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How to Keep Yourself busy when Unemployed: 20 Best Tips


The great depression of today’s world is that people are voluntarily quitting their jobs on account of searching for better position, better income and better brand satisfaction. This is the main reason for unemployment in a temporary form.

Unemployment is nothing but a state of joblessness created when people who are actively searching for jobs are not being able to find anything fruitful.

This gap is caused because the skills and qualifications of the searchers are slightly out of sync with the high profiled companies.keeping busy when unemployed

Experts and career builders recommend a variety of activities to strengthen your skill base and enhance your CV. Sometimes you need experience for job, but most of the time, you need job for experience.

With the following points, you can yourself feel that unemployment is a great educator. It is always sensible to safe guard yourself at the time of unemployment.

Keeping Yourself Busy While Being Unemployed:

If you are confused on how to keep busy yourself when unemployed, then here are few important things to do.

1. Search for temporary assignments or contracts:

In this tough market of competition, it is likely to get companies who are searching for temporary agencies.

Get yourself involved with similar type of contractual work on part time basis, freelancing or internship , in the mean while continue your job hunt.

At least, these assignment can help you gain experience and will add a weight to your resume as well.

Moreover, if you are good in it, then even in your temporary job, there are chances of getting recommendation for a permanent position.

2. Participate in camps:

Working on camps is an easy way of meeting new people who can further help you in your career prospects. It makes you compatible with the society and its norms.

3. Aspire for expanding your qualification base:

There are two advantages when you decide to attain some enhanced degree for further qualification and enhancing your career aspects like aspiring for another degree in connection with the existing one, like planning for Masters degree if you have completed your bachelors, or planning for some crash courses in the professional line of qualification you are into.

4. Develop a networking base:

Talk to big people, contact your old friends, make new friends and try to discuss career opportunities in their knowledge beneficial for you.

Refer to people who had earlier helped you in preparing for interviews, or getting jobs. Attend seminars or camps and meet personalities.

5. Polish your image:

Act positive even if you don’t feel it. It is understandable that searching for a job is tiresome and you almost feel like quitting at each point of time.

But instead of the depressing attitude, you should encourage yourself by attending personality development classes and skill developing classes. Learn what your weak point is and jot them down.

6. Inculcate your hobbies:

find a hobby In the meantime, discover what your hobbies are. Try to make something unique and interesting which shows that even if you are idle, you are engaged with something of your choice.

In this connection, you will realize that there were areas of interest which you had kept aside due to lack of time and concentration.

7. Maintain a schedule:

Treat your job search like a job itself. Maintain your discipline and regular habits as it is. Spend your fruitful hours of the day searching your job.

Make routine and follow it regularly. Assign particular days to particular sections of the job search and follow them in a strict manner.

8. Talk to consultants and HRs:

Consultants and Human resource managers are good source of learning the ways to present you and review the questions the interviewers may ask.

They tell us how to prepare for job interviews and meet personalities for your personal up gradation and enhancement.

9. Read Newspapers:

Make a habit of reading daily newspapers. To keep yourself updated on each and every matter, newspapers are the best options. From current trends to economic trends, newspapers contain the latest information.

Newspapers also help you to be updated on business areas . Job vacancies are posted in it by other employers so that you can get to know where the interviews are being conducted.

10. Watch news channels:

Watching daily news channels makes you aware about the worldly effects. You get some knowledge about politics, weather, sports and current events.

Watching English news channel will also improve your English language and listening skills.

11. Make to-do list:

notebook Prepare to-do list of mailing and communicating with the employers over phone. Make regular follow ups with those who reply to getting back to you.

Search for the company profile and study the company prospects for which you are planning to attend interviews.

12. Gather notes on recent and current topics:

For example, if you come to know that there are recent and current changes in certain areas of operation, then this is the best time to go through those latest changes as now you are getting the time to study each and every factor in detail.

Aspire for being an expert in this area so that once you join a company, you will have pre requisite knowledge of such topics and you can immediately implement the same on standing instructions when you show the employers the benefit of those current changes in today’s world.

13. Start a business:

If you have searched a lot for jobs and attended a hell lot of interviews but everywhere you are getting same response of getting back to you.

It is desirable to start a small business by arranging your own capital, labour and place of work.

Nowadays, several franchisees are available with small investments and ready business to start with. If you click to that specified field with all your strength and techniques, your life for the future is set.

14. Learn proper communication skills:

Communication skill This is the time when you are free and have time to stand in front of the mirror and speak to yourself.

See for yourself that how you are presenting yourself and how impressionable you look when attending an interview. This practice makes you feel confident and boosts up your self esteem.

15. Prepare and customize your Resume:

A resume is a self marketing tool and when prepared in a calm way, it contains each and every point related to your skills and qualifications.

Search on internet and download samples for your resume to prepare the best one. Search for different types of industries in which you shall be applying at the time of job search.

Give your resume a makeover. Add your most recent positions as well. Give your resume presentation a modern and sleek printout.

16. Reassess your goals:

This break is where you can re assess your goals to gain proper direction and a destined path to follow for reaching heights and gaining success. Now you have reached a point where it is likely that you shall doubt your success.

Be brave and ask yourself whether you were satisfied with the kind of job you have left. Make short term goals and implement immediately. In the mean-time, work for your long term goals too.

17. Read Books:

Reading book Books are a basic and friendly tool for upbringing you by having a long lasting effects on your mind when you read it, try to search for inspirational books and books on success through hardships.

Reading books will elevate your thought process. These are a best source of acquiring knowledge and strength. It will keep you busy in your times of emptiness and will keep you engrossed in a fruitful way.

Reading will keep your minds away from worries and makes you concentrate on one aspect at a time. One thing is true that once you start reading books, you will never lose your peace of mind.

18. Join a club for recreation and networking:

Being a member of a club of your choice allows you to meet new acquaintances, keep yourself busy and makes you learn new things. You will get indulged in extracurricular activities including indoor and outdoor.

Regular meetings and seminars will help promoting awareness regarding the subjects as well.

You will get an enriching experience by getting close to experienced members and young teams. You also get real time exposures which add to your profile base.

19. Create a plan for yourself:

Planning your career will help you to realize your ambitions and things you will like to do in your working life. A firm plan helps you to focus on the new career path. It makes you access what you have already done and what were you best at.

Once you set up a goal for life, you will find a path for yourself and in the meantime, you will get guides and experts to lead you once you tell them what are you up to.

20. Learn a new language:

learn new language If you wish to work abroad or in multi-national companies based in countries with different language, you should be additionally qualified to attach the unique factor to your CV.

Learning a totally new language requires time and dedication. It will be very beneficial and full of opportunity for you.

There are more than 7000 languages in the world. It is guaranteed that at least one language will help you massively.

The best part is learning a new language is not age bound. For better job prospects, you can anytime get admitted into professional centers for learning and practicing any second language of your own choice and requirement

Final Words:

Remember this, every phase of your life shall pass. The only thing is to keep yourself steady and stick to your schedules. Stay productive even when you have nothing to do.

Once you analyze yourself and your surroundings, you will realize that you have many things to do, from learning and educating yourself to making your mind tension and stress free so that you have a cool base to think upon your next step.