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How to Really Read a Job Description: 15 Fantastic Tips


While going through a tedious process of finding job that suits you the best and then applying for it.

One of the major elements that influence our decision is nothing but, the job description.

Depending upon the company some provides a longer and in depth detailed job descriptions while some keep it short.

Irrespective of what their size is, it is vital for every candidate to go through the job descriptions, analyze it carefully before applying for the job.

Without reading a job description it would be hard to figure out whether you are suited for the job or not. Thus, here we have figured out several ways to ensure that you read and carefully analyze your job description.

reading a job descriptionHow to Evaluate or Analyze a Job Description:

1. Evaluate your skills and experience:

The first and foremost point to remember is that, you must be thorough with your own experience and skills before jumping on job description.

This is certainly because unless and until you are unaware of your skills, abilities, talents, and experiences, you cannot decide if the given job description matches your set of skills and capabilities or not. So, start evaluating yourself before everything else.

2. Have a copy of job description:

Whether you have spotted it online, in newspaper or got it via email please ensure that you have a copy of the job description.

You can either copy paste it on your word processor or print it out.

Once you have a copy it would be easier for you to underline or highlight the main and worth noticing elements of the job description which you are supposed to take into consideration.

3. Identify the required education:

The next move in the job description would be to identify the required level of qualification or education. They might state, HSC, SSC, undergraduate in any discipline or masters in one particular field.

So, you have to carefully look whether you are qualified enough or not to meet the requirements that are demanded by the post in that organization.

4. Identify the required experience:

work experience requirements jobs Once you feel that you are qualified enough to approach, your next aim should be to identify the prescribed period of work experience.

Here, paying attention to language is important. If they say – “4 years of job experience minimum” this means they are strict about it whereas if their wordings are – “4 years desired work experience minimum” – then here you can figure out that they can be a little lenient as well.

Here even if you are having 2 years of experience, you can give it a try.

5. Highlighting the stated skills:

Sometimes the skills needed for the job or post are stated in paragraph format and are likely to be overlooked by us.

You are ought to read each and every line carefully and highlight the key words, for instance – quick decision making, ability to lead.

Write these key words on another paper or somewhere in the corner for your convenience and try to analyze whether you fit in the requirements appropriately or not.

6. Daily details:

Most of the job descriptions also carry details regarding day to day activities that a person is supposed to handle daily.

Evaluate those activities carefully and so to it that you are comfortable and confident enough to complete the stated activities effectively and efficiently.

7. Calculate the travel timing and expense:

Now this is an important part, whether you match all the requirements or not, you must never over look the time and expense it would take to reach the office.

Some jobs might demand 90% of your time in travelling while some only 9%, some might not cost more than a penny whereas some might burn your pocket.

So, do not forget to consider this factor while reading and interpreting the job description.

8. Can you do it? Decide:

decide on a job Suppose, The title of the job could be – “administrative officer” (which is interesting for you) but the work includes would be, managing payables, accounts and so on (which you find boring).

So in such conditions, you got to decide whether you will be happy doing it or not.

Will this job bring satisfaction and joy in your professional life?

If yes go ahead, if no, check for another description.

9. Check if any questions are asked:

Now the question could be anything, from share personal details to share a joke along with applications.

The aim of asking such irrelevant question is to see who pays attention and reads the job descriptions thoroughly. This helps the recruiters in segregating people who pay attention from people who don’t.

So you have to be observant enough to figure out and check whether there is any question asked, if yes, then think of a good and genuine answer as well.

10. Follow the direction carefully:

A job description also directs you on how to apply for the position. They can ask you to submit the form or may be email the application to them.

You are supposed to do exactly what they say and how they want you to submit it.

Applicants are often judged regarding the fact that how well are they capable of following the given direction.

Following correct directions also means that you have read the job description carefully. Thus, make no mistake regarding this, do what exactly they ask you in whatever way.

11. Do your own researches:

Researching plays a significant role no matter where you go. Before applying for the job ensure that the job description is real and so is the company.

Most of the frauds take place here by asking you to send money or pay some amount in the name of training.

However, a little bit of consciousness and awareness can save you surely. Once you get to see the website, email id and the name of the company with employer, try to search them on internet.

Do not pay anything to anyone, unless and until you have met them personally and have assured yourself about their genuine existence.

12. Job duties? Don’t get discouraged:

list of job duties You might find a humongous list of duties that are supposed to be done by you if you got selected but, don’t feel discouraged by them.

Most of the times it is not updated and often the responsibilities turn out to be lot more different that what the job description pictures in front of you.

13. Reading the company culture:

This is more of reading between the lines. If you carefully go through five or more job description it will talk a lot about the culture that is held by the company.

The posts that are named, language used and so on, these things can help you in evaluating whether you are okay with such kind of office culture or not.

You can easily analyze whether it is too strict or too casual for you or not.

14. The condition of job description:

If you find that the provided job description is not detailed enough then one can figure out easily that the organization is slightly disorganized and less on the professional front.

A proper job description has to be such that it should be helpful enough in letting the candidate visualize the role in and out.

However, if you fail to visualize or understand due to the lack of details show the red flag and move to next immediately.

15. Don’t get over driven:

Job descriptions are also written to seek the attention of candidates. Often job descriptions might contain benefits and perks that would be given.

Do not get over driven just for that. Apply only if you feel that your work is going to make you happier irrespective of whether you get any benefit or not.

Remember, if you got tempted by the perks and joined in, there are chances of your expectations getting distorted too. Thus, don’t fall in trap to it, go ahead if your genuine interest lies in the job and not in anything else.

To Wrap Up:

Job descriptions play a vital role when it comes to educating about the organization as well as the kind of candidate that they are looking for.

You must not only read and analyze the job description but also try to read between the lines. The way a job description is written can talk a lot about the organization and hence you must read each and every given word carefully before applying for the job.