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What is the Importance of Job Satisfaction in a Workplace?


People seek jobs that help them earn a living. A job seeker’s only concern is to get a well-paying job that helps him lead a decent life. He does not consider aspects like job satisfaction while searching for the first job.Importance of Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is vital if you wish to survive in an industry and progress gradually.

The joy of handling certain tasks and the desire to complete tasks on time takes you to the next level in any firm. This factor plays a key role in getting you to the top of the ladder.

What Factors Affect Job Satisfaction?

There are many distinct factors that affect a person’s professional life. These factors vary in different industries. Some of the common factors that are seen in most industries are listed below:

1. Work Environment:

The work environment has a great impact on a person’s professional attitude and his approach towards his work.

People always enjoy working in a firm where colleagues are enthusiastic about their work and seniors appreciate the effort you put in.

Politics in an organization is the first thing that dampens the enthusiasm of an efficient employee. Employees feel wounded when a non-deserving candidate gets promoted due to bias and partiality. Firms that offer a good work environment tend to profit as well as prosper in the long run.

2. Nature Of Work:

The nature of work can define your willingness to work. Most individuals have a liking for certain tasks and would prefer to handle these tasks.

Make sure you go for firms where you get to apply your skills, abilities and knowledge to the fullest. Your interest in a certain task or job directly spells your devotion and dedication to the job.

3. Your Role in the Organisation:

role in organisation Image Credits: Flickr Creative Commons, @ Siemens PLM Software

Some people are born to shoulder responsibilities while there are others who fear handling a task all by themselves. Your role in an organisation should be defined not only based on your skills and knowledge but also your abilities and approach towards a certain task.

You may be a good writer but may shiver at the thought of leading a team. You may be excellent at certain tasks but a complete disaster at some other.

Choose your role wisely so that you gain respect and appreciation for your work.

4. Your Job Stability and Security:

The stability of your job is a vital ingredient in your job satisfaction. If your job is not secure, you are bound to worry about your career.

This worry in turn affects your sincerity and your mind starts wavering. To stay devoted and loyal to the firm, you need to feel that your job is secure.

5. Your Salary and Increment:

The remuneration offered by the firm should match your value in the job market. If you feel that you are underpaid, it will disappoint you.

This stress and disappointment will prevent you from putting in your best efforts.

How to Select a Job That Keeps You Satisfied?

Individuals may end up in a wrong job if they do not consider job satisfaction while selecting a position.

You must be wise to assess your qualities, strengths and skills and identify a job that makes the best use of these attributes.

Here are some tips to help you select the right job.

1. Select a job that utilises your best skills and abilities:

over confident Everyone possesses variety of skills and abilities. Go for a job where you get to exhibit your distinct skills that make you stand out in a crowd. When you do better than your colleagues, your seniors are sure to notice you.

Once you come into the limelight, you are sure to perform better due to the special attention you get in your profession. Scrutinise each opportunity and see whether the job makes the best use of your abilities.

2. Select firms that have a reputation in the industry:

An organization has to invest time, money and effort to establish itself. Only firms that are truly good manage to create a good reputation for themselves.

A firm that has a good reputation in the industry since the past 5 or 10 years is definitely better than firms that fail to make an identity in the industry.

3. Select Jobs That Permit To Maintain A Work-Life Balance:

The worst part of a work life is when it treats you like a machine giving you no opportunity to lead your personal life.

There are many ambitious individuals who land up in jobs that completely erase social life from their destiny.

Such jobs tend to affect your relations and your health and in the long run the money these jobs pay you never help you buy back what you have lost. Always opt for jobs that permit you time for your family and health.

Changing Trends:

Changing trends

The modern generation understands the significance of work-life balance. They are determined to get jobs that permit them to lead the life of their dreams.

Movies like 3 Idiots or writers like Chetan Bhagat are examples of the new trend. People now understand the significance of chasing one’s dreams and evaluating career success based on job satisfaction.

Modern India has seen many engineers turn writers, singers and directors. This trend would have appeared insensible, insane or illogical to the previous generation which evaluated success in terms of money. The eyes of the youth have opened to ground realities.

Job Satisfaction Matters:

A person can happily pursue a profession for 20-30 years of his life without any complaints only when he actually loves doing the task assigned to him.

The work environment needs to be conducive and there should be ample time for family and social life.

Go for a job that permits you to live your life completely doing justice to all aspects of your life. No factor outweighs the other and it is time we understand the significance of each of these aspects in our life.