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How to Apply to be a Model for JC Penney: 14 Best Tips


JC Penney is one of the prominent brands and there are many young and vibrant models who aspire to be a model for the brand.

The modelling field is challenging and getting entry into such prominent brands can never be easy.

You need to understand and identify the right channels to approach these brands. Here is an easy guideline to simplify the whole process for you.

become model for jcpenney

14 Top Tips to Become a JCPenney Model:

1. Pick a Professional Agency:

The first step to get into a well known brand would be to select a nice agency to help you out. Most prominent brands, including JC Penney, hire models from approved agencies as they regard these more reliable.

You must select an agency so that they can assist you right from the photo shoot to every single aspect of modelling. There are good agencies located in many different cities of the US like Dallas, New York, Houston and the Miami.

Pick an agency from one of these cities as these are places where the brands common carry out fresh talent search.

2. Understand the Procedure to Apply In Modelling Agencies:

It is usually a very easy procedure to apply to modelling agencies. You can check out the different modelling agencies in your vicinity. You may visit their online websites or visit these agencies personally.

If you try to apply online, you may be asked to fill out an online form with all the essential details. You may also have to provide copies of your digital photographs when you are applying online.

The pictures needn’t be clicked professionally as they just want to see how photogenic your looks are.

When you personally visit a modelling agency, you must carry copies of your photographs, a resume or a profile along with you.

When you visit them personally, you may have to face an interview. If they ask you questions regarding your size, height, complexion and other details, be prepared to answer them promptly.

3. Understand the Type of Model You Wish To Become:

There are variations in the type of modelling for a brand. For instance, JC Penney seeks models for its websites as well as catalogues and the requirement in each case could be quite different.

You need to understand these variations clearly. It will help you prepare yourself accordingly. You may train yourself to fit both the criteria and thus increase your scope of being selected as a model for the brand.

4. Research on the Modes of Selection in Different Modelling Agencies:

Different modelling agencies use different channels to select suitable models. While some agencies prefer to select models from the online applications they receive, some others have no online method yet.

Keep track of the prominent modelling agencies like Campbell Agency, Elite and Wilhemia. Approach them in the way that suits them. A great way to understand the best approach for each one would be to visit their website.

They usually mention the criteria for selection and the mode of application. You may also check out blogs and social profiles of ex-models of these brands.

They will surely share their experience with various agencies and you will know how to deal with each agency.

5. Don’t Neglect the Print Media:

As the internet is greatly in vogue, people tend to neglect the print media completely. If you are planning to become a model for JC Penney, this attitude will not help you.

You need to stay alert and keep your eyes open to all newspaper advertisements.

You never know you may come across some casting call for an agency and it may turn out to be for your favourite JC Penney brand.

You may also come across fashion events organized by the brand or events where the brand is also participating. These are great opportunities and you must grab them as they come.

You may get in touch with the people organizing these events and inquire how you may get into the brand as a model. Building contacts in such events will also help you in future.

6. Know that a Proper Representation Counts:

You need to make sure that the agency you have selected represents your kind and style of models well. For this purpose, you may have to do a little research on the different agencies for which you apply.

Ford is one of the prominent agencies and JC Penney selects its models from this agency too. Aaron Newbill is this agency’s Director of Scouting. It is his opinion that you must select an agency that represents your kind of models.

When you are getting pictures clicked, make sure they are a couple of good pictures. The pictures need not be taken professionally but they need to capture your looks and your expressions. Try to capture as many expressions as possible while getting a profile made.

7. Be a Part of the JC Penney Contests:

A model who is a great admirer of JC Penney will never let go off the great opportunity to be a part of the contests the brand organizes.

There are number of contests organized by the brand at different locations all round the year. You must have a keen eye and make note of any such opportunity that comes your way. Participate in these contests without any hesitation.

It is not necessary that you make it through in the very first attempt. Participating in such contests helps you understand the brand and tune yourself accordingly.

8. JC Penney Believes in Diversity:

One fact about JC Penney that may amuse you is that it believes in diversity and it has a wide choice range.

While they do look for models who are above 5’6” tall, they are not very strict about looks like many of the other modelling brands.

As they believe that variety is the true colour of reality, they select models of various types and do not strictly adhere to specifications.

You may try your luck at JC Penney and if they think you have what they are looking for, they may still select you.

9. Start By Being a Fit Models:

If you think being a fit model means being a model who has the perfect specifications, you are grossly mistaken. A fit model is one who works in the JC Penney brand stores as a live mannequin.

Clothing manufacturers decide the sizing of the clothes they make with the assistance of fit models. It is very simple to be a fit model.

You can get in touch with the brand itself by mailing them on and they may respond to your mail if they find your profile interesting.

The role of a fit model is pretty significant in brands like JC Penney. They help in designing clothes that perfectly fit the customers and buyers.

10. Pre-requisites of the Modelling Industry:

The models who aspire to achieve laurels in their modelling career do not make it big due to their lack of dedication and commitment. You need to make a lot of sacrifices to stay a renowned model and gain acclaim.

Here we have listed out a few lifestyle changes that you may be expected to make if you have to be a model for big fashion brands.

11. Avoid Junk Food:

Junk food is really the most loved food of the century. People around the world enjoy munching burgers, fries and oily foodstuffs. These equate to poison if you aspire to be a model in JC Penney.

You need to make sure that you stay fit and healthy. A few inches here and there can damage your chances of becoming a model completely.

You may have to opt for healthy eating alternatives even when you are out with your dear friends and partying. So, are you ready to make this compromise?

12. Make Exercise a Part of Your Routine:

Regular exercise is truly inevitable if you wish to be a model. You need to either join a gym or appoint a trainer to help you out with your exercise regime.

A gym trainer can help you decide the perfect exercise regime that will help you stay in shape.

If you plan to exercise at home, you must make sure you are a disciplined person. People often give in to temptation and stop exercising the moment they get to choose.

13. Stop Cribbing Over Veggies:

Most of us do not enjoy eating leafy vegetables but it is scientifically proven that these are most nutritious.

So stop cribbing over vegetables and include healthy vegetables in your diet. These will help you live longer and survive longer in your profession.

You may also include fruit juices in your diet. Make sure you do not add sugar to the juice as the juices do possess natural sweetness.

Excessive sugar can harm your health so it is better to be careful beforehand.

14. Start Socialising:

If you are a shy person who does not enjoy interacting with new faces, it is time you try and change yourself. In the modelling profession, contacts matter a lot.

If you have to build contacts, you need to socialise. You cannot stay shy and insecure and expect that you will get the best modelling assignments.

In short, a complete revamp is essential if you aspire to model for huge brands. So start making the necessary changes right away.