are calling on the landline of the organization, it’s always better to speak with the person in HR department who initially interviewed you other than lingering on with the reception people or other staff of the department.

Good to leave message for them if the required person is not available to take a call.

13. Better to ask about status of vacant position:

Yes, if the required number of days have been crossed and of course you are still waiting for the valuable feedback.

It’s not at all bad if you ask them politely and to ask about the status of the vacant position for which you had appeared day’s back, as whether that has been filled or still there is a vacancy.

14. Timeline call:

It’s good to ask immediately after coming out from the interview cabin about the date or timeline till when you can expect their callback or just ask after how many days you could give them a call just to touch base etc.

15. Calling back is must:

See, the employer should also know about your interest and your enthusiasm for the job, so always call.

The straightforward reality is that in today’s economy, opposition for jobs is actually firm so they too should know that you really want this job.

16.Selection course:

What happens, most of the times, you come to know on the spot whether you are in their selection or rejection process, which depends from company to company eventually. And at odd times, you come to know that you are selected even after a month.

17. Negotiations over overall package:

salary question At times you even receive a callback after 2-3 days or few days, just to get an idea on your remuneration aspects. Things could hand on there if your demand is little high and above their set budget.

Employer could also think of choosing a person who fits well in their budget composite.

18. The interviews taking more time than projected:

May be yes or perhaps not, you were the first candidate being interviewed; it could be a long queue. Interviews with other candidates could also been scheduled and re-scheduling could also be a possibility. Sometimes people are available and sometimes not unavailable.

Hence, such reasons could also take long time to respond. Better to wait for few days or a maximum period of one week.

19. Planning for the next/ final round:

Then, they may be scheduling a second round of interviews for the candidates who did very well in the first round, after deciding who will take place in the next round of interview.

But, deciding upon who will get back for the next round is often a complicated process involving several in-house meetings, discussions, email conversation, and many more meetings and other related discussions.

20. Decision-making panel meetings:

Very often it happens that persons involved in a panel got 2 different views. Candidate who is liked by one person might have not left that positive impression on the other interviewer which could also result in several rounds of their in-house discussions and meetings for deciding the same.

So you should not disturb the minds of the employer by way of chasing them after every 2 days and let them come back to you on their own.

21. Changing of business:

Unpredictably, there could be a chance of changing the business or work location to some other place. They are waiting for the dirt to clean and to get settled first.

So budgets are being managed because of an unexpected increase or drop down in business, and they might don’t want to contact anyone until they know they are in a position to offer a job.

Therefore, you should not restrict your job search to one organization only. Side by should search other job as well.

22. Restructuring job position:

Interviewer might be your future boss Yet again, if they have not found the perfect candidate for the position, they might be reconsidering the structure and key role areas of the job.

When they are fully satisfied with the roles and responsibilities of the job, it may be a perfect fit for you, or not, this could be decided by the employer only in the selection process.

You should appear once again for the restructured job roles if they have called you once more. It means they liked your profile when they didn’t get the better match for the position.

23. Never confine job hunting:

Even if you give a callback to them after few days or weeks, still you should not be in a pause mode for job searching. Your hunt for the job should be on, every time till the time you don’t get your desired role.

24. Regular check on emails too:

When person is unemployed, it usually happens that the frequent visit on emails checking becomes limited and sometimes missed significant emails of job offer letter or other important notifications related to the interview which may possibly will come on email as well.

Rather than focusing on phone call reverts, you should also go to your email section to see if the response has come there. It is also a good sign of professionalism.

25. References through job consultant:

If you have appeared in an interview through some job consultant, then you should route only through him since he is the person who knows the HR person well and who has conducted your interview there. Better to keep on following him other than calling directly in the company.

Your feedback will ultimately reach to you via consultant. 3-4 days wait is an ideal time to wait otherwise should chase the consultant directly.


Job seekers become less patient when they do not hear for too long from the companies and lose heart sometimes. Making calls and setting reminders on email is really not a way to move forward.

You should alternatively hunt for more & more jobs at the same time. It will truly help you getting your desired job if you keep on giving interviews at many places and organizations.

Waiting is necessary as this is you who need a job but yes, filling out the position is equally obligatory for the HR department. Putting efforts to reach out to get the desired job is good. Negative feedback and positive attitude come along. So you should be well prepared to face any kind of criticism in return.