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How to Beat or Overcome Job Interview Jitters: 5 Top Tips


Facing an interview is no easy task. There are countless individuals who shiver at the thought of appearing for an interview.

Even the most knowledgeable individuals shiver at the thought of facing an interview.

So what is the underlying reason behind this fear? Well there could be countless reasons.

overcoming interview jittersFirst understand the cause of nervousness. It can be due to any of the following reasons:

1. You fear personal interviews:

Yes, there are many who suffer from fear of facing a personal interview. You get nervous when there is someone sitting right in front of you, looking at your face and asking you all sorts of questions. Here you fear not the questions but the process.

The best way to deal with this fear is to rehearse the process many times before the actual interview. It will help you gain confidence.

2. You are not thoroughly prepared:

It is not always possible for an individual to prepare for all the questions before the interview.

If you know that you are not prepared for certain questions, it may lead to fear and nervousness. This can hamper your confidence and divert your attention from the interview.

Do not let this happen as this may prevent you from answering questions which you have prepared too.

3. You lack confidence:

Be Confident If you are not sure that you are fit for the particular designation, you may have interview jitters.

When you are not yourself convinced that you are perfect for the designation, you will never be able to convince the recruiter that you are an ideal candidate.

It is thus essential to review why you make an ideal candidate for the particular position. Understand your core competencies and assure yourself that your positive traits make you an ideal employee for the job.

4. You are anxious:

There are many who get anxious just before an interview. You may be one of them. Individuals who are desperately looking for an opportunity and are thinking about it all the time are bound to get anxious.

This reflects in their overall attitude. Anxious individuals have sweaty fingers that reflect lack of confidence.

Get over it. Do not treat an interview like an examination, treat it like an opportunity.

Tips for Overcoming Interview Jitters:

1. Practice the most probable questions in advance:

Interview written test It is always helpful to have a look at the most probable questions well in advance. It helps you answer the questions about your strengths, weaknesses, hobbies, interests and core competencies.

If you are posed a question about your plus points and weaknesses, you should be able to answer quickly without any pre-thought or hesitation.

Stammering or thinking on such questions simply reflects your lack of confidence.

2. Rehearse the interview beforehand:

Many of us suffer from stage fear. Even when we know answers to all questions, we get conscious when we are posed with the questions in the interview.

It is thus better to rehearse the interview before you go for a real interview. A mock interview always has its merits.

3. Dress perfectly as it adds to your confidence:

A shabby, ill-trimmed reflection will not impress you when you look into the mirror.

Make sure the image that looks back at you on your interview day from the mirror should be a beautiful/handsome candidate who would surely get hired by the recruiter. So dress perfectly for your interview.

4. Have your documents ready beforehand:

documents Many people tend to be careless and do not arrange the documents before the interview.

Searching for the documents when the interviewer is asking for the same gives the impression of a unprofessional candidate. Present the documents with a firm hand to create a lasting impression.

5. Learn about the company:

Most renowned companies have a reputation they are proud of and they flaunt their reputation by asking you why you wish to join the firm.

You should have enough knowledge about the firm to answer this question correctly. Tell them a few good aspects about the firm that tempt you to be in the firm.

There are countless job openings each day and the number of candidates who compete for the same position are also numerous. If you should be the candidate the firm selects, you have to prepare well for each stage of the hiring process. Attractive resume easily draws the attention of the recruiter. Make sure that your resume is concise and yet has all the essential information in it. Highlight your pluses and make sure the recruiter picks your resume out of the lot. Dress for a job interview in a manner that looks professional. Women may opt for the basic make-up but not more. Be confident and outwit the interviewer with your exuberant charms. If you have the charisma and the personality, getting selected is not really difficult.