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How to Get a Job Fast and Quickly: 20 Awesome Search Tips


Searching a job and that too where you are endeavouring for making a career change is not as easy as you think. Especially when you are the sole support for your family or you have commitments then your search becomes stressful and overwhelming at times. Aim is always to get into a personally satisfying job which gives you financial stability.

how get job fastHow to Get a Job Fast?

Though the whole process is not easy, the sequence of steps involved would surely guide your through to get a job quickly. Let’s see what could be the ways to increase chances for getting your job.

1. Update your resume:

This is the first and foremost task that you will need to take care of. Your recent achievements, projects done and your work experiences are to be updated in your resume. Try to edit your resume and modify right words to increase your chances for being selected through the applicant tracking system.

2. Format your resume:

Using the professional type of font, edit your resume. Apply using the pre-formatted resume template that will help to simplify your work. This will help you to just input information instead of wasting time on menial formatting issues. But ensure that the template is suited to the job you are applying for.

3. Edit thoroughly:

No matter how many times you have gone through the contents there are liable to be errors be it grammatical or spelling. Seek a third party edit of your resume to make the necessary modifications. Fresh eye can catch errors easily which was easily ignored.

4. Prepare cover letters:

Depending on the posts or positions applying for that will match your qualification and experience it would be better to prepare separate covering letter briefly and concisely. Preparing beforehand and being proactive will help to increase your chances. Start your letter with formal greeting, body of the letter should engage the reader with your content.

5. Applying for relevant jobs:

It’s advisable not to apply for everything that the vacancy arises. You need to confine your applications to the qualifications or experience that you possess. This will enhance the selection process. Don’t waste time by posting resume with cover letter to every vacancy. Instead focus on jobs that match to your skill set and experience.

6. Register in websites:

As internet is the first option where job searches are initiated, its best to get yourself registered in job portals that suits your qualifications. By registering with complete details, you could be contacted from prospective clients.

7. Search online:

Most of the jobs now a days are posted through papers and online as well. Many companies post their openings in their websites itself. Applying through these sites will help to get closer to the job. But pay attention to the deadline dates and other specific instructions.

8. Many openings:

Getting selected for companies is based on number of openings. There is more likely chance of getting into the company that has many openings. If you are not so particular on the type of job but just need to get one, then trying this option will surely make you land a job. These companies would always be eager to get their positions filled as they look for candidates to carry out their work assignments.

9. Employment services:

Registering at employment services will even help you to land a job quickly. The amount may not be high but affordable. Try to contact or connect with a employment provider and seek their help as well. These job provider services usually connect you with clients based on your experience and skill set. The chances for being called for interview would be high.

10. Use networking:

It is noted that many positions are filled by word of mouth or through personal networking. Approaching companies having vacancies using your friend networks does not harm. Don’t show hesitation in enquiring or requesting for help from people who you are associated in your life. You may never know that you could be landing yourself in a perfect job. Professional networks are the main source. Networking is about creating mutually beneficially relationships.

11. Keep applying:

Once applied for a post at a particular company should not stop you from applying other companies. Even if you have attended interview, keep applying whenever there is a vacancy arising. Till you have an offer in hand there is no guarantee that you have your dream job.

12. Prepare for interviews:

Once process of applying is on way then you should also prepare for likely questions that may come your way during interview. Interview is mostly based on technical aspects and HR related. Technical questions would be focussed on knowing your capabilities to handle your work while HR would deal with aspects on whether you are team player or not. Each interview session at different places will help to build your confidence.

13. Dress appropriately:

Appearances for interviews matter most as it displays your professionalism in your work as well. Like said first impression is the best impression so wear an appropriate dress code. It should be suited to the company and type of post you are applying for.

14. Review your references:

It is very important to have your reference letter from previous employers. Your best qualities would be highlighted and it will help to gain a job somewhere else. Most of the time references remarks are very critical as it describes your nature.

15. Update your profiles:

As you would be already in the social sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, it is better to update your profiles with updated photo. It would also help you to gain notice from your friends or relatives. Use these sites to get connected to companies as well and let them know that you have the necessary skills. They could be interested in your profile as well.

16. Marketing yourself:

This tactic is an aspect of being proactive yourself. Prepare on how to tell about yourself especially about the skills you have and experiences you gained. It is like story telling. You must know what to tell and how much to tell. It is not quite difficult if you know what to say. For this write down what you would like to say about yourself.

17. Keep your records:

Once the resume, cover letter are ready arrange your records that is your certificates, experiences, workshop details etc. in a file. It will be handy as you would be going to attend interview calls or even apply. Organise your file and also details of your applications.

18. Prospective employers:

Reviewing prospective employers and prepare a list of them and send them your resume. In such cases have a generic covering letter detailing your experiences and skills. Once you have sent them make a checklist of the companies you have sent with telephone numbers for follow up later on.

19. Be willing to switch:

Sometimes the market might not be offering the same position as you worked. You must prepare yourself mentally to make a switch to another type of job or else you would sitting without getting a job making you to lose the opportunities that might arise. It’s like using the other skills that you might have which come in handy and is an opportunity to work.

20. Wear a positive attitude:

The most important aspect for you to carry forward is to wear a positive attitude. This will help you to make connections easily and also make you to attend interviews confidently. You are sure to bring success to yourself if this nature sticks with you.

All of us would one time or another be faced with this situation of being out of job and looking out for another. This fact is to be faced and dealt with it in your mind. But it is important not to panic within yourself. By doing so you would block all your thoughts flowing in your mind. Keep calm and allow your mind to make decision. Take note of the important points given and make yourself prepared to face the next level of challenge. In some cases it is important for you to make right decision. Hone up your mind after reviewing each point and follow them to get into the track.