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How to Build or Improve Office Relationships – 30 Best Tips


Many of the working class think that by working sincerely and meeting deadlines will keep them climbing the ladders of progress.

Little do they know that there is something called ‘office relationships’ that is also critical for their progression.

Keeping it in right combination and right texture requires specific skills and mind-set.

office relationshipsTips for Building Work Relationships:

By reading the below highlights you would be able to make changes to your already existing relationships at office.

1. Show appreciation:

If you find a deed that is done out of way giving a small word of appreciation will boost up their morale.

For example you may have noticed the way the papers were arranged in their table or they made you laugh at the presentation, then you could just walk up to them and say that you had enjoyed or love the way it was done. Though you may not be their boss, such gestures are sure to improve relationships.

2. Good mannerism:


Your parents or school teachers would have taught you to say “Thank you” and “Please” during your childhood days.

By utilizing these words in your day to day work will help to improve relationships. By doing so it will help to boost your respect and has very powerful impact.

3. Learn to respect:

Being in a workplace filled with hierarchy requires a bit of adjustment. As said ’Give respect and Take respect’ is fundamental of any type of work environment.

It’s one of the fundamental rules of office relationships. You can earn good friends by respecting your colleagues and their feelings.

Once you develop this then you in turn will be respected for your virtues and you don’t have to ask for it. This applies when you shoot out emails to your co-workers. Hence, learn to nurture this unique quality that will keep you going.

4. Stop for a minute:

You happen to see the picture in your colleagues room that caught your eye or the way the desks were arranged seemed to be beautifully done, then don’t hesitate to say it.

Stop by at the room for a minute and show your interest by giving out your positive feedbacks. It will help to forge better office relationships.

5. Do what you say:

Talk to your boss You may have certain tasks that needs to be done within certain deadline, then try to keep your word for it.

Making commitment to your deadline will show your credibility and help to get all on board. In case you are not able to complete, then keep other informed.

It is important to be transparent to some extent so that you are not branded for always using your own time. This will help to keep your office relationships in good shape.

6. Accepting mistakes:

It’s easy to say that you need to accept your mistakes you have done. But once you are able to express that you have made an error and you make effort to analyse the error it is positive sign to your co-workers and bosses.

By trying to defend them you are liable to ruin your reliability and credibility with your work. So accept what errors has happened and you are sure to build trust.

7. Sharing credits:

Not all work can be done with you alone working towards it. Some of the work requires a team work and when accomplishment is due to be rewarded then pay respects to your team mates by sharing the credits with them.

It’s a sign of good leadership attitude and building good relationships with co-workers for getting up the ladder.

8. Learn to communicate:

Work executed can be talked about with your bosses or colleagues around to know about the intensity of the work and how you have carried them out.

Sometimes, there might be tasks from projects that requires help from others then by communicating well you will be able to get necessary help for executing the work. Also it could be a chance for getting yourself noticed!!

Not only that it gives more confidence to carry out the work efficiently but also get recognition for yourself.

9. Keep smiling:

smile makes you stress free Always a smile on your face will make others feel you are approachable and comfortable personality.

This attitude to give a genuine smile at your co-workers will make them to remember you any time. This will help to find new friends and enhance your network. You won’t be losing anything by giving a smile. SO keep smiling!!

10. Happiness at work:

You would be spending almost 8 to 10 hours of your time at the work place. Hence, make friends with your co-workers by absorbing their good qualities only.

It is also one of the main reason for you to stick to your job and also move up the career ladder. Happiness cannot be given but can be experienced by having good friends around you.

11. Build trust:

Having friends is not bad but it should be kept to a limited manner so that it does not affect your efficiency and productivity.

You could share a joke or laugh at prank played but see to it that you are carrying out your tasks in timely manner. Trust is got when you have kept your word and true to your commitment.

12. Keep off gossips:

Office or work areas are always full of gossips. You will need to take care that you don’t fall into the trap of gossips around your table.

Gossips not only creates a room for ruptures in good friendships and creates a bad image of yourself.

Trekking this path is not easy but keeping out of it completely will help you to think positively. Spreading rumours is a sign of breaking office relationships

13. Cherish accomplishments:

Most of the work assignments are accomplished with co-operation of many sections of the organisation and many people.

Once an assignment is completed or target achieved, then putting up an e-mail to all about the accomplishments will help to boost the morale of the others.

Or you could just call for small gathering for a minute or so and congratulate everyone. Cherish the moments!!

14. Bring in food:

Birthday celebration in office To celebrate small achievements you could bring in pastries, cakes, or chocolates next day and share with your colleagues. It’s like being in school days once again!

But this sort of bringing refreshments for something completed is a platform to bring all your team mates closer. It can be considered as one step in bringing office relationships closer.

15. Take lunch together:

Once in a while you could take your colleague out for lunch or have a coffee break together. Breaks in any form whether coffee or lunch is needed to be away from desk.

Not only away from desk but also share with your friends who are your colleagues or boss. By associating during such events it will help to build better relationships.

16. Show your appreciation:

By appreciating your colleagues work you will be able to make the right connections. Send an email to the managers about the work done by their staff and see what difference it will make. Send a copy to them also.

This appreciation is what everyone is on the lookout for and such gestures are small boosters to the morale of the workers.

17. Use notice board:

Sometimes appreciations can be given in the form of note displayed on the board. These are real boosters to the individuals and in case it is put up with their picture and accomplishments. It will help to make you consider a wonderful person.

 18. Speak truthfully:

Most of the work is associated with speaking skills as well. When assigned a task speak truthfully to bring authenticity to you. You will need to brand yourself and keep up to that!

19. Good listener:

In order to maintain proper communication flowing through you need to be a good listener. By having this quality or developing this quality you would be a person who is keen on maintaining relationships.

By hearing those out you are getting their attention and they look forward to your presence. You will be able to make proper decisions out of it.

20. Proper agreements:

documents Work environments are always having agreements that are sometimes broken. Try to make agreements that are possible to be kept

Don’t overdo on keeping agreements. In case you are not sure to follow the agreement or there are chances of interruptions, then don’t make such agreements. It will further spoil the office relationships.

21. Keep check on your emotions:

Work places are just like a house with family members. As each individual has different emotion levels, you must know how to manage different emotions.

Our work are always associated with emotions coming in between. So keep a check on emotions so that you don’t drown in it.

22. Don’t discuss uncomfortable subjects:

Subjects that are not comfortable to be discussed with colleagues should not be raised. It could relate with religion, politics, gossips etc. These topics are always subjects of difference of opinion. People are nowadays working in multi culture environment. So take care of the topics you talk about!!

23. Be tolerant:

There may be colleagues who are always advice others. Don’t take it to heart. Take cool and just don’t heed too much about it. It’s one way to show your tolerance capacity!!

Tolerance is one of man’s best qualities for him to survive anywhere in the world.

24. Try not to offend:

Your dialogues with your co-workers should be aligned in such a way that it does not offend them.

By speaking politely at all instances you would be considered the favourite. Learn to use the right words with right tone.

25. Try not to complain:

Talk to your boss You may have not a proper setup or the proper resources to do a particular assignment. In such cases bring it to the notice of the concerned and leave it to them. Don’t complain about it and become a complaint box!

26. Handling difficult people:

All work places have some difficult people to handle. You may find them in your team or your shift or your boss itself. It’s sometimes wise to handle them carefully.

You may not know that one day this difficult person would have seen your tolerance and humbleness and seek to keep relationship strong. All it needs is bit of tolerance.

27. Prevent conflicts:

You may not be able to prevent a conflict instantly but you could find an alternative solution to it and help to subside it.

Confrontations do come up at various levels and are of various forms. You can only help to make them understand the situation that is around and allow them to think to come out with solutions. You could help them out.

28. Remain positive:

Being positive is a sign of good attitude towards life. It is about speaking with your co-workers in positive note. By surrounding yourself with positivity you could earn more friends around your workplace.

Don’t allow negative thinking push through your mind or allow negative people in your network. Be positive and be happy!

29. Use proper language:

It is basic skill that is needed to be followed either when speaking or while writing mails to co-workers. Language needs to be more refined and properly addressed.

Nowadays all communications are in the form of emails even if it is to your co-worker. Hence, use of appropriate words at the right place is good email etiquette. Good email habits will build good office relationships.

30. Don’t correct others:

People do have tendency to correct others to show that what they do is right. If you are one among them, then take out your time in correcting yourself first! It’s this nature that will jeopardize your relations at office.

Hence, let them do their own corrections, you could just highlight. Bring their attention to it rather than complaining about it.


From the above highlights, you might be having some of the qualities in you. Try to build on the others to enhance your skills at building relationships. Learn to improve upon your skills and learn at slow pace so that you absorb them and implement. It is observed that 99% of career improvements are based on good communications and mutually beneficial relationships.