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Are Personal Business Cards for Job Seekers Required?


Job search is not an easy affair, so the job seekers have to try out new avenues to stand out in the crowd. Flawless resume with all the relevant points incorporated in it is imperative, but apart from that networking is also crucial. While job hunting, you must always carry your resume everywhere you go because you don’t know where opportunities might strike. But, there is a small problem in that as well. There are occasions, where it looks odd to carry your resume and hand it over to someone whom you feel will be helpful. In that situation business personal card comes in handy. You can have a business card, which is almost like a conventional business card, inclusive of key information regarding contact and career.

job seekers business cardsWhat to Include in Personal Business Cards?

If you are attending the job fair or any event of career networking, then you can carry the business cards with you. It will provide the people you meet during the event, a scope to follow up with you. Earlier, it was assumed that having name and contact information is sufficient in a business card. But, now things have changed and you can now incorporate some basic information along with that. That would make business cards into a good job card format or like a personal contact card. Some important and creative points that might find place on your business cards are –

  • Your name
  • Employer
  • Job title
  • Email address
  • Cell phone number
  • LinkedIn profile address
  • Personal website address
  • Portfolio site link
  • QR Code to scan through smartphone, which will take them directly to your website
  • Key skills
  • Knowledge assets that you offer to your employer

It is not necessary to stuff in all the information in that small business card. On the contrary, you must leave some white space on your business card. If your business card is all cluttered up, then nobody will take notice of it, instead, list the contact information with your name and job title on the front and if you want, then you can provide the links and website addresses on the rear side of the card. You can hire expert technology consultants who help you make personal card design for you on time and that too within your budget.

Why Personal Business Cards for Job Seekers?

When you are looking for a new job, then stay away from using the old business card of yours by striking out the old contact information or some other details that are not relevant anymore. Though it might be tempting to do that, it doesn’t look good. Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is order a fresh new personalised business card with all current information edged out in it. Getting personal cards will show your professionalism. Now business cards can be obtained within a very short span of time. Order some new and before you go for the interview, you will have one yourself.

Here are some of the reasons to make you realise why personal business cards are an integral part of your job search nowadays.

1. Networking:

If you still haven’t ordered the business cards, then it is high time that you do that. If you have an event coming up where you will be meeting with potential employers, then it is imperative that you have the business cards ready. In order to get your business cards prior to that you can go online and order it there or you can visit the local stores and print it out from there at a competitive price. In most cases, you will receive the business cards on the same day only.

2. Family gatherings:

If you do not ask your near and dear ones to help you out when you are looking for a job, then whom will you ask? Therefore, when you are attending one such social gathering, you must carry your business card. While chatting with someone if you feel that he might be a big help in job search, hand over the business card so that he can follow up with you regarding this.

3. Job fairs:

Yes, we carry our resume while attending job fairs, but you must never forget to carry your business cards too. Almost everybody will submit their resume to the company’s representative, but you can stand out in the crowd by offering them your business card as well. It will help you in impressing the company representatives and there are chances that they will remember you even after the fair is over.

4. Professional approach:

You used the business cards when you were representing your company in front of others. Now that you are representing yourself and looking for a job, then why not take the help of a business card that stands out and makes your business card that helps your approach look much more professional!

5. Opportunity creator:

In most cases, when you are speaking to somebody about your job search, then you must leave something with them that will remind them later about your conversation. You cannot keep calling the person to remind him, this is where business personalised cards come into action. You can drop in the business card after the conversation and when they are in the office or someone suggests that they are looking for candidates, your card might lead to the call that you were hoping for.

6. Easy to carry:

Resume can eat up a lot of space and are quite difficult to carry. How would you feel to carry the bulk of resume everywhere? Therefore, it is important that you keep the business cards handy, so that it is easy for the person who is on the receiving end to carry it as well. It will easily fit into the pocket or your purse and you won’t find any difficulty in carrying them as well.

7. Call to action:

If you write down your name and number on a white piece of paper, then most likely it is going to land up in the dustbin. But, if you can design a professional, impressive and good business cards, then it will definitely attract the eyeballs. They are most likely to give you a call when required.

Taglines are very important, so do make it a point to come up with something that will instantaneously recognise your potential and will also be catchy. Business cards have now become a part and parcel of job hunting, so it is better that you incorporate it in your job search as well. Creativity is good, but you must remember that you are designing a business card; therefore, it must be subtle. Now, use your creative personal business card to open up new opportunities for yourself.