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How to Calm your Job Interview Nerves? 15 Best Ways


Being called up for an interview creates a lot of excitement and the same time a small pressure in your mind. You feel as if you are in the top of the world. But there is small fear factor associated with it. Why? Its fear of going through it successfully. You would be worried as to what sort of questions would be asked for, how would they perceive your response, will they expect more from you and what not. All this comes on the day of the interview.

how calm nerves before interviewWays to Calm Your Job Interview Nerves:

It’s a very obvious situation that every one of us would be facing if it is the first time. Your palms are wet, voice shaky or low, eyes worried, sweat on your forehead, stomach starts churning and your heart beat paces creating an aura of nervousness. It’s like as if you are going to face a tiger or going to be attacked. What is that you need to know to calm your nerves?

1) Prepare for interview:

There are many ways to make yourself prepared to attend interviews. Look at websites that provide enough information on the type of questions that are asked and how to answer them. You could prepare using them as clues to help you out. Also know about your weakness and strength factors. It’s always best to make note well in advance so that you won’t be caught surprised at the interview session. By knowing that you will know how to handle any queries related to it. You could manage it well then.

2) Know about the company:

Many companies provide details about themselves, their board members, their projects done, their achievements, their ongoing projects, their future projects, their employees, their culture, their turnover etc. It’s best to gather information about the company through the websites and know about its products. You could also know how did they perform and what were their achievements.

Review the contents carefully and learn about their products as much as you can. By knowing about the company you could feel more confident when going for interview there. This will help you to get to know about the job more. It would ease your tension as well.

3) Plan how to reach:

Sometimes your place of interview would be away from your city or within the city limits. Whatever be it, you need to make proper arrangements to reach there on time. Research the best modes of reaching the venue place and make arrangements to reach there by using the internet or asking your friends.

Plan out the mode of transport you would likely use to reach there. Make arrangements to book them earlier either it is a flight or train or taxi. Also if its out of your city limit then booking a room in a hotel closer to the place of interview is vital and best. Your approach will be easy and commuting to that place may not be difficult. It will help you to de-stress out on the day of interview.

4) Before time:

By making arrangements to reach the place you make yourself sure on reaching the place on time. This is a very important factor that all employers look forward to. By arriving before time you save yourself the tension of arriving on time as there are chances for traffic jams on the roads or any other mishaps that could hinder your movement. Hence make sure to arrive before time. It’s no harm in coming half hour earlier at the interview venue.

5) Good rest before interview:

Having a good night sleep before the interview will help to de-stress you and make you feel calmed down. The mind is the main source for your information, hence take proper rest and a good night’s sleep before the day of interview. Avoid watching late night movies and keeping up awake till late midnight. As getting up late will spoil the rest of the day where your mind may be tired and eyes drowsy. It will disturb the flow of thoughts.

6) Get up early:

Get up early and if you have practice of doing yoga and meditation, then it’s very good to help you de-stress. If you don’t have that practice, then sit calm in your room and take deep breaths. It’s just to inhale and exhale slowly. Concentrate on your breathing in and out and repeat for around 10 times. This not only eases out but also provides more oxygen to your brain.

7) Check your documents:

Keep all the documents the night earlier and double check them in the early hours before you leave your home or hotel. If you have checklist prepared it will serve a better reminder. Verify against the checklist and file it as per the checklist. Ensure that all your documents are available and keep a minimum of 3 to 4 sets of copies against each record. Keep your folder clutter free.

8) Prayer:

After a fresh bath to sooth your body and mind, saying your prayer is also one way to de-stress out. You are calming your mind and thoughts about it. Some people really believe that it raises self-confidence. A small prayer before entering the hall will also de-stress you.

9) Eat well:

Don’t go for an interview in an empty stomach. It will ruin your day. Eat well. This means having a combination of carbohydrates and proteins. Don’t eat something smelly and create a bad breath. By avoiding to eat, your empty stomach will make you feel dull and tired. This way you do not get energy to your brain. Make sure to eat the right food or food that you are acquainted with or accustomed at clean and hygienic restaurants. . Eating food that you are not sure can give you stomach upsets. This is for candidates who are away from home.

10) Dress appropriately:

You must select your dress for the interview that may not make you feel clumsy. Prefer to use the simple and formal dress code. Avoid heavy dresses as it will only make you feel uncomfortable and hence sweat. This could also lead to a stress factor. Wearing a bright coloured formal dress and polished shoes will indicate that you are always fresh and systematic in your approach.

11) Be positive:

Approach your interview hall with positivity that you are sure to answer all the questions and come out successfully. It may feel funny but having this thought running in your mind will make you envision that you are about to come out successfully. Have air of positivity in your mind since the beginning of the day and you are sure to come out successfully.

12) Waiting time:

While waiting for your turn at the interview hall, maintain your composure and avoid reading job description again. It will only erase all that you have mastered earlier and make you panicky. It’s best to wear a smile on your face when you encounter other participants.

13) Make calls:

An hour before interview you may feel that talking to your parents or friends will enhance your confidence. Then don’t miss out talking with them and boost yourself up. Make those calls and engage yourself explaining about the company and the post you are going to be interviewed for. Speaking out now will make you feel even confident to face the interview.

14) WhatsApp messages:

Sometimes messages from your friends or relatives through WhatsApp is quite inviting and may help to boost your morale. Exchange your messages before you go into the hall. You would notice that those motivating messages bring smile to your face as you feel that there are people out there thinking about you and wishing you.

15) Switch off your mobile:

Before attending interview, its best to keep your handsets in switch off mode or silent mode. Attending calls before interview will make you feel restless. So make your calls one hour before interview and then inform your friends that you will not be available till end of interview.

The situation of interview makes our body and mind to act in a weird way. Our voice seems to be lost, hands shaky, heart palpitations and sweating. These signs are normal for any person who is facing an interview for the first time. So you are not the only one. There are certain factors that you need to note before you calm yourself. Think about your nature and what makes you calm. Close your eyes and visualise that all the process of attending interview went fine and you came out smiling to yourself

Say to yourself – Be yourself. Feel like you are going to talk to a set of friends. Then your mind will ease down. With a calm mind only, your flow of thoughts and words will be clear. Enjoy your interview and be proud that you have been selected to attend interview for this post. . After all it’s a session to talk about your achievements. Hence, why the panic and fear. Stay calm, relaxed and confident.