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10 Best Long Hair Styles you can try for an Interview


Are you preparing for a job interview for the first time?

You may have read and revised all what you have learnt. You may have also made sure you have a perfect resume.

You may have taken a printout of all the vital documents. You have made your purchases and have decided the dress you must wear for the interview.

You have long silky hair and you are wondering how to style them during the interview?

If that is the whole worry, we are here to help you out.

long hairstyle for interview

Women with long healthy hair have multiple options to choose from. They can style their hair in many different ways and styles. Working women do not realize the number of stylish hair style options that are in vogue in the corporate world today.

If you have straight long hair, we have listed out a few job interview hairstyles for long hairĀ  that you must try while heading for interviews.

Job Interview Hairstyles for Long Hair

1. Single Long Plait:

This is one of the simplest and most convenient hairstyle options for a woman who has long hair.

The best part of this natural hairstyle for work is that the hair stays in place and you can handle all the daily chores without any hair dangling downwards.

The long plaits are usually made by plaiting 3 unique portions of the hair together.

2. French Braid:

If you want to be a wee bit more stylish and yet want your hair to be tied conveniently, you may opt for the French Braid.

It looks fashionable and yet is a great option. You may check out videos and blogs to learn how to make a French Braid.

3. Asymmetric Hair Cut:

If you have straight hair, you may try an asymmetric hairstyle as it will look stylish. This is a luxury that only women with straight hair have because asymmetric hairstyles are barely visible on curly hair.

These hairstyles may not suit women working in banks or traditional organizations. Yet, in most corporate circles, these are acceptable.

4. Hair Tied In a Bun:

Hair tied in a bun is one of the most common options chosen by working women. This office hairstyle is acceptable in most corporate as well as other organizations.

You may purchase a hair net to hold the bun in place. If you have beautiful round face, this hairstyle will suit you well.

5. Beehive Hairstyle:

If you have long and silky hair, opt for a beehive hairstyle. It reveals the beauty of your hair while keeping it in one place. There are variations in the beehive hairstyle too. You can try a new beehive style each day.

6. Step Cut:

Step cut looks truly awesome on thick wavy hair. You can show off your beautiful hair during the job interview by trying out a proper long hair step cut.

7. Layer Cut:

Layer cut is another style that suits women with wavy hair. You may check with your stylist to understand the best layer cut to suit your face shape.

8. U-cut:

You may have your hair cut in a proper U shape. This hair cut looks impressive on women with healthy and wavy hair. You may simply wear a hair band and head for the interview with this hair cut.

9. Pony Tail:

Use an attractive ribbon to tie your curly hair into a pony tail and it will surely look appealing. Women with curly hair should comb their hair at regular intervals if they want their hair to remain healthy.

10. Side Parting Open Hair:

You may try opting for a side parting. As there are not many variations possible with professional curly hair styles, you may try altering the parting. It will also add to your looks.
These are the many different ways in which you can style your long hair for an interview.

Tips to Maintain Long Hair for Interview:

In the modern era, you barely get to see women with long hair because it is truly difficult to maintain long hair.

If you wish to maintain your hair long and healthy, you need to take proper care of your hair. This is really difficult and very few manage to do it.

Here we have listed a few of the common problems faced by women who try to grow their hair long.

1. Lice:

If you have long hair, there is a possibility that you develop lice. Continuous itching and damage to the head may even tempt you to cut your hair completely.

You may instead opt for medical shampoos that get rid of these pests. It is an instant cure for such problems and is completely reliable.

2. Dandruff:

Try and prevent dandruff by avoiding hair dryness. Dandruff is a result of scalp dryness. You can regularly keep your hair moisturized and massaged with oils. It will help to prevent dandruff and problems related to dry hair.

3. Split Ends:

If you do not dry your hair properly after you wash them, it may result in split ends. Split ends cause the hair strands to split from their ends.

It results in loss of hair and similar hair problems. You may visit the hair stylist and find a proper remedy for the problem.

4. Hair Thinning:

Thinning hair can be a result of pollution and the chemical substances to which you hair is exposed daily. Make sure you keep your hair covered when you are travelling through polluted areas.

5. Hair Greying:

Hair greying is increasing among youngsters due to improper diet habits. Hair does not get proper nutrition with the modern diet. This causes hair greying.

Improve your diet habits. Consult a dietician and fix a healthy hair diet. Use natural hair colours to dye your hair so that it does not harm hair health.

6. Balding:

Balding is very often a genetic health problem. Women who have balding head have problems selecting the right hair style.

You must select a hair style that perfectly conceals baldness. You may select a one sided hair style if you have scanty on one side.

Check out the best hair style options for women who are balding and you will find several non-conventional options.

7. Excessive Hair Fall:

Excessive hair fall may be genetic or a result of the pollution. If it is a result of external sources, you may try and keep your hair safe from it.

Keep your hair covered from dust and filth. Consult a physician to understand if there are any medical reasons to excessive hair fall.

8. Smelly Hair:

Women who have thick long hair have to be extra careful while maintaining it. Very often, women who have thick long hair have smelly hair.

This is because sweat accumulates on the hair and causes it to stink. This can create a really bad impression during an interview. Regular shampooing and use of hair sprays can help you get rid of this problem.

Good Habits that keep your Hair Healthy:

Here we have listed out a few of the good hair health habitsĀ  and tips for healthy hair that you may choose to follow. Try and follow these to ensure your hair health.

Hair Spa at Regular Intervals:

You may get in touch with a good hair stylist. They usually provide hair spa treatments at their parlour. This is a very relaxing experience and women should opt for these.

The head massage helps you get rejuvenated and feel relaxed. They use serums and conditioners to nourish your hair. Hair spa also helps to treat any hair related problems.

Use of Herbal Hair Products:

It is always better to use herbal alternatives over chemical hair care products. These help to nourish your hair and maintain them silky and healthy.

The herbal hair care products are extracted from hibiscus, cocoa and other plants. Some of these herbal alternatives can even be prepared at home. You may check out blogs and videos by various hair stylists and beauty specialists.

Buying products from stylists may not always be affordable. Making them at home can help you save some money too.

Appearance matters a lot when you are attending a job interview. You must make sure you select a proper professional hairstyle or hairdo so that you may impress the interviewers.

You must make sure you take care of all other aspects associated with your looks too. Pick the right formal attire that goes well with the selected office environment. Before heading to the interview, have a look at the mirror.

If you are impressed by what you see in the mirror, you can be sure that the interviewers will feel the same about you. Work on your confidence, stay calm during the interaction, introduce yourself with a brisk handshake and attend the interview wisely.