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How to Control or Manage your Boss Effectively


Who does not want to control the boss, everyone would. So, if you want to manage your boss, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your boss. But there are many ways by which you can control or manage your boss, his or her behavior and so on. How you can manage your boss are as follows:

manage your boss

Easy Ways to Manage your Boss:

1. The company goals should be your goals:

This is one way to control your boss. The goals your boss has set for the company and the employees to achieve must be conceived as your personal goals. This is because when you work by believing that all you are doing is for oneself then the results are better.

2. Complimenting and not buttering:

You should compliment your boss on any of his achievements. This way the boss understands that you know what it takes to reach the success, you desire to achieve in life. Praise the special skills of the boss and make him feel special. This way also you can control your boss.

3. Always take initiative:

Your hand should raise at the first whenever any new task or the project arrives. When you will start with taking an initiative, then you will be able to make the boss understand that you are the one who leads among others in the office. This becomes an added advantage for you to control the boss.

4. If possible give the projects before time:

Whenever you are given a project to complete, you must make sure that not only you have to complete the project but also you have to give the project before the deadline. This simply shows that you wish to please your boss and you are being creative enough by not wasting you’re enough of the time.

5. Give opinions:

When you just listen to what the boss says and also adhere to it exactly, then you certainly are like others. If you want to control the boss, you need to be different and you can be different only if you initiate and propagate your ideas. Not only you just listen to the new ideas, but also provide your own opinions to them.

This way, the boss tends to think that yes, somewhere you are interested in the task and always tries to stand out of the crowd.

6. Building trust with the boss:

You require to build trust in the eyes of the boss. It is just quite rare when your boss trusts the employees fully. So, if you wish to control the boss’s behavior, just start building the trust level in the eyes of the boss by giving the best output.

7. Provide information from time to time:

You must provide day to day information to the boss. Make sure if there is any bad news, it presented in a manner that the boss does not get angry or annoyed. Even if you are giving bad news, also present the good news in front of the boss. Then he or she might feel happy. Also, make sure you provide the information far before anyone else provides.

8. Justify your point:

You must also justify your points and keep the right data forward. If you fail to justify what you are trying to say, you might end up getting scoldings. To prevent yourself from getting off the good books of the boss, just move ahead with the right facts and the figures.

How to Manage Your Unprofessional Boss?

Many factors help you become successful as an employee in your professional life. Though your work performance holds a major role, other things that favor you are your colleagues, workplace culture and most importantly your boss.

It is a truth that your boss has a special role to play in your career. In clear words, the incline or decline of your career growth depends upon the character of the boss. So you need to make sure that you get into the good book of your boss.

If your work performance good and your social behavior at the workplace is effective, you automatically will tag as a good employee in the eyes of your boss.

But there are instances, where no matter how hard you work, you will never succeed. The main reason is the psychic attitude of your boss, such type of boss can also be termed as a bad boss. Working under such a boss will not do any good.

The best option to handle this situation is to leave or play smart when dealing with an unprofessional boss.

Now if you too are looking for tips on how to get along with a difficult boss, then this article is perfect for you.

Tips for Dealing With a Difficult Boss:

  1. Ensure the character of your boss
  2. Do not depend on the completely
  3. Find out the reason of your boss’ actions
  4. Be initiative
  5. Never allow it to act as a hindrance
  6. Identify the triggers and act upon them
  7. Be prepared and active
  8. Do not confront but try to prove with your work
  9. Set limits
  10. Last but not least, avoid such kind of future bosses

Controlling Boss Behavior:

It is not easy to control anyone’s behavior but still, there are some ways by which you can control the behavior of your boss. Not every time the boss is happy, similarly, not every time the boss remains sad and frustrated.

Whatever is the kind of behavior boss carries, you can control the behavior as per the situation. Here are some of the tips by which one can control the behavior of the boss:

1. Manage things:

The boss usually shouts when the work not done, the work not managed. So, to prevent the boss from getting angry, you need to do your work on time and also manage the things accordingly. There will be ties when issues will arise and the supervisors will also shout on you.

So, to prevent the higher authorities from behaving strange and annoying, better to manage the things on time and submit them.

2. Offer help to the managers:

The managers must offer help whenever they need it. They may need some help in the administrative sector or the managing sector. So, in that case, you should lend your hand to help. This will help you make the boss happy even if he will unhappy or annoyed due to the pressure of the work.

3. Listen more and speak less:

Speaking less and listening to the boss can do wonders. When you lend your ear to the one who is higher to you in authority, position in the company, it shows the respect you are paying to the speaker.

So, it is advisable to speak less and listen more attentively to the boss. When you fail to listen to the boss properly, the boss will surely end up getting annoyed and then you would not be able to control the behavior of the boss.

4. See your limits:

Every employee must know his or her limits and should never cross it at any cost. The employees should know that there lie some differences between them and their boss. The distance should be maintained. The professional and the personal relationship between each other must be maintained and not overlooked or crossed at any cost.

5. Discussing the problems:

The problems if are kept hidden from the boss, he or she indeed gets angry. This is because even a small problem lends in immense trouble, both to the company and the employees. So, it is better to discuss the problems with a boss daily and avoid all sorts of conflicting situations if in the case arise at any point in time.

These are how you can control the behavior of the boss. the behavior of the person depends on the situation he or she is going through. The more the trouble in life, the more will the mood be upset and if the issues seem to be less, less will the problems, also the mood will be happy.

How to Praise your Boss in Words:

Praising the boss is essential though. As it helps in building a good image in front of the boss. Not just this, you praise the boss when he or she gets any achievement, so when you praise that, it gives motivation to you too. The ways by which you can praise the boss are:

1. Say that you will follow the same path:

If anything big has been achieved by the boss, then you might not say the boss that it was awesome, just like you say to your friend, but yes, certainly you can tell the boss that you too will follow his plan or adhere to such idea in the next project. When you will say this much, the boss will ultimately understand that you are inspired by his or her work.

2. Being grateful to the boss:

You can be grateful for everything the boss does. Grateful means were thankful. Being thankful to the boss is itself praise to the boss. This is because when you thank someone, you directly deliver the message that the other person has done something good which made you utter thank you.

3. You can say thanks verbally also and in writing also:

You have to praise your boss in words, so those can be either written or verbal. In whichever manner you choose, it must be good and graceful. After all, you are praising the boss and not your childhood friend.

So, if you are saying something verbally, you need to take care of the words you use and if you are going for something written, then make sure everything goes correct, right from the spellings to the meaning of the sentences and so on.

4. Praise in public:

You can even praise your boss in the public like in front of the whole staff. This is certainly not wrong but yes, in public when you praise, you need a professional approach to it. Do not get up and say, sir, I love you for what you did. This way you might get fired. So, avoid such words with the boss. Otherwise, you will be in trouble.

5. Email what you wish to say:

If you feel shy about saying what you wish to say to the boss, then you should email the praiseworthy words by writing in a proper letter format. Before you send something to the boss, just make sure everything is correct, like the font size, the type of font, the color used and most importantly the spellings.

6. Arrange a small treat at the office:

You are the employee working in the office. So, if you wish to praise the boss, the least you can do is arrange a small treat for all the staff members and also the boss. This way you will be able to wish the boss collectively and even everyone will be able to rejoice the moment.

So, these are the ways by which you can praise your boss and at the same time provide him or her the required respect. Follow the above ways and you can praise anyone elder to you in authority, experience, and knowledge.

Mantras to Manage your Boss:

The bosses usually have only one mantra and that is achieving the organizational goals, taking the company to another level of success and also having control in the market and its clients. So, how will you be able to control the mantra? Here are some of the steps:

1. Adhere to the principles of a boss:

Follow what your boss says. He might be wrong, he might also be right at the same time. So, you have to listen to what the boss says and follow it exactly without making any changes to it.

2. No delay in the project submission:

The projects you give to complete must deliver on time without any delay. No boss likes the work getting delayed as it affects the credibility of the company and also tarnishes the goodwill of the company in the market.

So, if possible, give the work on time and if possible somehow, submit it before the last date.

3. Suggest new ideas to the boss:

The higher authority gets impressed when the employees come up with the novelty in ideas and the pattern of working. Even the boss wishes to bring a positive change in the company to make it grow.

So, whenever you sit with the boss, make sure you don’t just listen, but also put forth your views, ideas, and opinions.

4. Work differently and give the best results:

Everyone will work in one direction. So, you must also work in that direction only, but working differently. Different manner means adding something new and innovative to the existing ideas. By breaking the monopoly you will be able to control the basic boss mantra.


So, above are some of the ways by which one can manage your boss’s behavior, the boss mantra and also decently praise the boss. Praising the boss or the manager is not an easy task as they are superior to you in everything, be it the position, the experience, knowledge, and whatnot.

But still, if you need to survive in the competitive corporate world, you need to be in good books of your boss, or the manager.