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What should a Teenager wear to a Job Interview?


Many youngsters today want to achieve laurels in their career. They start off at an early age to search for jobs and internships.

It is quite likely that the interviewer takes the candidate lightly if he does not manage to create the right impression.

A teenage jobseeker must make sure that he is completely prepared for the interview as he has to face a lot more challenges in an interview than an adult individual.

Some of the preparation tips can be on understanding the job role, proper research on the company, perfect interview outfits for teenager, best resume etc.

Read to know the different factors that affect the job interview dress of a job applicant while appearing for an interview.teenager interview clothes

Factors that Affect Your Job Interview Dress Code:

There are many factors that decide the correct dress code for an interview. An applicant should make sure that he considers all these factors while selecting his outfit for the job interview.

1. Age of the Candidate:

Teenagers have a great drawback when they apply for a job or an internship. It is difficult to conceal their youth and innocence.

Most people do not take a teenage job applicant seriously unless he creates a strong impact and makes the recruiter feel that this is the apt candidate.

A teenager should make sure that he picks the best formal attire as the teen job interview outfit. Select the right accessories to complete your attire. Never give the recruiter an opportunity to doubt your credentials.

2. Type of Job or Industry:

The dressing style and the significance of proper dressing may vary based on the industry where you are applying for a job.

In certain industries where you need to interact directly with the clients like marketing and sales industry, proper dressing is crucial not just in the interview but also during the job.

Many multinational firms focus a lot on proper dressing. In all these industries, dressing properly can be extremely vital.

There are other creative industries where the major focus is on your creativity and skills.

These are industries where you can be a bit casual about your dressing during your job but here again a teenager needs to dress well if he or she wishes to create a longstanding impact.

3. Gender of the Candidate:

Interview gender The principles of dressing for a job interview can be very different for a boy and a girl. You need to take ample time to understand the proper dress code for a male and a female.

Apart from the dressing, how you maintain yourself while appearing for a job interview may also count.

Make sure you appear neat and hygienic. A boy should make sure that his hair is cut short and perfectly trim. This gives men a professional appeal.

Candidates should make sure that the nails are cut and hair is combed properly. Many times the first impression is the lasting impression. There is no harm in taking extra pains to create a lasting impression.

4. Job Location:

The job location has a direct influence on the dress code of an individual. Indian firms tend to keep traditional outfits like the Sari and the Salwar Kameez as their formal outfit.

Multinational firms that have branches in India confirm to international standards when it comes to dress code.

In rare occasions when the company is located in some remote location of India, they may adhere to Indian formal dress code keeping the culture of the particular location in mind.

Benefits of Dressing Properly In a Job Interview:benefits of dressing well

As a teenager, you may be inexperienced and may really not understand the significance of dressing properly or the importance of having a proper teenage job interview attire .

The dressing itself creates a great impact on the minds of the recruiters.

Here are some of the major benefits of dressing well in an interview.

1. Create an impression:

A teenager can use his dressing as a tool to create an impact and a lasting impression on the recruiter.

Make sure you have selected formal attire that is apt for the present location. Opt for a dressing that suits your profession.

Always wear a watch as it gives the impression that you are time conscious. Wear the appropriate footwear that blends with the attire. Wear shoes that are perfectly polished.

2. Show your professional attitude:

Professional dressing depending on the particular industry is the best way to show your professional attitude.

When you invest ample time on finding out the best attire that suits the particular profession, it further enables you to show how serious you are about the job interview.

3. Improve confidence:

The right attire has a great impact on your personality. It helps you appear confident and strong willed.

Make sure your outfit adds power to your personality. If you find the person in the mirror enigmatic, you are prepared for the battle.

4. Increase the probability of getting the job:

Proper dressing and the right impression increases your chance of getting the right job. Most of the candidates selected for the job have been very particular about their dressing and their attitude.

Formal Attires for Men and Women:Formal Attire

As there is a vast difference between the two genders, there is also a notable difference in the perfect attire for a teenager boy or a girl appearing for an interview. Here are some tips on best job interview clothes for teenagers i.e  for both the genders.

Formal Outfit for Men:

A formal shirt of some light shade like light blue or cream would look great with a matching pair of pants. Wear clean socks and perfectly polished shoes.

It is always advisable to go clean shaved for an interview. Wear a watch on your wrist. Keep your hair trimmed, short and combed well.

Formal Outfit for Women:

Women may wear Western or Indian formal outfits for interviews. Knee length skirts and trousers are included in Western formals. Indian formal outfits include Saris and Salwar suits. Women should also wear watches.

Make up should be minimal and should not appear too loud. Remember that you are getting ready for an interview and not for a party. Keep your nails trimmed and your hair tied properly.

Looks matter a lot in any field and this fact is equally valid in case of job interviews. Go prepared to rock the show.