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What to Bring to an Interview: 17 Essential Checklist Items


Getting ready for a job interview is as important as getting the job itself. Every year millions of people quit their jobs, attend interviews, get graduated and look for jobs. The real question is how many can get the job successfully.

Some preliminary preparation has to be done before the interview day. The job interview tool kit which you carry for the interview has to be ticked and kept ready. This post is all about what are the things essential to carry for an interview.

What to Bring to an Interview

Essential Things to Bring to the Interview:

A successful interview always comprises of preparing to the best of the individual’s potential and what is more important is to execute it. Here is the list of essential things that have to carry to interview day. Never forget to get it to tick before you leave for an interview.

1. Extra copies of resume:

A resume is always the first and foremost thing to be carried to your interview. It is always good to carry 2 or 3 additional copies of resume to avoid unnecessary delay during the process.

For example, you might need to submit a copy before you enter the hall to the front desk or you might also be asked to submit an extra copy of your resume to interviewer itself. Hence, it is always good to carry a minimum of 3 copies to avoid scrambling to find printers on the interview day.

2. A note pad and few pens:

This might look very simple thing to carry but it is equally important like others. Always carry a notepad and few pens as it is very useful to note down a few instructions or some basic information you get from the interviewer.

There are also chances that you might be asked to draw or write and explain a few concepts. So you can be prompt to take your notepad when you have been asked to write something on the interview day. A few sheets of paper should also help.

3. A good portfolio file that carries your resume copies:

A neat portfolio file is a must, to carry to any interview. You can have many copies of resume or you can also file your interview letter as well as your certificates in a portfolio file. Make sure you have a neat unworn mild colored portfolio file which replicates your personality on the interview day.

4. A set of written questions:

You might have a few sets of questions that have to be asked to an interviewer. It is very important to write it down and carry it with you as you need to know, the way to ask those kinds of questions appropriately. Note down all the questions and carry it with you on the interview day.

5. Mobile phone to use as a planner:

A mobile phone is an essential thing to carry on the interview day. There are lot many chances that the interviewer might ask you to come back for the next round or also about the result date information, so carry a mobile phone with a calendar or a planner that will help you to note down the important dates.

6. Few business cards:

Business cards are a must to carry on an interview day. For example, when the interviewer gives you his/her business card they might expect yours or they might even ask you to submit a business card to be in contact, to update you the latest information regarding the interview. Have a few business cards in your portfolio file or in your pockets ready to use when needed.

7. Route direction paper print out:

To avoid tension to find the route on the interview day, always carry a direction route print out to avoid unnecessary delays. There are also other options to see the route in the mobile phone but chances are even there to have a charge down the phone or any kind of issues with the gadget. Hence, carry a printed copy of route directions to the interview location.

8. Interview call letter:

Even though this essential thing comes down the list, it is the top priority as it helps you get an identification on the interview day as well as a source of proof that you have to finally face the interview. Hence, do not forget to carry an interview call letter on the interview day.

9. Referral letter:

If in case, you have a reference from the organization, carry a copy of written referral letter to the interview day. A written copy of the reference is important because any word of mouth information will never give you a remark on the interview. So, get your referral letter signed and carry on the interview day.

10. A handkerchief or a nice clean tissues:

A handkerchief or few clean tissues will be a savior on the interview day. You might feel nervous or you might need to wash your face before leaving the hall. So, carry a handkerchief to avoid embarrassments while coughing or to wipe your face when needed.

11. Mouth fresheners or a peppermint:

Not every one of them needs this, as a must. But it is advisable to carry, to avoid bad breaths as well as to feel fresh while you speak in the interview. A recent survey says, chewing gum or a mouth freshener increases the confidence to speak with the stranger for the first time. At the same time, avoid to chew or have something in the mouth while you enter the hall.

12. Good company research:

Be it a technical or a nontechnical interview, there will be always a few basic interview questions about organizational knowledge. This is a basic expectation of the interviewer to the interviewee to know the organization well. So, do good research about the organization and have it written to have a brush up before you enter the interview hall.

13. Carry cash to avoid wasting time standing in a queue to draw money:

Never go to an interview without some cash in hand, thinking you have a credit card or a debit card. Remember you might need to book cabs, or for food in the cafeteria. Not all accept cards. So, carry sufficient money to avoid standing in queue’s to draw money.

14. A small umbrella:

Needless to say its importance, a small umbrella is a must to carry on the interview day. It might be a sunny day or a day with thunderstorms so carry an umbrella as a precaution to avoid inconveniences.

15. A watch:

Never forget to wear a watch as it might save you from getting nervous for checking for wall clocks all over or to look at your mobile every time.

16. A health emergency kit:

This is very important in case of an emergency. Always carry few tampons, band aids, paracetamol, and a needle kit in your bag to use at the time of emergency. You might feel relieved of its sudden use on the interview day. So, do not forget to carry it in your bag.

17. A mid meal snack to boost your energy:

It is always good to carry a few nuts, chopped fruits or some digestive biscuits to boost your energy if you got to stand for a long day. Anything healthy is always advisable to carry along with you.

No one can be a perfect person at all times while going for an interview. Make sure you do not miss out a few extremely essentials. Plan accordingly and get your checklist tick previous to relax on the D day. Hope this post helps you to have an idea about interview essential kit that has to carry by all job interview candidates.