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Job Search Time Wasters: How to Avoid Them Easily


For people who are looking on for a new job, re-applying for another job from current job or for any sort of job search it is important to note that job search is precious.

Best ways to find a job quickly is to avoid few mistakes that take place while hunting a job. There are more or less people who hunt for a job and waste most of their time under the same epithet.

There are many time-wasters who can identify their errors and reverse those mistakes into hours of productivity.

Let’s go through a few pointers which are common mistakes caused by job searchers and ways to avert them.

Job search time wastersCommon Job Search Time Wasters:

1. Post your resume for qualified jobs:

One basic criteria job searchers need to do is to read through the job descriptions from the starting line.

When a job opening requires a prospect for 10 years of experience in any technical field and if you have only 3 years of experience then this is not the apt position for you.

Instead of spamming your resume into an unfit job, take initiatives and concentrate your interest into the tasks that you qualify for.

This form of searching for your designated category of job avoids wasting your time as comfortably as the company’s time.

2. Extend your style of hunting:

Job hunters assume that online is the only source for job hunting, though online job search is an inbuilt piece of the job search one should too count out for other means of job hunting.

There are many other ways where one can set up email alerts for job search by your criteria and find new outlets apart from simply looking.

Though online job portals and social media can facilitate you, attending networking events and job fairs is another idea to get in contact with recruiters. Branching out your search can get you a job and helps to avoid wasting time

3. Showing interest towards jobs you don’t require:

It is a surprising act to assure that many job seekers apply for businesses which they don’t want.

When you receive no stake in a particular post then applying and seeing that sort of job interview is a waste of time for the interviewer as well as the nominee.

Though you are in immediate requirement for a line of work, you should apply your time and energy for jobs that meet your profile and interest. This is some other big mistake, all job seekers do and waste their precious time.

4. Sending bulk resumes:

help in writing resume When you send a same sample resume to all employers it would never capture the eye of the employer and will never help you land a job.

When you apply for each job, make sure to change the resume according to the job description, this would raise the prospects of obtaining a job faster.

The CV should always be relevant to the job description you are applying for so take time and involvement in modifying the resume.

5. Waiting for a response:

There are many people who put their job search on an arrest when they have undergone a predicting interview.

They wait for a long time for a reply from the recruiter as they think that they would be provided.

It is significant to recall that the recruiters and hiring managers interview a number of prospects. They may get some candidate better than you excessively, so attending an interview is not a conformation for a job offer.

Though we attend and perform well at interviews till we pick up a job offer, it is important to carry on the job hunting instead of casting it on hold. It is merely a waste of time when your job search is ceased.

6. Concentrating on cover letter:

Similar to your curriculum vitae, a cover letter is one aspect which eats up much time as you write a custom document.

It is a good thought to put effort on composing a cover letter, but not the more amount of time to make a perfect pitch.

You can perpetually receive a perfect cover letter template which can be set for each job opening rather than composing a fresh one from the clams.

Preferably you can contain only 15 minute to write a cover letter and taking up more time is a mere waste.

7. Badgering recruiters:

When you have completed your interview in a successful manner and said to wait for the outcome. Calling and instantly mailing employers, is a means of bugging them, which is a mere waste of time.

The recruiters require time to identify whether you are fit for the job opening and look into various other views.

Hence as a job searcher you can bear on your operation of job search rather than wasting your time irritating the recruiters.

8. Getting addicted to other aspects online:

Social media addiction One striking way to waste time during a job search is by getting attracted to social media websites, job websites and other internet evil sites.

To avert digital craving making you infertile, it is a safer option to build up time windows to attain your job search meaningful on your information processing system, tab or iPad.

Instead of wasting time on a specific search look discover and read sites that boost your job hunting and technical knowledge.

Log into networking sites, read through the latest industry intelligence and loads more. By this way, time is not wasted and you are getting more knowledge.

9. Always onto social networking websites:

There are many people who are found logged into all the possible social media sites. It is a fact that you are complimentary and can spend time with family and friends, but social media sites can be used strategically.

Your required outcomes for a job hunt can be built through social media websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Hence it is always beneficial to use social media sites for hunting a job.

10. Revolved around a particular job:

When you conceive and intend that you are conditioned for a particular task, then write down plans and create good entry levels. Make certain your resume gets into the hands of perfect and right person.

When you have not gained response in a week or two, then hang on to your job search and don’t waste time on the previous task.

This occurs when an somebody is overly confident and waits for longer time.

11. Be more organized:

When you are in the process of a job hunt, make sure to develop a to-do list or an organized plan during an efficient job hunt.

Daily and weekly goals should be set which will help you move onward. Likewise be sure to the responses you have made through, track the ones you have talked to, researches made so far, copies of correspondence, and the resumes you have stated to various societies.

This can be accomplished by creating a spreadsheet with columns and rows that makes your job search organized. This means you can save time and avoid wasting time on the same job search.

12. Avoid phone calls and chatting:

Mobile phone When you are immersed in job search make sure to place your phone on silent and also avoid chatting on internet sites.

Job hunting should be focused and a concentrated task, so chatting and answering calls that are not required, is merely a waste of time that destructs your job hunt.

13. Procrastination of any project:

During job hunting there are many features to be performed which includes fixing up a schedule, applying for jobs before the deadline, updating technical knowledge before the interview and many more.

When such schedules are filled out at the right time, job search is fine and helps you gain job quickly. Procrastination happens to anyone and this will cause your job delayed, which may still result in the deprivation of a business.

Procrastination in other words, is a waste of time for job seekers, and thus postponing any task is never a sound estimation.

14. Streamlining inbox:

These days most of the emails we get are filled with newsletters, work notes, forwarded messages, and lot more stuffs. Time can be saved from such stuff by streamlining your email.

To streamline your email, it is important to determine priorities and fillers, by this way only important stuffs hit your inbox.

If job seekers find this is not possible you can always create a new email only for the purpose of job seeking. By this way job seekers avoid wasting time and generate a job offer quicker than they wanted.

15. Sort your drive or desktop:

Job seekers should always make certain to have an ordered desktop. For the ones who deliver all their documents on their desktop, it is a mere waste of time as your desktop would hold plenty of folders and searching for a desired one is very bad.

So it is always a good idea to sort and order your applications in a folder with a heading.

Maintain a separate folder for a job search if multiple users use your organization. By this way required application or document can be found easily and your precious time is not wasted.

16. Checking emails every 10 minutes:

checking mail Job seekers have the habit of checking their emails every 10 or 15 minutes. There is never going to be a change in your emails every 10 minutes. The time for logging in a logging out can be riveted on some other prospect of job hunting.

Emails can be checked in the morning, after lunch and at the end of the day. Make your time and always be fresh enough to use varied emails for several projects.

This estimate will never squander your time and get you land your job promptly.

17. Continue developing your network:

Job seekers think that hunting for a job can be executed solely through online portals, but that’s not the fact.

It is important for job seekers to develop their network in order to enhance their job search and know more aspects happening around.

Industry events and job boards are a great base for obtaining a job as they have their own power. These days most job seekers gain a job through their network.

Every individual you meet or person you know from the same field is a potential lead, so meeting people and getting active in the industry are a great way to get your time valuable.

Remember to keep track of the middlemen and get in contact with them. All these would aid you find a job and avoid waste of time waiting for a call or email.

18. Writing resumes for each and every interview:

It is a genuine waste of time to when you begin fabricating a new CV for each audience. Your CV should be prepared in a manner to lure employers which helps you gain a call from your hiring manager.

You can deliver a basic resume with all your technical aspects and only a few changes as required can be gained. Rebuilding a new resume each time is a waste of time for the job seekers.

19. Avoid networking blindly:

network Blind networking is when you collect business cards from everyone where you match and lunch with them all the time.

This is a complete waste of time and would never help you arrive at a job. This is not a productive routine, whereas networking with a specific job purpose is needed.

Fix your requirement in the mind and meet that category of people for job purposes. Communicate with those professionals with a specific job search objective.

Create a list of targeted companies; ask your friend or employer close to you to help meet someone from that targeted list.

Build your network in a meaningful way with job search in your mind rather than developing blindly. By this way job seekers avoid wasting time.

20. Job search other than online:

It is said that 75 percent of jobs are acquired through networking, referrals and 15 percent are finding from online mail services.

Thus it is a respectable idea to sit in front of the computer searching for jobs, in the same way it is also a sound thought to attain out to others for mutual relationships, these relationships help you route to employment quicker.

Then design your job search in a smart manner to gain job rather than wasting your time in the same raceway.


All these cursors are useful ones which help job seekers to get a business easily without wasting time.

There are many job seekers who drain away their precious time by all other holes in the web, this article can be an eye opener for job hunters to obtain a task quickly and avoid wasting time.

Prepare your job search in a smart way so that you score the goal in a perfect manner for high grade.